Laser Sight v Forward Grip

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Thades, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. ThundaHawkPS

    From testing I don't really notice the forward grip much at all even with a high recoil gun like the gd7. The laser sight and advanced laser both shrink the hipfire reticule down significantly which is a HUGE deal. For NC you can't really go full auto anyway at long ranges, so the grip seems pointless.
  2. Murderus

    thats a shame...was looking forward to lowering the recoil on the carbines, but apparently NC carbines have no left/right pull....shouldve seen that coming
  3. kersk

    A point someone made that stuck with me is that the benefit of the forward grip can be somewhat manually replicated by practice and building up your own aiming skill to overcome the recoil, whereas the laser flat out reduces your cone of fire when shooting from the hip, which you can't replicate through skill other than firing in bursts which of course has lower DPS. So the laser seems more useful in the long run as you become a better player.
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  4. FieserMoep

    ATM I am using the advanced laser sight and it is realy awesome for LA. It works perfectly for flying above enemies and shooting them down because in flight mode using a scope is a pain in the ***. And yes, the effect of the grip can be manually compensated by player skill.
  5. therah

    the forward grip and laser sight are both really underwhelming, for 100 certs theyre worth equipping with all the slots you get
  6. Davinel

    Forward grip is useless on anything besides lmg...

    Oh and don't buy compensator. It has so many downsides...
    First of all it will announce you to everyone in large radius and you really don't want this.
    Second - it will reduce hip accuracy.
    And everything for reducing vertical recoil, which can be easy compensated manually.
    It maybe useful for medic, but definetly not for LA. I think I'll go with flash suppressor or maybe with simply suppressor. Don't sure yet.
  7. Frosty7

    I found both to be absolutely useless. At least on the starter guns (which appear to be more than acceptably efficient... I honestly can't find a reason to buy replacements). The laser sight on an NC weapon seems to be the only time any of these purchases would be worth it. If I were you I'd save the certs and get something better, like a secondary cannon on a tank or something.
  8. Erendil

    I use the laser sight almost exclusively when I'm LA. I almost never engage targets at ranges >75m when I'm LA and prefer instead to stay out of sight and/or move from cover to cover and close the distance where the lack of a foregrip won't make any difference anyway. If I'm expecting a lot of medium/long range firefights I'll choose Engie and grab an Eidolon, or go HA w/ the Eidolon or SVA88.

    But as others have said the improvement in non-aimed fire granted by the laser sight is invaluable for LA since they're all about mobility and the laser sight improves your accuracy while moving. Since you're VS, I highly recommend getting the VX6-7 carbine w/ a laser sight. Its damage output is amazing from the high RoF, and the CoF is wicked tight and allows you to engage targets without ADS out to ~30m, It even allows you a good measure of success at attacking close range (<15m) targets in mid-flight. This is invaluable indoors since people seem to have lots of trouble hitting a target that's jumping in big, curving arcs all over the room or flying right over their heads... :D
  9. Aresius

    On the NC stock carbine the forward grip reduces the oh so random horizontal recoil to a moderate shaking. You should use ADS most of the time, and if you're an LA like me who likes to fly around while fighting, the laser dot isn't going to make a difference.
  10. Davinel

    Pulsar-c with and without Laser Sight(clickable):

    Laser sight reduce bullet spread. It does not metter whether you flying or not.

    Can you please do some tests(like above)? And show results.
  11. psifist

    Has anyone compared the first and second (advanced) laser sights on the VX6-7? If it's as big an improvement as the first level, I'll definitely stick with using it as it's the only carbine with the advanced cert. That would also essentially free up the scope to use one of the higher X ones since you wouldn't need ADS for close to mid range.
  12. Swiffle

    I was wondering about jetting and having the laser dot, since jumping/jetting seems to increase the cone to max, if the laser sight decreases that even a small amount it could be useful.
  13. Pantokrator

  14. Swiffle

    Wow, the vanu reflex sight is amazing. I don't like the NC one
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  15. Flarestar

    This. At least for VS. Foregrip is worthless, no horizontal recoil. Laser sight is meh. Underbarrel launcher is hilariously good. If you run with an organized pack, take underbarrel smoke instead for mass havoc. Most people still don't have any idea at all how to deal with smoke grenades.
  16. Steppa

    I just unlocked the GD yesterday and played exclusively. Not a bad gun at all and the extra ammo is nice. I tend to use the mouse to fight recoil so my accuracy isn't really an issue. Ammo is. Regardless of what rifle you're using as LA, I find myself running out of ammo constantly. I'm forgoing all attachments and going for at least 3 or 4 on ammo belt. I'll also be certing into the grenade bandolier. Many, many kills by grenade, especially when they don't know its coming.
  17. Aresius

    Yes, but the difference is negligible.
  18. Aresius

    I made a comparison between NC LA's stock naked carbine and the same weapon with forward grip on:


    6 shots in each burst, the dots are where the sights ended up after each shot (hopefully I got them all right); the red ones are without, the blue ones with forward grip. 1366*768 screen.

    Moral of the picture: always shoot two warning shots.
  19. Erendil

    I have. I bought Level2 last night. Yes, it is a big improvement, although I don't know if it's as significant as LS1 vs no LS. I'll try to remember to post some screenshots tonight.

    Yes, the laser sight decreases your CoF in mid-flight as well. I don't recall the size of the Level1 "flying" CoF, but the Level2 LS shrinks the flying CoF to the same size as the Orion's default CoF when strafing strictly sideways (i.e., no forward or backward movement). And it is incredibly useful... :D

    I heartily disagree. I find it very significant. For example, IIRC the default VX6-7 non-aimed max distance where you can connect w/ 100% of your shots is about 20m. With Laser Sight1 it extends to about 30m (for reference, base spawn rooms are 30m long). Level2 extends it to about 40-45m. I'd call that rather significant.
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  20. FieserMoep

    The LS is awsome, even more the advanced one. I was playing with a fore grip on my LC2 Lynx to roughly around 1200 kills and after that I switched to the Laser Sight because of the Forums and others experience. Hell... I love the LS... it makes the "overfly" and killing much more easier, and you do not loose time for ADS if you are in heavy CQB where every second makes the difference. Even my pistol got it now and the Repeater is just awesome with that. The CoF is noticeable tighter and this is all I need for my high RoF guns in close combat situations.