Laser Sight v Forward Grip

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Thades, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Thades

    We all know what LA does.. it's usually between hiding in a nice spot to pick people off or fighting off other LA's from doing the same to your team. So I'm curious which of these attachments will have a greater impact. I'm worried that the laser sight will cause me to be more visible to enemies since it does seem to extend pretty far, whereas I can't account for how much forward grip helps (maybe because I'm VS). Which would you pick, and why?
  2. OL1VJ3

    It realy depends on how you are playing.

    If you mainly hipfire take the laser. It only affects hipfire´s CoF.
    If you mainly Aim down sights take the forward Grip. It only affects ADS firing´s recoil (but im not sure horizontal or vertical)
  3. Strongback

    Well, the forward grip removes the horizontal recoil, meaning it will stop pulling to the right or left.
    IF your weapon doesn't pull left or right to begin with when you fire it, then there is no point.

    Most VS weapons don't have horizontal pull, therefore the grip is kinda pointless.
    It is good when you have it and you want to get rid of it, but most of the time they don't.
  4. Boroming

    between the 2 choose laser sight. only a little bit of the laser is visible. no big deal.
    but i suggest using the solstice SF and the underbarrel granade launcher. from up high can be devastating.
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  5. RoosterNE

    Anyone know if certing the second level of Laser Dot is worth the 100 cert points? I certed Laser Dot 1, but am not sure if Laser Dot 2 will be much of an improvement. Any feedback would be great
  6. Scorponok

    i thought the grenade launchers were removed from the game?
  7. SideOfBeef

    If you equip a laser sight, you can press L to turn off the laser without losing the aim bonus.

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  8. Boroming

    they are only available only on 1 weapon per type.
    vs carbine is the solstice sf
  9. Thrustin

    Can anyone confirm?
  10. anaverageguy

    That's not quite correct, unless things have been greatly changed since beta. It only reduces it. Sticking a forward grip on the TRAC (after it started leaning right) or on the Lynx will only make them lean less; it's still there.

    Also, horizontal recoil is present on all guns, some just less noticeably. Heavy assault weapons like the CARV benefit greatly from forward grip attachments as it reduces the random left right recoil that eventually evens out, but still sprays bullets off target.
  11. anaverageguy

    As someone already said, it really depends on how you play. Or how you want to play. I personally preferred all-around weapons so as LA I usually used a forward grip (which helps even with hipfire from what I've noticed, though it's not much (prolonged fire)) with iron sight or a laser sight with 2x reflex so I could hipfire up close and burst fairly accurately at farther targets.

    They both make a very big impact in my opinion, though forward grip may be less noticeable. A laser sight attachment makes hipfire much better if you observe the spread with and without, both when strafing and when not, so that guns that hipfire well hipfire even more accurately to medium and long ranges and guns that can't hipfire to save the user's life now can to some extent.
  12. Grimtou

    It only turns it off for you, it still shows up on your model for everyone else - get on a flash and you can see what I am talking about.
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  13. Lethal_Sting

    Oh, that's not some kind of bug? In beta those two weapons would lean over so badly I thought my soldier had limp wrists. But next spawn, they were rock solid, no rolling at all. Same attachments for both events.
  14. anaverageguy

    I've never had them not go sideways, though I've always found forward grip to help quite a bit (I have a habit of firing my gun without recoil control to make sure I get a feel for the pull I need to make before I start.. so I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong).
  15. Paulus magintie

    I use the starter gun and get bad recoil vertically anything I can get to prevent that? I have a scope to replace the rubbish iron site so something to reduce the recoil for distance would be nice.
  16. RaubritterAK

    If you use a scope then go with a laser sight. Laser sight makes you more accurate from the hip. When fighting close quarters, the scope is annoying and does more harm than good. It's handy to have accurate hip firing for close-up situations. Just remember while scoped to fire in short bursts. Foregrip is great with a reflex sight.
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  17. MarlboroMan-E

    Compensator helps with vertical recoil.
  18. Thrustin

    If you aim at someone with the laser sight, does he get a laser glare similar to BF3 as well?
  19. Yalk


    I highly recommend the laser+3.4x get good accuracy at range and good grouping close up...well, it depends on your play style, but I tend to get into all kinds of fights as LA, so I like to be prepared

    The beam only sticks out about 5 feet...they are going to notice you for killing them or their buddy before they will notice the relatively tiny red beam

    With draw distance etc I'm pretty sure you can't see it beyond the distance you can see the color of their uniform...

    Anyway, mostly empirical, but in beta I never got killed more with it than without...and I'm pretty sure it saved me enough to be worth basically removes the need to ADS under medium range...which gives you extra crucial seconds of dmg delt to target
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  20. Murderus

    Would like NC LA's thoughts on this: fitting a gd-7f with laser and suppressor/2x for close range....and a gauss burst with 3.4x scope and forward grip for range and longer combat....thoughts and opinions appreciated

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