[Suggestion] Lasher X2 buff

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Syreptious, May 31, 2015.

  1. Stormsinger

    Hmmm, I don't know - I kind of liked this one. :p

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  2. Goretzu

    Nice :D , but imagine 100 being fired at you at once, then double it, that was the Lasher 2.0....... and that was outside...... indoors was even worse because, of course, PS1 bases were largely long tunnel based which meant the Lasher 2.0 just cleared the entire tunnel and the end intersection with the same shots! It was a wall of pain-disco! o_O
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  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I'd like they just change the Lasher Team damage mod from a multiplier to a -50.
    That way, the outer half of the splash wouldn't damage friendlies, making the weapon much more comfortable to use.
    As for lashing in flight, I could see a special ammo type that did that, say twice per second, instead of splash. Meaning it'd have a 50% chance of not hitting an infantry it was flying past.
  4. patoman

    not supported, a good measure that it doesn't need a buff is that the main users of it are not asking for one.

    also friendly fire is friendly fire, don't fire at teammates just like any other gun.

    having used it myself it is my favorite on the heavy assult, if for some reason any class could use it it would be the my most used weapon. considering it is a team game its good for all sorts of situations, this is planetside not fair firefight duels where two people issue a chalange walk so many paces and start shooting. Its the game where you bring in the unfair at just the right time, got a door way, shoot it with plasma balls to wound them while they can do nothing to you, then murder them after they are wounded.
  5. BrbImAFK

    Personally, I think all the heavy weapons could use a rework... as well as additional choices (gimme dat NS Thumper!!). My suggestions for the heavy weapons are:

    The MCG (limited experience here, so correct me if I'm wrong) currently either runs refire (better at 1 v X) or extended mags (for spammage). This is kinda fine.

    The Lasher would receive a rail slot (plasma converter?) which would eliminate it's splash damage and increase it's bullet velocity for 1 v X purposes, or equip the extended mags for the current suppression role.

    The Jackhammer would receive a complete rework. Instead of extended mags, it would become an auto-shotgun with two different, belt-fed ammo types. ?Flak? ammo would have a wide CoF, very large mag sizes and large pellet numbers, but bullet velocity would be low, damage would be low and would be capped at (for example) 3 pellets per person. This would provide a decent suppression role. The other ammo type, ?pellets? would have a moderate CoF, medium mag sizes, low pellet numbers etc. Personally, I'd prefer that it not be a shotgun at all, but we're stuck with DBG's mistakes, I think.

    For pure 1v1, you'd still be better off using an LMG, but if you want to use your flashy heavy gun outside of suppression spam (VS), or close-range point holds (NC) it'll at least be vaguely reasonable.
  6. Gutseen

    MCG is more useless than a pistol.
    lasher is fine, dont need more of u alien dildoz lovers spamming that ****.
    Jackhammer is fine.
  7. Imp C Bravo

    I can only speak for PS4 -- but the reason the main users of the Lasher aren't complaining is that there are virtually no main users of the lasher. I LOVE heavy weapons. I play purple and have a character for every class -- but both my NC and TR alts are HA because I <3 the jackhammer and MCG.

    And the lasher sucks. The jackhammer is the best shotgun in the game. If you like shotguns that thing is great. The MCG is fun and easy to use. It kills (with the fire rate upgrade) at a consistent rate making it easy to judge situations because you know exactly how fast each target is going to die. The lasher, well, it WOULD be good if it did reasonable splash damage. But it doesn't. It loses in 1v1s. So I start aiming for groups -- and it still sucks. Why? Small splash damage radius and it does, what 75?, splash damage? So, to kill people around a target I have to hit around their feet 14 times? With THAT fire rate? Seriously?

    The Orion performs better. Hell, the BR performs better!

    I've been screwing around with the lasher and can unequivocably say that it is trash.
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  8. placeholder22

    Lasher is fine. I wouldn't mind a buff, but I don't think it really needs one, certainly not a big one.

    It not being great at 1o1 isn't terrible. It's better than a sidearm. Most people go for cover when you pop overshields. That's when you kill them. Experienced people kill you right away, ideally so fast you can't pop overshields. And if they get the jump on you, it doesn't matter if you're lashing.

    With a lasher, I can stop a huge infantry zerg dead in its tracks and kill any number of people if they try to breach anyways. It's an immensely powerful weapon, even when it doesn't give you too many kills usually.
  9. Chazt

    Honestly I think the lasher is actually extremely powerful, if more people used it the other factions would never be able to get behind cover or crowd up at all...

    Luckily most people are under the weird assumption that it sucks, despite the fact it can clear groups of enemies relatively safely. It does not need a buff to it's 1v1 potential, because that isn't how it is meant to be used.
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  10. asmodraxus

    And how is the lasher meant to be used if not to kill?
  11. Chazt

    It is used to kill, extremely effectively in fact. But it isn't meant for a 1v1 like other weapons. It sweeps up entire groups, flank an enemy sunderer and fire away at the hapless engineers for certs a plenty. Fire into the tunnel in bases and near boxes or walls where large amount of enemies are grouped up. If you are using it for small skirmishes and 1v1's you are just doing it completely wrong, it is made for large battles and it excels at it. One guy with a lasher is annoying as hell to deal with when spawning, get three guys and cert farm a sundy for years.
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  12. asmodraxus

    Only works until someone with an LMG toasts you.

    Yes it damages groups, just not individuals effectively.
  13. Chazt

    It is almost like that is exactly what I just said. It isn't meant to be used against an individual, you use it for farming and camping large groups. If you are on the move assaulting a point or something then don't bring it. It is best used for base defenses where you can farm enemy groups all day. It is a much better alternative to the other empire specific heaby weapons in my opinion if for nothing more than being more unique. In comparisont he Jackhammer can only be used in 1v1 scenarios when popping around corners, and the chaingun can be outdamaged pretty easily with a few missed shots. The Lasher doesn't rely on winning trades, it relies on killing groups.

    Even if it doesn't get the kill (which will happen) it will supress the enemies through constant damage, Like I said, one guy with a lasher is annoying as hell, if you get three or more enemies can practically not leave their spawn.
  14. xMaxdamage

    Got my 6000th kill yesterday night and I win more 1 vs 1 with my lasher than with my MCG. Lasher is just really good if the user knows how to use it (hipfire and aim for the feet). It doesn't need a buff, ppl just have to stop to ADS the thing and go for body shots with a weapon that has four to six times slower bullets and double ttk than most weapons.
  15. Ryo313

    1st nerf the crap out of the lasher then make a even better NS / TR version.
    why should only VS get TR stuff (vulcan clone for example) ? its not even their trait .

    enough rant tho... time to speak srsly
    the lasher itself is kinda tricky to use but once you figured out how to use it effectifly its a good weapon.

    10/10 you nailed it.

    its even better then the MCG at suppressing infantry... you can actually keep ppl out off/in buildings
  16. FieldMarshall

    I think giving it the lash effect would be enough.
    The only two annoying things about the Lasher is that you are constantly looking for higher ground, and that you are screwed if you miss any of your shots in a 1v1 situation unless you aim for the feet.
    A lashing Lasher would help with both issues. I dont even care if the lash effect only did like 20% of the splash damage.

    How did the VS not get slaughtered by the Vanguards, Lightings, Artillery, Air support and MAXs and Infantry if they charged across a 500m chokepoint lane with only Lashers...
    The Lasher's range is 90m. And has heavy damage degradation outside 20m. And a huge COF.
    How did they manage to hit all the NC on the other side sitting outside Lasher range shooting back with the Gauss.
  17. asmodraxus

    Well once upon a time the Lasher did a large amount of AV damage, could hit stuff that it missed, had fast projectiles, but had no splash damage ironically.

    Now all it has is splash damage, so its a low powered rocklet/grenade launch, and when the rocklet rifle/ thumper gets released there will no doubt be a superior NS version.

    Oh and there's an NS version of the Lancer called the Archer, ok so it doesn't have a charge up mode (and has drop on its bullets) but it comes with infinite ammo and an option on zoom levels.
  18. Ryo313

    archer = better at long range and effective against MAX units and good against infantry
    Lancer = better dmg output against heavy armor but bad against infantry (9 normal shots or 2x full charged shots to kill a max tho but the archer is way faster with only 3 headshots)

    so as you can see those 2 have a very different dmg model unlike the striker and the swarm which are both good against air and ground vehicles.
  19. asmodraxus

    Uncharged lancer does how much damage against a tank?
    Archer does how much damage against a tank?

    The two do similar levels of damage, its just the Lancer HAS to be charged which lowers the DPS, both are able to kill tanks in groups, its just 1 group has to be bigger but can hit a target more reliably.

    Archers damage model is the same as an uncharged lancer, its just no VS uses an uncharged lancer as the damage as seen on the Archer/Lancer lvl 1 isn't so great.
  20. Chazt

    I think we all need to consider something else, the lasher is blinding as hell, getting hit by it is completely disorienting because all you see is giant balls of plasma hurling at your face. Secret bonus stat?