LAs tool: The reconnaissance drone

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by gunfox, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. gunfox

    Alright, the NC just got their new ESRL (Again new toys for the HA, yaay). It's got a really cool mechanic, being camera guided and all. But why waste this mechanic on ONE launcher for ONE class for ONE faction?

    The LA desperately needs some love, too, so here is my idea.

    The reconnaissance drone!
    Tool slot (currently nothing in there for LAs)
    Essentialy uses the mechanics of the Phoenix, except for:
    -More maneuverable
    -Waaaaay slower
    -Way more range and time before it disappears
    -Does no damage at all, breaks on contact

    I think this would be a really cool and interesting addition to the game, without affecting the killing potential of the class at all. And, the best part for you devs, it uses a mechanic that's already in the game, so not much coding required! (Except for new animations, a cute little drone thing you throw like a paper plane would be amazing)
  2. Parricidium

    So we get the infiltrator's tool but more fun.
  3. gunfox

    Not really. The Infil tool is fire and forget and it paints red dots on the map. The Drone should be for open areas, and you have to steer it yourself. Also no radar, but spotting stuff with your eyes.
  4. Parricidium

    That's only useful for the extremes - lone wolves or highly organized teams. It has very little to no benefit for the zerg that is most of the game.
  5. drNovikov

    That's an infiltrator tool. LAs are already better at infiltration.
  6. drNovikov

    Fk zergs.
  7. Parricidium

    Like it or not, that's what most of the game is. You can't base a class tool off of such a small percentage of the game.
  8. drNovikov

    Oh yes, you can. Most people are dumb, so what? Should we get rid of all smart things?
  9. Parricidium

    What you're proposing isn't a smart thing. No smarter than an infiltrator or HA tool. Instead, it's something that's useful to s small percentage of the population.

    I'm honestly not sure where you're going with this 'dumb' thing. Is that an analogy for the real world? If so, it's a terrible analogy. Is it saying that the PS2 zerg just has dumb people in it? If so, that's blatantly false.
  10. drNovikov

    Oh yes, sorry, of course most zerglings in PS2 are geniuses, real world truths ae not applicale here, because... nanites!
  11. Parricidium

    No, zerglings aren't genuises. But neither are they idiots. It's just a bunch of regular people to log onto the game to play and who aren't part of an organized outfit. You're implying that the lack of an organized outfit is an indicator of intelligence.
  12. drNovikov

    No, I'm implying that most people, outfit or no, are dumb. If they are dumb and unable to use tactical tools, it's not a reason for not implementing tactical tools in the game. Most people don't use sniper rifles or basilisks on their flashes. Most people don't use scout darts. Most people don't use smoke+NV tactical combo. And so on. So what?
  13. Parricidium

    Your tool is not good because it requires communication. Lack of communication and intelligence are hardly hand-in-hand. Your tool is useful in two situations:

    1. Lone-wolf scenarios where you have a LA who's off doing his own thing.
    2. Organized groups wherein a LA is actively communicating with the other non-LA members.

    Both of those are on the far ends of the bell curve. The vast majority of the game would get very little out of it. Each of the other class tools are useful for the other players - Medics resurrect and heal, engineers offer ammo resupply, HA can knock out enemy armor, infiltrators can reveal enemy positions. Then with this, LA could...reveal enemy positions but only to himself? Infiltrator overlap aside, the tool is just empirically bad as proposed.
  14. drNovikov

    OMG! A tool requiring skills, not just mouse clicking! God forbid!
  15. drNovikov

    And this tool is intended for... oh wait...
  16. Parricidium

    The rocket launcher requires leading, depth perception, and proper targeting. The sensor dart requires knowledge of enemy positions (for maximum reveal) and proper placement. etc.

    People simply aren't going to employ the level of communication required to make this tool work and SOE shouldn't cater to the extremes for something so integral to a class as a tool. At the end of the day, they're a business. This could be in the game, it has a place - just not as the LA tool.
    Here, I'll help you, since you seem unclear on the concept.
    Infiltrator: Reveal enemy positions to anyone on your faction..
    LA: Reveal enemy positions to just yourself and other people can know about them but only if you tell them.

    It has overlap with the Sensor Dart but is worse.
  17. Laurentiuss

    i like the idea! finding the enemy sundy would be much easier and faster. okay, i can get tankmines and c4 myself or just tell my squad, set up a waypoint and boooom