Largest Battle?

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  1. Noktaj

    Hard to quantify, but I do rember some pretty huge clash back in the first days out of beta, especially around The Crown and the Tech Plants.

    My guess, probably around 200vs200 guys. Pretty massive. You still have some of those going on even today during peak times but I tend to avoid those when I can. Draw distance tends to drop to near zero meters with enemies (and friends) popping out of thin air everywhere eheheh.

    24-48 vs 24-48 are the most enjoyable fights for me in this game, 12-24 vs 12-24 in small outposts.
    Things tends to go FUBAR with more than 48 ppl per side, both strategically and performance wise.
  2. Elrobochanco

    One's I've been in:
    Biggest, first WDS, the bastion, the entire server population cramming into a single hex. It was like opening the gates to AQ in wow, just ridiculous. Stuff phasing in and out everywhere. Hits not registering for ages.

    Biggest/Best EMC/mattherson's triump in the mattherson/watterson server smash. Platoons of mattherson taking gals, as many as possible to drop on the tower. Bailing out falling past two or three gals still flying further to the next tower, then husks of galaxies crashing onto the base for the next couple minutes as I slowly worked over the upper catwalks. It was like the beach landing in edge of tomorrow.
  3. Justicia

    Two sides with 336 each (Miller Woodman Merger Smash) for a total of 672 people was our largest Server Smash so far.

    I would say the biggest battle (as in, all fighters in a single hex or close to it) would have been the Esamir Munitions Corp battle at the end of the Mattherson Waterson Merger Smash, where basically the entire force on either side converged on that base to try and take it for the win. I believe that match was 240 vs 240, so there were probably between 400 and 480 people in a single hex at one point.
  4. GhostAvatar

    Don't forget spec ops. That was another entire continent in single HEX fight. NC and VS fighting alongside each other to break the TR cap.

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  5. FocusLight

    Earlier today on Hossin the NC assaulted one of our bases. It began with about 25 vs 25, but after getting kicked out a couple times and coming back (if nothing else the rebels are persistent, I will give them that) it slowly escalated. We held them off for over half an hour, but in the end the sheer weight of their numbers finally overwhelmed us. At that point it was a 48 vs 48, 66% vs 44%, in their favor.

    I though that was pretty impressive, but later on they assaulted our Tech Plant.

    That one ended in 15 minutes, 96 vs 96, 66-44% in their favor.

    In other words, over 100 TR was forced out by the weight of over 200 NC in one base.

    Only went down-hill from there. The 100 TR went to the next outpost. The NC followed. Another massacre followed.

    And then most TR seem to have left the continent, because screw that noise.
  6. Vertabrae

    Largest battle i was in was back when I was in TE, I'm guessing late winter or very early spring 2013. TR on Mattherson had taken Indar, which was usually a VS thing, and we had held it for 4 days at that point. The VS and NC had come together with the ATRA (Anti TR Alliance, I think) and decided to end our conquest.

    TR got pushed back and was holding only Old Auraxium Mines. Indar was pop locked. While there were a couple other small battles going on between the NC and VS (this was before the lattice system was introduced), none of those fights were larger than 1-12. So at best you had maybe 48 people, fighting elsewhere. I remember none of the WGs listed a pop higher than 12-24.

    I don't know what the continent pop limit is these days, but back then it was 2000 players. I figure maybe 200 ( I'm being generous and guessing on the high side there) players where off doing something else. So basically you would have had about 1800 players all fighting trying to kick TR out of our last base. Lag was insane, you threw a nade and it just flew 4 feet and stayed in midair for an hour. Ammo resupply didn't work, nor did the console most of the time. All sorts of fun little things. View distance was so random as to be funny. You could see a sniper 300m away trying to headshot you, but not 4 MAXs 10m away.

    TR finally lost the point, don't remember who took it, NC or VS. I just remember seeing a massive cloud of Gals dropping all over us. Timer counted down, if i remember right, we were less than a minute away from losing the base and...........server crash.

    Once it came back up, TR was able to race quickly to Sky Mesa, and cap it before the NC and VS could organize and cover the much longer distance back to us. NC and VS had no chance of driving us out of there. We did lose Sky Mesa and the lock the following night, thanks to an NC hacker who planted himself in the ground directly under the point, and simply headshot every TR that he could reach. Simply no way to kill him.

    The Battle of Old Auraxium Mines will forever be remembered by those who fought there. Cheers to the NC, VS and TR vets who spilled their sweat, nanites, and mountain dews while fighting there.
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  7. Prudentia

    i don't know. i found that one to be more frustrating. the Southern bases are just so cutoff from the rest due to the cliffs that the fight was to condensed. CC atleast had some open field Battles (when all the vehicles didn't just instantly die to 50+ Lancers)
  8. NC_agent00kevin

    Is this the one I read about long ago, where the server was basically crapping itself because it couldnt handle everyone crammed into one hex like that?
  9. GhostAvatar

    Yes. Probably one of the reasons why they reduced the cap/removal requirements.
  10. FinePool

    I remember dong that on Amerish, so many people at The Bastion, the lag was unbearable ;_;
  11. Typhoeus

    Mattherson/Waterson merger mash no doubt.
  12. shaql

    372 (wasn't it 384? or 336 was max... I don't remember) per side, with two sides, so twice as much :p
  13. Taemien

    And some people think Heavies should be removed from the game. What class is going to have enough ammo for these situations? :D

    All a low BR has to do is pick Engineer and hit F and this will happen immediately:

  14. Bankrotas

    The time before you got kill notification against a player was about 3-10 seconds. You just shot one, went to another one and another one. Some of them were already dead, so you didn't get kill notification for it.
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  15. Protcow

    Yesterday was a really big battle on Miller (Hossin). I think 500 or more players were in the same zone, because my high end PC could only do 20 FPS.
    I usually have 40-50+ FPS in 96+ vs 96+ battles.
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  16. BobSanders123

    The largest battle was at crossroads watchtower defending from the NC. From two separate bases that were both 48+ and around 500 vehicles spewed around the battlefield. TR AV turrets on the tower pads, fractures, lockons, you name it. Tons and tons of burster maxes and explosions through the air. One 96+ two platoon charge to the enemy base was intense as friendly fracture fire flew overhead to keep the vanguards at bay. We stormed into the point after losing about six squads to explosions and harassers, only to be met by several scattermaxes and engineers all cutting us down within seconds.

    We quickly respawned at the warpgate and prepped four galaxies full of the platoon. The other platoon had fallen back to crossroads and defended as long as possible to give us time. Two infiltrators, 46 engineers. We quickly rose above 500m to avoid as much flak as possible. At 136kph we soared past crossroads, and past the two bases the NC were coming from. Instead we discretely dropped onto a base not connected to our lattice and crash landed everything into the tower. Jumping out moments before. We sweeped the base and cleared lone wolf infantry and tank pilots and made our way to the bottom floor. The infiltrators hacked both terminals and several engineers with NV scopes were sent out to scout ahead for tank mines. In that moment prowler after prowler, repair sundy after ammo sundy, we formed a massive armor column that took up the most ridiculous amount of space. Stretching from the start of the hex to the end.

    We had 6 minutes before crossroads fell, as the 48 man platoon left behind had only managed to hold down A and the tower itself. They were outnumbered, 72% NC against 28% TR.

    Vulcan prowlers and racer chassis were at the front of the line. With a square of four repair sunderers behind, and behind them, AP halberd prowlers for long range shelling. Behind the, were another line of teritiary tanks and vehicles along with the ammunition sunderers.

    And at five minutes and forty two seconds we drove down the lattice. At four minutes and fifty seconds we passed the base we had attempted to take earlier. At four minutes and thirty seconds, eight fully armored Vulcan HEAT prowlers flew over the ridge with incredible speed with sunderer horns blasting behind them. One vanguard swiveled around only to explode in a second. On the ridge just left of the vulcans, had a prowler line so ridiculously long, ammunition sunderers had to roll back and forth to provide ammo for all. Vulcans murdered sunderes and the back armor of vanguards to shreds. Sunderer after sunderer blew into the air with clueless infantry still pushing the tower.

    At that same moment platoon two had organized into the spawn room for a massive charge. One squad of max units. One squad of medics, and two full of engineers and a couple heavies. They rushed through the teleporter, crushing and stomping on all incoming opposition, straight to B point. Scattermaxes and bored engineers jumped up into their positions, but were quickly mowed down by the tremendous firepower of the miniguns latched onto powerful exo skeletons of the Terran Republic. B point quickly turned. And just like that they headed for C.

    By this time the NC were down to two sunderers, with one half broken. AP Shells soared across the sky with 120mm rounds devastating everything in their path. The sunderer was being too quickly repaired for the prowlers to keep up. As every vanguard driver and infantry that had died respawned onto those sunderers. All of a sudden. One sunderer disappeared from the map. And soon enough, a large number of TR Maxes, medics, and engineers appeared on the ridge line. Engineers threw tank mines down the ridge, each one landing perfectly under or near the sunderer, and with each MAX mowing down the enemy engineers, the sunderer quickly was no more...
  17. DrTeeth

    I'd give it to the battle of Spec Ops. I was at both, and while both were huge battles, at the battle of Camp Connery the server was laggy but still functional - the VS had no problem sniping every Sundie brought within 1km of that tower. Whereas Spec Ops.. good god we broke the server bad! It was just utterly insane..
  18. Linedan

    After one of the major updates on Mattherson we had the entire NC population shoved back into one hex outside our northern warpgate on Indar and The Enclave was trying to finish us off with at least three platoons plus all the other TR they could muster. And the VS were hitting us and the TR from the other side because that's where all the people were. Indar was 33/33/33 and full at the time, so most of the server population at that point was in a one- or two-hex area.

    The result was a fight that was so massive that I don't see how the server didn't just give up and die. Crashed air objects were lying there on the ground for 5 minutes. Hits weren't registering, ammo packs weren't replenishing, rezzes wouldn't take, people were falling down and dying 20-30 seconds after getting shot, the infantry render distance was maybe 20m or less. It was unplayable.
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  19. GhostAvatar

    Miller vs Woodman Merger Smash was 336 v 336 = 672 (not 372). I think RadarX got confused with the numbers.
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  20. Matt879

    Eisa tech plant just after the game launched, there were enormous battles going on there 24/7. I wouldn't be surprised if at a certain point we had 1000 people fighting over that one base.