Last Day Before Emerald: How Will You Spend the Last Day of Your Server's Existence?

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  1. libbmaster

    I'll probably play some XCOM:EW. Because I don't want to burn out on PS2 right before the merge and hossin (when things get fun!).
  2. Hatesphere

    I will be being glad that that slogan will be gone forever :p
  3. doombro

    Waterson just held a Harasser race. It was okay, I guess.
  4. ronjahn

    I'm going to spend my last day on Waterson farming TR and VS like I always do.

    After playing Waterson for such a long time, it's going to be weird seeing all the new names on my killfeed and learning all of the new outfits and their tendencies.

    I will miss solely killing all of you my Waterson friends!
  5. Littleman

    Just spent some time on Mattherson, remembering why I left it in the first place.

    Mattherson K/D: 1.2ish.

    Connery K/D: Like... 14/1 to 6/1 at worst.

    As a very productive medic 95% of the time at that or in Mattherson's case, trying to, since apparently my enemies DON'T MISS (especially VS players in a select few specific outfits...)

    I mean, sure, lag and all but... why is hit registration such a freaking issue on an East Coast server (Ohio here) but on Connery everything runs smooth as silk for me? Also, I don't pop into view and get gunned down by inhumanly laser accurate infantry fire immediately on Connery. People need to die when I shoot them and stop hitting me like I'm at point blank with my back to them before I'll ever return to Mattherson. No one can convince me the players on Mattherson are simply leagues and bounds better than the players on Waterson or Connery.

    So yeah, last day on Mattherson - sayonara. Going to stick to the fun side of the game from here on out.
  6. jadebenn

    Sounds like someone can't take the fact that they just aren't as good as Mattherson. :p
  7. Epic High Five

    Mattherson is not only where all the infantry tryhard outfits went from day 1, it's where they've got every day since AND we've got an AV meta here that you could bend a Vanguard around, which further facilitates infantry gameplay

    Like, I go to Connery and I become an angel of death with my bone stock NC Medic (not saying much, considering how freaking amazing the Gauss Rifle is) but on NC Mattherson I have to bust my balls to break 2.5 and that's INCLUDING pulling a MAX to for more CQC fiddly bits.

    Thing is, this is how it will probably be on Emerald after the merger, too! I think given how small a % of the pop that the really MLG players are, they'll be a lot more noticable the lower the pop and almost invisible at higher pop. 1% of players being crazy MLG good means you've only got 1 on a server with 100 people, but that server is probably only seeing 1 fight so you see that 1% 100% of the time.

    Scale it up to 1,000 people, and you've got 10 pro-tier mankillers - 1% - but spread out over 10 big *** battles, so it's going to FEEL like you're running into them a lot less. Especially factoring in that those 10 are all probably going to be at the SAME battle.
  8. Mekeji

    I think you just suck. I jumped between math and water a bit in the past. Mostly due to wanting to try the other factions without killing the TR I usually play with.

    However when I did that my play didn't change much. I killed and was killed and other than the obvious difference in that I was using different weapons I performed about the same.

    Connery must be full of awful players.
  9. Ownasaurusrex

    jerkoff party commencing now. we just shared something guys
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  10. GoEErs

    I will be spending my last few hours on a flash tour of Majestic Indar on Mattherson. I will also spend the last few minutes before Mattherson is no more hopefully standing with all of my other Vanu and NC friends at the Crown until the server is disconnected. I would be honored for others to join me in honoring this historic occasion.

    I would hope we could at least call for a cease fire for at least 30 minutes prior but I realize that is probably impossible. Consider yourselves invited. Imagine the photo opp of all of us standing shoulder to shoulder united in our respect for each other and looking at the horizon as Mattherson dies and our new home with new friends and new experiences is reborn as Emerald. I hope to see some of you there.

    Be well my friends. A new day is dawning. Godspeed Mattherson. Be well.
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  11. KingArthur

    Got out poped somthing like 25% TR to 42%~ NC, on my last day of waterson, it can only get worst. Very disapointed in the 4th factioners all jumping to NC.

    I can only stand strong, loyalty until death, strength in unity. *Slowly raises pistol to temple*
  12. Codex561

    It will be Matherson. Waterson is going to join Jaeger and Helios club.
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  13. Mekeji

    Actually Math is server ID 17 and Water is server ID 18

    Emerald will be server ID 17.
  14. Codex561

    Im stupid, nevermind me. Editted my post. thank you for the correction. Worst part I had this information right in front of me but I still inverted them :oops:
  15. Mekeji

    Happens to the best of us...except me because I am better than all of you. I am better than the best, I am god.
  16. vanu123

    Have fun connery east!
  17. Levtech

    Actually mattherson will still exist as the Emerald server ID will be 17 (the same as mattherson's).
    here is a link and some quotes for the lazy:
  18. Oathblivion

    I finally auraxium'd my NC1 Gauss Rifle last night on Waterson. For tonight's session, I'm probably just going to play normally, then crash a Galaxy into the first armor column I can find before I log off. If I have time, I'd like to pay Mattherson my respects too. I rather enjoy playing my VS alt.

    But a redditor said that Waterson is the Vegeta to Mattherson's GOKU, so once we fuse, we'll be Gogeta. Or... Vegito I guess, since this is permanent. Eh, pretty awesome, regardless.
  19. Littleman

    Well, neither does my play change. It's just that with one server, I get lots of "bull-$#!%" moments and on Connery, when I shoot someone... they die. My accuracy isn't going to change, THAT'S for sure. My enemies aren't suddenly super human, that's definitely not the case. I can also peak out and not get immediately blasted by a warp strafing Orion in an instant from 70m away. Too much reeks of suspect behavior and general server suck. One server isn't going to provide players with over all better accuracy and larger life pools over another. That just doesn't happen.

    Nice to see people will jump at any chance to assert some form of superiority tough. At least some things don't change. Mattherson was dying off despite starting off at high pop for a reason. For a number of reasons in fact. Mattherson at it's core was simply not fun to play on.

    Mergers won't save it or Waterson.
  20. LIKE A BOSS!

    Can somebody PM me a list of all the notable and notorious Waterson tankers so I can add them onto my c4 on sight checklist. It will be greatly appreciated.
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