Late night/early morning anomalies.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Earthman, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Earthman

    I see this stuff very often just past midnight until around 6-7am Pacific on my server. I wonder if it happens on other servers too.

    I suddenly see tight groups of BR 1 to BR9 players (typically BR1 near the early period and coincidentally reaching up to 9 by the end of it), consistently around droppod-flagged areas. They start headshotting me, and everyone around me, with whatever the free LMGs are for the factions I'm fighting (usually Orions and Gauss SAWs), and all have creepy nonsensical names like AVG132546 and lIliLillililililil.

    Is there some "metagame" I'm missing here where these guys know when the GMs are asleep or something? They seem to be making fresh 'free' accounts to get their giggles from scripts.
  2. Earthman

    That or people that have never played the game before are suddenly surprisingly good at it, to the point of being LMG snipers at long range, and this isn't an anomaly at all. It's the magic of the moonlight or something.
  3. HMR85

    I can't say I have run into this during the early hours of the morning.
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  4. Earthman

    I must be in Bizzaro World. Or if you're not on Connery, Connery is Bizzaro World.

    I noticed a few weird behaviors from these same guys: after they kill you (easily, much more easily than daytime players), they often discharge a magazine's worth of ammo at the ground or nearby wall, which I can watch from the "death cam". I assume to reduce the accuracy rating of their guns on the game's metrics, between insta headshootings.
  5. HMR85

    I'm am from Connery. I have just never seen this to the frequency your describing. Every once in a blue moon I'll run into a guy or two that gives me pause. But, it has never been a overly major occurrence.
  6. Earthman

    Fair enough.

    I must have crummy luck then. I only see these "hey I apparently just started the game judging by my BR but I'll own 5 of you at a time with my sniper LMG" guys at certain hours and often in small groups.

    Your experience is fair witness against mine.
  7. ronjahn

    Possibly an outfit from another server who like to sign into Connery at odd hours to cause a stir? Or hacks? Who knows. If your suspicious, just report them and the GMs can look at it for you. Just because a gm isn't on at the time doesn't mean they can't do anything about it. If they are hacking then they are gone and you did a service for your server, if they are not, they will never know you reported them.
  8. Aegie

    Hmmmm... boosting VS and NC scores.... no, I'll leave my tin foil hat on the rack.
  9. Rogueghost

    While the people you are describing sound a lot like cheaters, I have little experience with them, even though I often play during that time since I'm an east coast player on a west coast server, 5-8 am for you is 8-11am for me
  10. Kunavi

    Every now and then I see extreme, consistent accuracy on BR1 or hovering Engies on AV Turrets taking shots at MBTs. That's on WoodMan. There are other stranger things occasionally but I just leave and /Report, good thing about playing in huge maps in a consistent MMOFPS ;Pp

    Weirdest ever, which has happened to me at least twice is that I get thrown out of my Sundie(Yes, literally ejected), try to jump back in then get thrown out again, then have WASD lock up. Make what you will of it but A) There is nothing wrong with my KB B) I know how to play FPS and how to place my hand C) I did not accidentally press E D) It's the same thing when it happens and there is ALWAYS a C4/Shottie dude waiting for me(Hence my efforts to jump back in by facing the Sundie and pressing E). I don't have Lag, I don't have FPS problems which could explain that. For what it's worth for extra credibility, a friend I had over clearly saw it happen as I was playing.

    As said.. Make what you will of it. But if this happens a 3rd, I'll /Report. Nothing to lose by doing so.
  11. Simferion

    I play in Europe and sometimes I have your same thoughts.
    Even if not there are not only low BRs.

    I report too... lately I'm seeing more strange episodes. Today I was in a Phalanx turret in the most north eastern tower at Zurvan and I was perfectly hit by a distant Phalanx at Zurvan Storage. He never missed me and when I exited the turret I made 2 steps in the tower, I paused and he killed me perfectly with a hit.
    But I think this is a server-wide thing. I report and move on.
  12. AzureKnight

    Either they're cheating, or a bunch of people get bored and join the sides with the fewest players to balance the scales....

    I mean, platoons of level 80+ that I encounter have to go somewhere, right?
  13. faykid

    this must be a training session. like in my outfit, we sometimes do this on PTS. playing as low BR with stock guns is keeping you fit

    i run into such people on Woodman, normally very organized and sharp shooting, all low BR

    also, when you watch some video reviews, you notice how some of those youtubers mow down people, sometimes with no attachments, not even scope, and now and then a pop up appears: you reached BR 2, etc.

    so, its normal, not an anomaly
  14. bodmans

    only once I have encountered such a phenomina, a group of 4 NC taking an AMP station against 2 squads with only headshot kills...
  15. FGurce

    I hate the aimbot hack worst of all. I see lvl 1 guys take down 5 or 6 lvl 30s in less than 10 seconds and never miss a headshot. I would think the program would be set up to notice such anomalies as this. Of course the radar isn't much better. These guys who use the hacks are losers in the game and are surely losers in life. Theres no way the gms can chase down everyone of them, but if they kept track of accuracy the would get a bunch of them. And if you don't think there are hackers just go check out the planetside 2 hacks online. I watched someone test out 1 of the programs and it worked as advertised. So I don't have to guess anymore. I know.
  16. FGurce

    I guess I didn't read far enough up the list. Yes Connery seems to be the hack server most preferred.