Lags? Connection Problems? Something is not right.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by causocs, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. causocs

    Ever since the Halloween update my game is broken. I don't know if it's lag, latency issues, connection problems, or what ever, but it has made the game unplayable. The video is just a short example of what happens, when I play. I'm on Cobalt EU. Restarting the game does nothing, so I guess its server-side?

    It looks like some players are visualized normally, but others don't have any movement animation, making positioning them impossible... Also some are just simply bugging around.

    Does anyone have the same problems, or even an idea how to solve it?
    My ping is about 100ms, that can't be the problem and my pc is fine, it ran the game perfectly playable until the patch a couple of day ago.
  2. Taarnish

    Same here, no issues this morning though, only in the last hour or so.
  3. RipperJames

    I got the exact same problem. Ran perfectly fine yesterday, and earlier today. But after about 17:00 CET weird things started to happen (Lag, people running in the air, getting killed randomly by a ghost?).
    First I thought it was my internet going batsh*t, but it is fine. So I¨m guessing it's server related, but at the same time im not sure, since a friend of mine didn't have any problems at all. Everything and everyone was busy having a massive gunfight :p

    Experienced this on the Miller-server.
  4. ironchickenfist

    Experiencing the same Problem as described above on Miller.
  5. Kandazar =NWDR=

    I'm getting a TON! of freeze ups after the patch. Can't go more that half a second before the game freezes, then it start going again 2 seconds later, then freezes again. Does a little better away from the fighting. Was great before the patch, had no issues.
  6. Sindrinahk

    Till yesterday was it playable (regardless headless and jerking targets problem while scoping since Valkyrie patch) , but now have the same anomalies described hereinbefore
  7. causocs

    Alright, at least I'm not alone :/
    Then let's hope this gets fixed soon.
  8. BTorKarn

    Same problem as RipperJames. Ran perfectly yesterday and today. Then somewhen it crashed, maybe it was around 17:00 CET.
    After i was able to reconnect at around 17:30 I had that weird stuff like shown in the video as well.
    Ping, FPS aso is all fine.

    This is no fun to play...
  9. LynoocsNC

  10. Ixidron

    Is anyone here that's having issues on non-european servers?
  11. senjihenji

    Oh Thank god its not only me!!!!And why is this **** happening???I have this problem from more than 24 hours now.Miller here :(((
  12. senjihenji

    Can we get an explanation or something like that?I cannot play second day now,I'm paying for this game and I demand answers.My connection is fine and as I see Im not the only one who have this kind of issue so can any dev pls confirm this problem is addressed and hopefuly there will be a hot fix for this insanity as soon as possible.
  13. Reccettear

    2hrs of shooting airwalkers and getting shot out of nowhere... became boring faster than i expected. on the positive side, i got better at sniping ppl that are moving around
    fix cobalt pls
  14. Zeekasaur

    I think its a memory leak problem. The game seems to fill up the ram then tries to dump it and then refill it making it freeze and lag like crazy. It's happening to everyone. I've tried checking the game assets and updating them, that didn't work. I tried to log out and log back in but that only works for about ten minutes. They have said in a post they are working on it but no update has been put out yet. I'm sure when all of this is fixed they will give everyone a double xp weekend as their way of saying sorry.