lasher x2 is the worst gun getting yourself weapon locked.

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  1. then00b

    Of my 5400 lasher kills, I haven't been locked that often, it's a very niche weapon, for the most part you don't want to be in the middle of a fight, you want to be shooting down on everyone from a fair distance and for the most part your friendlies will generally not be in that kill zone. It does happen from time to time if a fight is particularly crowded. Thing is it also has a ridiculously low rate of fire so you're rather unlikely to actually kill friendlies unlike with shotguns or perhaps the mcg.
  2. Ghosty11

    When Vanu see the teal orbs of the Lasher, a rave spontaneously breaks out causing them to dance in front of the Lashers. This happens no matter where you set up, followed 10 seconds later by the *ting* sound of a headshot indicator from a enemy sniper. =P

    Seriously though, I've never been weapons locked using the Lasher, but Vanu do love to run through procession of orbs as they slowly make their way to the target.
  3. Crayv

    Grenades have gotten me far closer to weapons lock than the Lasher ever has.
  4. Thardus

    The real issue is the people who seem to think that they need to go barrelling headlong towards every enemy they see when they're on the defensive.

    We're in a room. Find some cover, find a good line of sight, aim at the door, and wait for the enemy to come to you. Whatever you do, don't block the doorway, especially when there are a handful of Lashers already killing anything that even thinks of stepping through the door (Literally. If you stand outside the door, against the wall of the building, and think about going through there, the Lashers are gonna getcha.)
    When you're on the defensive, keep the damn lines of fire clear, don't shelter the enemy with your body as they come into the room.
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  5. zhengy4

    after using it for 2 days, I still don't like it. Some mentioned that you shouldn't be using it in a crowed room, which then defeats the purpose as a support weapon. some even suggest that you should flank the enemies, which I may ask, are you kidding me? 100% the time you can't kill a shxt on 1-1 situation, even if the opponent is an infiltrator, he is still capable of killing you in cqc,1 on 1. The lasher is totally useless outside of crowed room, or support your teamates for holding a point. Yet your teammates all have the haibits of jumping, steping into the path of these auroreous light plasmas and they seem to be excited in awe rushing into the bright, beautiful ball of sack, I meant plasmas ...