Laser Sight v Forward Grip

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Thades, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Swiffle

    Thanks Erendil, good to know!
  2. Wallonthefloor

    I play on highest graphics and really, the laser beam must be so unnoticeable I have never seen one, nor have i bought one with certs. So dont worry nobody gave themselves away to me, I bet 90% of all other people dont catch their enemies by seeing their laser
  3. Davinel

    It's not small. - with LS - without LS
  4. Sjael

    In case anyone was wondering also, I decided to be a real man and cert the Advanced Forward Grip onto my Pulsar-C (with VMS 3.4x scope;)


    Advanced FG is on the left, standard on the right. I think it definitely makes an appreciable difference at the longer ranges I like to play. I'm of the mindset that if I can jetpack up to all these neat, unique places, I should be able to engage from them too. And I do, with pretty good success; no one expects an LA to be able to kill them from that far away. :D

    On another note, like the guy a couple of posts up, I can't remember ever seeing a laser in game. Wouldn't worry about it.
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  5. Thrustin

    Does the same go for night time?
  6. Bags

    Laser Sight because the foregrips currently do not work - that or the difference is so small it is not noticeable.

    But you don't want a laser at night of course.
  7. Regpuppy

    It does, it quickly sways left and right during full auto firing while going up. It favors one side, but I forget which. The grip takes away a lot of the shakiness and it's a more predictable recoil left-upward path your sights will move to.
  8. Ghoest

    I see lasers frequently in game.

    Last night I was slug sniping and was fairly shocked that the guy next to me had a laser sight on - it was like a big arrow pointing to him.

    It maybe be that the graphic is buggy and doesnt always show consistently - Im no sure.
  9. Swiffle

    I also picked up the advanced laser sight, and I'm pretty sold on it. The GD-7F pulls up/left, but the grip just wasn't useful enough. Worried about the laser beam being visible, especially in night fights, in bio lab, etc.
  10. JoCool

    I prefer the Lynx. It has a very large ADS bullet spread - its bullets jump left and right and the entire weapon has a constant drill to the right. Coupled with the NV 1x scope, here I rather take a foregrip than the LS.
  11. Meiu

    The advanced laser sight reduces the cone by about half of the first sight but the advanced laser sight, as soon as you let off the trigger for even a split second, itll set you back to a completely reset cone, so you can keep doing 7-8 round bursts literally right on top of each shot when you do that.
  12. Soulshox

    My questions here is do get horizontal recoil when moving or being shot at and does the grip help with this. i havn't tried it myself but it's something to think about.
  13. Helghast

    Pro tip: You can toggle the laser sight's beam on/off with the L key.
  14. Nuubo

    I know that, but I've read somewhere on the forum, that the enemies still see you with the laser active, even if you turn it off - anyone know if thats true?
  15. ThePackage

    If you're VS, you should be using the VX6-7, unless you're hell bent on an underbarrel attachment. From testing the forward grip does absolutely nothing. On the other hand 200 certs into the laser dot, and the hipfire is stellar. It's the clear winner.
  16. ThePackage

    From my testing last night, which simply involved getting into a flash and switching to third person, yes you can still see the beam even when toggled off.
  17. Hitomo

    the forward grip removes shaking to left or right while firing at least two shoots

    I use the AC-X11, since I upgraded it with the grip I get more kills on +medium ranges,
    and I am more competetive in close quarter firing from the hip also ...

    so the grip makes a big adjustment - so you can tweak guns like the AC more towards accuracy (and close quarter)
    the lasersight is more for finetuning high firerate weapons that are already made for close quarter even more
  18. Trysaeder

    It's a great weapon, but I feel it chews through your ammo reserves too quickly. Whether because you're winning every single fire, or just the tons of bullets it spits out (probably both), I consistently find myself out of ammo before I'm out of health with that weapon.

    The Pulsar C is a bit tamer without losing you every single firefight (~320 less DPS). Its advanced foregrip along with the VS record of 1.5x first shot recoil multiplier gives it the potential to become a very precise weapon for popping heads.
  19. Strikejk

    I'm sorry to tell you but this is mostly the fault of the rubbish game design. High Network latency, bad lagcompensation & interpolations will cause it to be incredible difficult to hit flying targets. It's like an inbuild 50% evade chance to bullets. Thanks SOE.
  20. theBI6grizzly

    I play NC, but I've heard that the Serpent kills faster then the VX6-7, and has lower recoil.

    And if you're playing LA, you shouldn't be outside medium range, so use the laser sight. I guess if you're engineer, you could use grip, but forget that because most engineers use underbarrel grenade launchers -_-

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