[Suggestion] later XP-payout at kortium farming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NCLH, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. NCLH

    There are players outthere who intend to only farm kortium but not building an actual base.
    They oftenly build Silos beside 35K Kortium stacks in the middle of nowhere where a base makes no sense.

    Ive also seen FNT-drivers who assumingly havent spent a singel cert on the kortium-detection but chase other FNT-drivers to the kortium stacks, then stealing half the kortium and dumping it in their useless silo.

    I suggest to reduce the XP-payout at the current stages (farming & silo refuel) and introduce a 3rd stage of xp-payout for example "construction" or "construction assist" to solve this problem.
  2. karlooo

    This concept may work out:
    "Gain xp each 5 min for each of your structures (adds up) near your silo."
    "Gain double the xp from dumping into a non owned Silo (gain double xp for 'supporting' a teammate)

    This addition will reward players for just keeping their base up.
    This can compensate for the Cortium dump xp decrease and players who don't have any structures unlocked and want to farm by dumping will receive double the amount of xp when dumping Cort into someone else's Silo.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    that won´t solve anything, people that farm will then just simply drive to a corner and dump PMB assets, delete them and redump them ..

    forcing players to construct bases in order for them to gain that extra xp, punishes those that want to keep their base operable after they build the base already or players that want to sustain important bases with cortium ..

    i rather agree with the second point to offer xp supporting existing bases
    the first one will cause players to just dump a base somewhere, we don´t want that ..

    i rather say the ammount of xp should be given out on how close pmbs are to the frontline, give an extra if a pmb is close to the furthest allied laticebase on the frontline, give a even higher ammount if a pmb is close to a captureable enemy laticebase ..
    there definetively should be xp given out on actively defending/operating a PMB by players ..

    cortiumspawns NEED a no buildzone to avoid random silodumps blocking cortiumspawns, BETTER YET cortium should not visualy disapear but be in a visual depleted state, maybe with a timer when it refills ..

    otherwise for farmers to maybe discourage pure cortiumfarming when they don´t want to support existing bases they should rather be encouraged to be on the battlefield ...
    i said it before, i say it again infantry needs to gain xp for doing damage, not just pure kills (it doesn´t need to be much but something) ... it happens way too often that a opponent gets shot, runs off and heals were the player who shot him doesn´t get anything from that encounter .. ribbons and directives also need to be changed torwards doing damage than kills ..
    this is already a thing agains vehicles and aircraft, there is no reason to not have that for infantry too ..

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