Lancer, fast or charge?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Pikachu, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Pikachu

    I got this weapon some time ago and I start to like it. Fast shots have higher dps but makes lots of beams for the enemy to see and it makes you exposed for longer time. What do you use the most? Glancer or real lancer?
  2. TTex11

    NC's my home but I do keep a dirty vanu alt when I want to spend a few hours changing things up. And on that dirty vanu alt I have a Lancer, which is a very wonderful weapon despite some people claiming it's crap.

    Whenever I can, I'll certainly charge it to maximum because you'll do more raw damage. But it really depends on the circumstances. For example. No other 'Launcher' weapon is as good at finishing off wounded targets as the Lancer is. How many times have you had an enemy vehicle that's heavily smoking or maybe even on fire, and it manages to crawl its way behind cover while you're busy loading another rocket, or waiting for that all important lock-on to finish so you can try to get the final hit in? With the Lancer you can just quickly tap-tap-tap that key for rapid and VERY accurate vehicle-grade damage to get the killing blow.

    If I get the drop on an enemy tank and get behind them without them noticing me, I'll also typically start out with a maximum charged blast to their rear end followed by a quick zap-zap-zap to use up the rest of the clip, then dive behind cover to reload. You can dump that damage out very quickly against their rear-end before they can react and turn around.
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  3. Mxiter

    The range is the factor:
    -I use charge as much as possible over 40-50m.
    -I use charge for higher alpha then spam the last 3 semi-auto shots at close range.
  4. Posse

    It's situational in most cases.
  5. Ohmlink

    A lot of people use the charge on the first shot then finish with 3 uncharged. This is good for mid range stuff since it seems to yield ok dps. 3 charge shots is equal to one S1 shot. But a fully charged lancer gives a bit of bonus damage. So if all shots hit you'll do slightly more damage than shooting twice with the S1.

    At long range full charge all the time, no reason not to.
  6. WNxPlatinum

    Two things to look at, 150 damage for single shot vs the 750 for max charge is a 40% damage increase plus the speed gain for max charge is 200m per second, so full charge at distance is really the best way to go, the best use for single shot is Max killing if you can get the drop on a Max and charge and headshot the first volley you can finish with single shots and wipe out a max. The Lancer is a Max nightmare.

    The 150 single shot damage just isn't worth wasting on armor unless it a smoking harasser, some one else here said it best the Lancer is a finishing weapon, a kill stealing Vulture..
  7. Van Dax

    Pretty much always charge.
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  8. Scienta

    Also, remember, you don't have to look at your target to charge the beam. Its a good to have a general idea where the enemy is, and pop out and aim when the 3rd tick is about to go off. Precharging around corners is always a good tactic if you suspect a MAX, or a tank or something. Swap your weapon to cancel the charge and conserve ammo if you can't take the shot, or there wasn't anything there.
  9. CptFirelord

    Always, always charge up to level three. Unless the vehicle is already on fire and you're eager to steal that kill from a fellow soldier, or the target is moving out of view and you know you won't get that 3x charge shot off before he disappears, try for the fully charged shot.
  10. Mxiter

    Single shots/magdump have better TTK at close/mid range range:
    150*6 = 900 damages in ~=2sec.
    While charge 3 shots takes 2-3sec to charge and deals 750damages.

    Now if you considering lancer vehicles damages multipliers wich is 2X against ground vehicles and aircrafts (but ESFs):
    300*6 = 1800 damages per mag fired in ~=2sec by magdump.
    1500 damages in 3 sec with charge shots.

    The combination on both is certainly the best:1500+300*3= 2400 damages in ~=4 sec (32 sec to reach charge3 + 1 sec to fire the 3 last shots).
    Good alpha strike with the charge3 and highest amount of damages in a short time when discovered with auto shots.

    But this requires to be close enouth since charge1 semi auto shots have COF and bloom and are slower than charge3 ones.
    It's as much kill stealer than G2G launchers, maybe even better with semi-auto shots and more damages per mag.
  11. Master

    At range, charge shots.

    Up close or burning, rapid shots.
  12. Ganjis

    Mostly full charge.

    Will sometimes follow with a three singles for maximum burst damage.

    Tend to use singles against ESF unless they happen to present a good target when I happen to be fully charged (ie rarely).