Lancer and Phoenix should one shot infantry like other AV.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Livefire, May 26, 2013.

  1. Livefire

    Ummmm, war is awesome as long as no ones dies that's why we play games that simulate it:)
  2. MrK

    OH yes, please, why should people have to face the consequences of their decision? That's be so tough on them, so please, whatever weapon I have in hands, it needs to instagib infantry! I can't deal with my choices!!!
  3. Kristan

    Dude, every time you talk of realism in video games God kills a catgirl. Think of catgirls!

    Why do dumbfire kill infantry in one shot? Because you won't be able to hit it in 200 meters. But you can hit it with Phoenix or Lancer and THAT makes this weapon unbalanced, it doesn't requires skill to use and easily abused. Abused weapons = annoyed players = empty servers = dead game. We've been through that stage and many people did not play till phoenix got fixed. Dead game, is that what you want? Be careful what you wish for.

    If you want to bring common sense to the game, tell me why we fight with WW2 weaponry in 30th century? Flak weapons, tanks on tracks, powder powered weaponry, aircrafts that fly no faster than 300 km/h? Again, for common sense go to Arma, this game has none. Deal with it. :cool:
  4. Livefire

    I will concede on the fact I don't want to see this game have dead servers and for that I understand why they listened to all the whiners and nurfed it.

    But as far as the WW2 weaponry and lack of common sense, that's completely wrong much of this game is made great and is very modern and realistic with silencers and even modular and concept weaponry of today. The reason your ESF only goes 300kph is because we are fighting in a simulated battle box that is 8 by 8 by 1 KM, A real theater battle box today can be a 1000 by 1000 by 20,000 KM. No computer can handle that and no game company can make that "yet" so everything has to be to scale.
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  5. Purg

    I hit so many infantry with a 3 charge Lancer shot from hundreds of meters away - it'd be a travesty if it were a OHK though my K/D would be enormous and I'd be bathing in certs. I also hit them quite easily with a dual Vortex 3 charge shot.

    When the Phoenix had OHK's, you'd see lines of them in a gully firing towards a distant enemy. It wasn't fun game play and I wasn't the one being OHK'ed by them. If you can get a Decimator on target from range, good luck to you. Both the Phoenix and Lancer are way too easy to hit infantry with. I don't want to go back to having lines of HA's sitting 200m from a base, farming.
  6. whaleboy

    Give vanu heavy's a one shot kill sniper rifle?

  7. Posse

    That's only for the unenlightened ones :D
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  8. Zan_Aus

    You are a lunatic with no concept of sensible game design, I comprehend that much.
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  9. Zorro

    Please, lay off the insults and return to an educated style of arguing. You are unworthy to be VS if you act this way.
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  10. Biytor

    No AV should 1 shot any infantry, period. Set it up like it was in PS1 where you would require multiple shots to kill infantry and people will stop and start using it to kill vehicles.
  11. Chubzdoomer

    Agreed 100%.
  12. Livefire

    If you actually look at the description of are RLs they are not called AV like they were in PS1 they are called Rocket Launchers and they even say they are meant for infantry and vehicles. We use AT4s on buildings and anywhere large groups of infantry are hiding or attacking from in RL combat as its very effective just like it is in all modern FPS's including PS2.
  13. Biytor

    You are fighting a fake war in a fake universe under a fake pretense against fake factions and you want to bring reality into the subject? There is no place for the real world here, it's not like a rocket can take down a building, or blow a hole in it, in this game. Not like you would take a M72 LAW and fire at someone 5 meters away from you in the RL. Just leave that false argument somewhere else, it has no place here.

    In PS1 at one time all AV weapons could do what they are doing in PS2 right now. I remember the great Lancer nerf, when the devs finally realised that players were using the Lancer to snipe troops and not shoot at vehicles (same thing happened with the Phoenix.) The nerf hammer came down hard and rendered AV useless against infantry to the cheering of thousands in the game. Same thing will happen here, just a matter of when the devs will remove their heads from their *****.
  14. Livefire

    No way! This is not PS1 and never will be, don't get me wrong done things from PS1 has its place in PS2 but that Rocket launchers does nothing to infantry mechanic from 10 years ago is completely outdated just except it. AV OSK's Infantry in every major FPS game PS competes with.
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  15. EliteEskimo

    Another Video on why the Phoenix shouldn't be OHK :eek:

  16. Zan_Aus

    If I asked for flying sharks with laser beams on their head I would expect you to treat my suggestion with the same derision. The OP clearly isn't interested in any of the counter arguments put to him and is sneering at the perceived intelligence of others, so I treat him in a similar manner.
  17. DeltaGun

    I can already use my Lancer as a sniper cannon. If it could one shot people, I'm not sure I would bother using other weapons :p

    Much like some people didn't bother using other weapon when the Phoenix could 1-shot infantry.
  18. iller

    I kinda like the added challenge of having to knock that last bit of HP off the target with my SAW after hitting him from 200m out with the Phoenix. If anything needs to change about the Phoenix, it's the Turning speed. Either that or Magriders & Harassers need a major Acceleration-Nerf. It's utter bull **** that a Harrasser can easily outrun my Phoenix and also out-Turn it without turning the internal Organs of the people riding inside the harasser to Jell-O.

    Even our stupid Reavers have more maneuverability than the Phoenix. The Devs totally over-nerfed the Phoenix in that regard.
  19. NietCheese

    Here's a better idea, take away the Phoenix and give the NC a very heavy hitting (more damage than any other launchers), moderate projectile velocity rocket launcher with a slow reload that locks onto both air and ground.

    The phoenix is a joke weapon, only usable in turtling defenses of towers. I would have preferred something that helps NC fight aircraft or something that doesn't require you to stand still when you fire it. Seriously, standing still in an FPS....
  20. Fned

    As an avowed Lancer-lover, an infantry OHK Lancer would be downright unfair. 800 projectile speed and no drop? Why EVER use a bolt-action?