[Suggestion] Lasher more competitive please (with suggestion)

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  1. Luminari

    Lasher is like miles behind the other heavy guns when it comes to 1 versus 1 engagements. Unless you're right in their face, in which case you may kinda have a shimmer of hope if you completely outskill them, you're pretty much dead. Anything beyond 5 meters the enemy can just ADAD or jump and half your orbs will miss due to their miserable projectile speed.

    Now I know, that's not the way to use the Lasher. You're supposed to use it in subnanite and melt a funnel/tunnel filled with noobs not realizing they're slowly dying.

    But I would really like a little more competitiveness to other weapons in direct engagements with someone shooting back at you specifically. This would be nice in small fights where you don't necessarily have the firepower backup to herald having a suppression only weapon. The other heavy guns can be used in small battles and big battles just fine, it's only the Lasher that's so ultra niche.

    My suggestion for improvement? Give it an ammo slot! The alternative ammunition type removing its explosive effect but increasing it's damage and bullet velocity so it becomes a viable mid-range kind-off in-between between a shotgun and an LMG. The damage would have to be near or in the 300's to be competitive (e.g. sub 0.75 TTK as it is now) and the velocity would need to be tripled at least.
  2. LordKrelas

    The NC's Jackhammer only works at shotgun range.
    The Lasher works from a cliffside, with AOA that demolishes the concept of Cover.

    So an ammo type that turns it into a Long-range heavy (No bullet drop makes long-range targeting faster & easier) weapon?
    A 300 damage weapon with high velocity.
    Vs a NC shotgun, and medium-range at best TR Chaingun.

    300 damage per shot weapon...
    Beating the crap out of NC's damage tier, and doing it at range. Charming.
  3. Luminari

    Not true. You're just trying to be sarcastic here. Jackhammers at close range still out DPS this. Right now, on a hit the Lasher does 230 damage on a landed shot. At 333 RPM that gives it a laughable 0.75 TTK. The Jackhammer is instant at close range and the MCG is 800 RPM @ 143 damage, that's 0.53s TTK.

    With the new ammo type at 334 damage the Lasher is still looking at 0.54 TTK. In other words both heavy guns are still better at close range. It also loses all its splash damage so there's no "cover demolishing".
  4. LordKrelas

    I meant cover demolishing at default.
    Sorry about the confusion there.

    The key here is range difference.
    Consider two weapons on an open field.
    Now Consider the two weapons in a field with cover.
    If one is farther ranged, the open field is a slaughter-fest for one side.
    If there is cover, one side has to be careful while at a disadvantage constantly.

    The Thing is, the ease of out-ranging both heavy-weapons, and killing them easily at said distance.
    The Jackhammer uses RNG in close-range, and can't fire past that.
    The Chaingun, has crap accuracy beyond Medium-range, and has a spin-up.
    The Lasher, has neither of these issues, but a slow velocity.

    If it could have a high velocity, it makes the practical range even further, even without AOA you still have a brutal weapon with a longer range.
    In Close-quarters, a Shotgun should win.
    However if one side is medium, one side is close, and the last is Long... the long range is not hampered in lesser ranges is at a severe advantage.

    That's my problem with this.
    Making the Lasher the killing machine from hell at range.
  5. Rydenan

    I laugh when VS want the Lasher buffed to have its TTK put on-par with standard infantry weapons "to make it better at 1v1s!"
    Ignoring the fact that the gun friggin shoots around corners, and can deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time. Isn't it obvious how it would be unbalanced if it did those things, and performed well in 1v1s? Why take an LMG when you can take the Lasher? The 1v1-ing, supressive-firing, splash-damaging, MAX-melting death-machine?
  6. FateJH

    The easiest solution is to not use the Lasher as if it were an LMG; and, you sound like you want to grab an LMG at the terminal, not the Lasher.

    You might as well scrap the whole weapon and implement another Orion clone if that's all there is to it. (And let TR have the explosive ammo trait on the MCG. It suits their oppressive vibes.)
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  7. Tankalishious

    As much as i absolutely HATE the lasher, its a good gun in certain situations, just like the jackhammer is for NC and MCG is for TR.
    Those 3 guns are situational and balanced
  8. WeRelic

    As someone who has auraxed both the AE and the standard version, the only change that the Lasher needs is to fulfill it's name.

    When it goes past (not hitting anything, actually flying past) someone within say 3m, it should lash out at them, dealing a slight amount of damage which would be added to direct hits as well. This would lower the TTK slightly in 1v1s, and it would play to the strengths of the weapon: Crowd Control, and scaling damage.
  9. OldMaster80

    Because it's not a 1 vs 1 weapon :|
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    You really shouldn't equip the Lasher when you are expecting head-on encounters with opponents, much like how you shouldn't use the Archer as an Engineer when you are expecting to go up against Heavies. It's simply not meant for that task.

    Put it into your 4th Heavy Assault class and bring it out when it's time to bust the zerg (and even then you should have a powerful sidearm ready against ambushes).
  11. DeadlyOmen

    Isn't the lasher designed to provide area attack?

    Why would a weapon designed for area attack be good at something it isn't designed for?
  12. Liewec123

    i think lasher is pretty perfectly balanced, used in its intended role it is an absolute monster,
    if they buffed it in situations that it shouldn't really be used (1v1) then it would be way too good.
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  13. pnkdth

    A monster? I'd call it adequate, serviceable, useful even. It works for its intended purpose.

    Could use a small velocity buff to make it a bit less annoying to lead targets over fairly close ranges but that's it, really.
  14. asmodraxus

    The only change the lasher needs, is that it needs to be renamed to the Splasher as it fails to lash enemies with x meters of a missed orb.

    The devs failed to implement this weapon correctly from the start of the game and now its a sub par "heavy assault" weapon and now merely an AoE spam weapon used by the zerg.
  15. LordKrelas

    Well imagine if it had AOA and this ability to deal damage even while missing a surface & the target.
    Would up the damage potential by allowing the misses to deal damage and deal AOA.

    Unless you mean to replace the AOA with the lash effect?