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    (Writing this new thread, because the original one I wrote was rendered obsolete when all rocket launchers got revamped last year)

    With the substantial nerfs our beloved Lancer got hit with last year, I just want to highlight that while the Lancer's effective range is certainly greatly reduced compared to pre-CAI update, it still packs a punch with less risk and greater ease of use compared to many of the other rocket launchers.

    That said, I will list some critical details that should be kept in mind, when attempting to use this launcher (also note that the information below, also applies to the Vortex, the MAX-based equivalent to the Lancer):

    • Obviously, the Lancer is primarily focused on hitting targets at range. Its charge-based shooting does not lend itself to easy use in close quarters fighting, where its charge up delay becomes a huge drawback. The Vortex is somewhat more forgiving, due to having faster charge speeds than the Lancer, though maintaining distance is still recommended.

    • Its muzzle velocity is the same at all charge levels (450 meters per second), but three shots at Level 3 charge, will still deal more total damage than spamming nine Level 1 shots. Thus, make a habit of firing at Level 3 charge, as much as possible.

    • You don't have to wait for the charge to 'end' and fire automatically, while holding left-click (or whatever key you have bound to 'fire infantry weapon'); the instant you reach Level 3 charge, you can release the shot by releasing the mouse button and then immediately holding it down again to begin charging your next shot, without pause. By doing this pattern back to back, you can rapidly churn out Level 3 shots for maximum damage. Try to practice chaining your charged shots, while watching your ammo count to be sure that you're making Level 3 charged shots (3 points of ammo are consumed when a Level 3 charged shot is fired, so refine your release timing, until you can chain the charges perfectly).

    • The projectile the Lancer fires, seems to have a range limit; rather, past a certain range, the projectile simply despawns. As to the exact range it despawns, I am not entirely certain. Additionally, a Level 3 shot from the Lancer has a max damage value of 700 within 150 meters. After 300 meters, a Level 3 shot has a minimum damage value of only 350.

    • If you find yourself charging a shot, but then you decide that you don't want to actually release the shot (maybe you lost line of sight with the target, or perhaps you had to duck into cover, etc), you can actually 'charge cancel' by either switching weapons, or performing a quick-melee attack (the quick-melee method also works with the Vortex, and is the only charge cancel method that our MAX can use on the Vortex). Either method will instantly stop the in-progress shot charge, without consuming the shot or its ammo.

    • While the Lancer's muzzle velocity and damage at range are not quite what they used to be, it still has literally no drop for its projectile; it still travels in a straight line. Thus, leading your shots against moving targets, is still a fair bit easier with the Lancer than with most of the other launchers, which have to compensate for both muzzle velocity and projectile drop.

    • Take full advantage of the Lancer's pinpoint accuracy! If even a small part of an enemy vehicle or MAX is exposed to your Lancer's aim, you can most likely hit it with your Lancer. And if an enemy ESF makes the mistake of hovering lazily about, looking for targets? A Level 3 Lancer shot will instantly chop off at least half their health.

    That's all that comes to my mind right now. I do hope this helps a bit, and let me know if I missed anything important.
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