Lancer - Initial Thoughts

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Sabreur, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Sabreur

    Tried out the Lancer this morning in VR. Mixed feelings about it.
    • I miss the old PS1-style Laser Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle, but I can see how that might be impossible to balance.
    • Charged shots are funky. Almost like you're using some kind of bizarre medium-range anti-tank shotgun instead of a rifle.
    • Damage is a little low, but given the projectile speed that's probably a necessary balance issue.
    • Uncharged shots seem surprisingly useful. The damage per shot isn't anything special, but a full mag puts decent damage on target and you're not stuck standing around like an idiot waiting to charge up.
    • The giant glowing line of death is neat looking, but is also this weapon's biggest disadvantage. It's like a giant 'shoot HE here for experience' sign.
    My initial impression is that this weapon has the potential to be powerful, but only in specific circumstances. Even with the charge-up, it doesn't seem like a close-range weapon. This is something you'd use to harass vehicles from ranges where infantry would normally be impotent. Tactically, I'm thinking it might be best to open up with a charge shot on an unsuspecting vehicle, then switch to uncharged shots once the vehicle is aware of your presence and actively working to dodge and/or kill you.

    Anybody try this outside of VR yet? What are your thoughts?
  2. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I trialed it on Miller, and I have to admit I am thoroughly disappointed.
    I had 700 SC set aside to buy it on launch, and I expected it to have strong disadvantages, so it would have taken a mad flaw to discourage me from buying it;
    And that flaw is the accuracy.
    Damage is relatively low, firerate is obviously pitiful, but what really unnerved me was this:
    I aimed, from a hill north of Crossroads, at a Max moving a bit back and forth on the middle level of the tower, periodically stopping.
    Distance was below 100 meters.
    I fired three fully charged shots.
    I missed.
    All of them. I don't know if the projectile is so big, or it has a tenth degree of scatter, but I just could not hit a stationary Infantry target at that distance. One of the shots hit the railing around the tower, the next didn't, and I'm certain I didn't move the mouse. Maybe it was lag, or whatever else that is not weapon related, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.
    That aside, the damage output isn't quite impressive enough to justify the atrocious charge time. A half second less, and I'd have overlooked that more easily.

    It probably has it's niche, I just can't see it. Feel free to enlighten me.
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  3. Comptonunhh

    Id assume that slight inaccuracy at range is there purposely to discourage firing at infantry from such distances for balancing reasons, the accuracy discrepancy youre describing seems like it would have zero bearing on whether you hit a vehicle or any other larger than man sized target, which means I think its probably working just as they intended it to.
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  4. Gruntilda

    Lancer is a load of garabge. For its fast projectivle speed it has a massive CoF and piss-poor damage

    Stick with the annhilator. Lancer is not worth anything
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  5. Somisary

    From Higby's twitter:
    The CoF is being reduced,
    Being able to charge from the hip and fire ADS is being added,
    The 3 shots on a charged shot are only visual, it acts as a single shot, I think they're changing it back.

    Once these changes are in, the Lancer will be perfect. I'm already loving sniping ESFs out of the sky and stealing kills with uncharged shots. Once the CoF is tightened and it can be used at range, it will be great. Bear in mind that is has to be balanced against the S1, and so will never have the same amount of damage as that.
  6. Lafladitu

    I kinda like the level 1 charge shots. they might do less dmg then level 3 charge shots but way more accurate. its like poking them with a small stick that stings.

    Level 1 is for moving targets
    Level 3 for low speed to stationary targets and rear shots

    Other then its need for more accuracy over long range its fairly decent I think
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  7. Konfuzfanten

    a) I disliked the lancer when Higby showed it - thought it looked weaksauce compared to the TR/NC launcher
    b) I only trialled the lancer
    c) Spend a good 40 min testing the lancer in VR

    I primarily use my launcher to counter air and MAX's - Thoughts:
    - Kinda crap against fast moving targets.
    - Good against stationary targets - can do a lot of dmg and you can pretty much kill any armoured targets as long as it stand still.
    - crap against infantry: 3 charge shot = 50% health left.
    - useless against MAX's = too long a charge up timer to be effective - especially since you cant "hold" the charge.

    In short: Wont replace my dedicated G2A launcher.

    The only reason why i would buy the Lancer would be to snipe tanks camping spawns.
  8. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    While that might be true, it can't actually kill Infantry with a fully charged shot. And my main problem is this:
    It has a projectile speed roughly 6.5x the regular launcher.
    It's dps is piss poor.
    But at 250, you actually can miss a lightning. That's how annoying it's scatter is.
    While normally I'd wish for it, I guess a scope would just make fun of myself if I tried to aim at a distance.

    That aside, I like Higby's twitter info.
    Then again, he also said he thinks it's the best of the three.
    Why does he never play with them, then?
    Can I please get the CB G2A launcher, but without lock?
    At least that thing hit something at range.
  9. Noktdaz

    The thing definitely needs a scope that is higher in magnification.
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  10. Brickwalker


    my biggest gripe would be the not being able to charge at the hip and transitioning it to ADS.

    but even still,Im not too crazy about the weapon,I felt like I was doing too much for too little.I do like being able to charge from behind cover,popping out real quick for the release.

    The only one of all the 3 new launchers that made me crack a devilish grin was the Phoenix.Just like the PS1 version,to camp inside a building and spam rockets out the door to hunt for targets is pretty useful.Not looking forward to going against it.
  11. [HH]Mered4

    I feel like the Lancer's niche is for ATTACKING large bases, a Tech Plant for example.
    I know the Striker is meant for defense over an open area or a bottleneck.
    The phoenix looks like its both, but not the best at either. The Phoenix still has me a little stumped cuz I havent seen it be a game chamger yet.
  12. Brickwalker

    a little over 5 fully charged shots to destroy a prowler

    a little over 4 to destory a lightning..

    ehh,I dunno..felt like I was standing there forever trying to destroy something.Before I knew it,I was out of ammo.
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  13. Cigarenvy

    Back in PS1 my favorite set up was a Pulsar with a Lancer in Rexo armor, that being said not being able to decide what kind of weapon I want to use does bug the **** out of me but enough of that.

    I knew that the new Lancer wasn't going to be the one I fell in love with, she's got a whole new look and feel. I want to love this weapon, I really do but there are glaring errors in its design. I have to say this first, why did we even need the charge up mechanic in the first place? The lancers concept was fine the way it was, I feel like someone said "Hey I know they loved the charge up idea, so now fallow me on this, why dont we put a charge up in a charge up... in another charge up!"

    Its a skill biased weapon, fact, now give me a reward for my skill. Increase the damage and decrease to COF at range... why its massive COF was even in the game in the first place blows my ******* mind. If I'm going to have to sit there and wait 3 seconds, all the while leading my target, and be unable to say EXACTLY when the round is fired I want to be rewarded for that.

    The gun feels like it shoots pillows. So pissed off right now. my childhood is dying.
  14. Skadi

    Don't mind me and my Pheonix, just plowing down snipers :rolleyes:
    (I feel sorry for the VS for being stuck with the lancer)
  15. Dytto

    Low damage, can't OS infantry, "no" splash.
    In fact the lancer is not a Rocket Launcher but a Battle Rifle! :D
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  16. Mekhazzio

    The charge-up mechanic is there because they appreciate the value of alpha strike for a weapon intended to kill a target that can, at the drop of a hat, be healed massive amounts of HP, endlessly. You want to hit the enemy as hard as you can in as short of a window as you can. Wearing them down over time just gives them the opportunity to react, escape, and repair up. Net gain: nothing whatsoever.

    This thing, on the other hand...two lancers, a full charge from each, then rapid-firing the remaining HP off, kills a tank from the rear nearly instantaneously, to almost any range, with no warning whatsoever. At best, they maybe have time to bail out, if they're really fast. You can't get that from anything else but dumbfires, which have no effective range at all, or the Phoenix, which has a much lower damage rate.

    Personally, I adore the Lancer. Got its copper medal real fast, for a weapon that's useless against infantry. Once it gets the upcoming accuracy buffs, and hopefully a less ridiculous tracer graphic, it'll be all you could ask for from a long-range AT weapon. Sure beats the pants off the POS Hades.
  17. SpaceKing

    So in other words it IS a copy of the Cow Mangler from Team Fortress 2 - a strange, high-capacity laser-rifle with a questionably useful charge-shot option.
  18. WNxPlatinum

    DPS is ****e, unless bugged I put 1 full charge and three rapid fire shots into a lighting , lighting turns and kills me with HEAT round as I am reloading, looking at the tank damage less then 20% after a full mag might as well throw rocks.., I did have luck killing a few Maxes., but I cant say if they were damaged already, I am leaning toward yes but I can see the speed of shot really works well at around 25 to 50 meters against a max.

    One strange thing was I would get a hit indicator befor the projectial hit the tank, not sure if this is video bug or what.
  19. Ronin Oni

    Use it in teams. Get a few guys together with it and aim at the same target with full charged shots for instant, no-warning, vehicle destroys.

    Oh, and the 3 shots coming out of it is a visual glitch. The center straight shot is the real shot.... the other 2 are just visual glitches. This is being fixed. As is the ability to go in and out of zoom while charging your shot
  20. ALeviathan

    Too weak with a big "HELLO! I'm over here!" beam.
    I've pinged mossies with it. Pinged, that's it, then cop a skill podding for scratching their paint work. Destroyed 2 Lightnings with driver bailing.
    I've put it away until something happens with it.