Late nite galaxy trolling

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  1. entity009

    I really hate when the population is low and they bring the bulldog gal out. The thing is nigh unkillable with the low pop and will go from base to base ruining every available fight. The guy I see doing this mainly is "therealantihero". On the off chance that someone manages to kill the damn gal they just pull another and proceed to **** on every available fight.!/5428013610386813025/killboard

    Do you guys encounter this crap on your servers and if so how do you deal with it? So far my only solution is to put 10 bounties on the guy every chance I get.
  2. The Shady Engineer

    Bulldog gals have always been in a weird spot balance wise. In medium to large fights, say 48-96 or larger, they are basically useless because they have to get in close to use their bulldogs and if they do, because of how big and loud a target the galaxy is, they can expect to be shelled by all sorts of AV and AA, be it hand held or mechanized, and unlike ESF and Libs, Gals don't have the speed or afterburner capability for performing hit and run attacks.

    On the flip side, in small fights, say 1-12's and 12-24's, battle gals are absolute cancer. You need A LOT of AA, more AA than the population of said fight can muster to even DETER a battle gal let alone kill it. Not to mention galaxies are crap targets to go after XP wise because of the large health pool, the crew can usually see when their ship is about to go down and because gals have built in safe fall, the crew can just jump out and redeploy as a final middle finger to the guy who killed them.

    Edit: As for how to deal with battle gals, my solution is pull a Walker x2 deployment shield sundy. It won't kill the galaxy, at least not on it's own, but it will make it stay away for a while because the gal on it's own doesn't have the DPS to kill you before you kill it. Especially if you have extended mags on your Walkers.

    Others solutions I've seen work are high capacity nose gun ESF plinking at them at range, or probably the most effective one, getting another galaxy and ramming them. Costs a lot of nanites but is hilarious to watch, also probably the only reliable way to score a kill on that battle gal. A kill as in actually kill the crew.
  3. Liewec123

    why not just get a couple of people with A2A ESF lock ons?
    they were changed a few months ago to be amazing specifically at killing libs and gals.
    10 shot kill for a gal now, instead of the old 19.

    even easier, pull your own gal, sneak up on them and smash into them, you will die too, but you'll get a ton of certs for killing all of the dudes inside (who probably are all "extreme menace" and grant bonus xp.)
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  4. entity009

    The problem is that even if you do manage to shoot them down they just come back over and over and over. They literally **** all over the very few available fights during low pop.

    Could the Lib with a shredder work for this?
  5. Garedar

    You might want to consider adding a few player buddies to your friends list....
    I call it out and give direction when i am outin the open with my pants down wondering where the HE double hockey sticks my belt is.
    As stated above. Liewec123 is correct on one of the most effective ways and so fun for a solo gal kill is fight fire with fire. Ram that sob They will get paranoid or go somewhere else either way You help out your team. Now to be fair make sure you dress that sky whale up real nice and turn the lights on!
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  6. stalkish

    I get a lib.
    A full clip of extended mag tank busters hurts a gal big time, a quick switch to the belly gun and death to the galaxy, if you have a gunner or gunners even better(hyenas are awesome now). Not sure on the exact time to kill, or exact shots to kill, but it goes down fast enough, just go from a high altitude so they dont see you on approach.
    If you do somehow fail to kill it, it'll be severely damaged and will have to retreat.

    Or you could use a spawn room with dual bursters, no gal pilot will sit there as a dual burster they cant shoot back at slowly destroys their vehicle, FS isnt that good. Make sure to target the bulldogs as this will block their LOS if you're lucky and they arnt running thermals

    If you have time to setup, get an ANT, place a silo, a skyshield, a tower a shield mod and repair mod, then proceed to shoot the gal with AA from the comfort of your shields. If they descend to get angle take cover in your shielded tower and keep on shooting.