Lancer Still doing 3-5X more damage against aircraft than other AV weapons

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trebb, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Trebb

    Is there a reason this isn't fixed yet? One lancer pretty much puts you on fire, and it's almost a hitscan weapon. Put one in a valk and it's even more unbalanced. Not fun to fight against. Yes I know striker valks are also annoying, but it takes 2 of them to do what one striker does.
  2. Talthos

    I think you meant that it takes 2 of them to do what one Lancer does.

    As for your claim that the Lancer does crazy damage to aircraft: the update that basically revamped all of the rocket launchers, also nerfed the muzzle velocity of the Lancer right into the ground.

    Prior to that update, the Lancer's muzzle velocity was based on charge level:

    • For a Level 1 charged shot, the muzzle velocity was 600m/s.
    • For a Level 2 charged shot, the muzzle velocity was 700m/s.
    • For a Level 3 charged shot, the muzzle velocity was a whopping 800m/s.

    After that update, however, the Lancer's muzzle velocity became 450m/s for all charge levels, which is a massive decrease in velocity across the board. Worse still, the damage drop-off ranges were tightened, so that the Lancer's per damage shot quickly decreases past the 150 meter range.

    If you're consistently getting close enough in small aircraft and flying slow enough to actually give the heavily nerfed Lancer easy shots at you, then that's not the fault of the Lancer.

    Even as a ground pounder, I still think that it's currently way too easy to evade anti-air countermeasures that aren't enemy aircraft, or disproportionate amounts of lock-on missiles. Like, seriously; terrain hugging basically makes Flares an utterly pointless certification.

    Edit: And for the record, I've been grinding on my TR alt, as of late. Even with a ground pounder Mosquito loadout, I almost never run into Lancer fire anymore. Prior to that update, I'd at least run into them 'sometimes', and they were scary as hell.
  3. Skraggz

    Trade you my Lancer for Striker any day of the week and regret nothing about it. I could even Trade Lancer for the Ultimate Spawn room Warrior weapon the Phoenix and like I came out on top atm.
  4. Talthos

    I must be the only one who still prefers the Lancer, even after the nerfs it received. At the very least, I can still reliable pelt enemy ground vehicles with it, without being forced to wait on a lock-on.

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