Lagging on Cobalt

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Rapid_Sausage, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Rapid_Sausage

    Anyone else having these out of the blue lag spikes today on Cobalt??
  2. Peald

    Oh yeah! Huge lags and delay..
  3. VonStalin

    all european servers are on heavy lag right now
  4. Rapid_Sausage


    On Cobalt and the lag is unreal for me. To be clear this has only happened in last 3 days.

    It makes the game unplayable, exactly what i mean is that there is a delay to enter or exit every vehicle, change sunderer seat to use guns and i get a big delay resulting in a game that cant be played as intended as it takes much too long to change seat and shoot at any aircraft in range.

    Changing weapons is now slower. Trying to spawn a vehicle takes ages to get into the terminal, i get killed while standing there :/
    Basically anything that i do in game is being delayed by anything from 1-3 seconds, now i know it may not sound like a big delay but when you have a tank firing on your sunderer and you wana pack up and is soooo bad that it changes the game completely.

    Sure i can run the game but there is no way i can play it properly and in a fair way. Please can we now have this fixed.

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  6. pmurgs

    Been slightly laggy on Ceres this afternoon but now this evening people teleporting everywhere for me when the fight gets busy around me. Can't play in the evenings anymore with this unpredictable lag for the past two weeks.
  7. Takoita

    We've even had severe render distance culling on Cobalt just yesterday. It was a moving field battle and not a Biolab or Techplat's double doors either.
  8. IronSymbol89

    It's not just cobalt it's happening on waterson also and some bad freezes and crashes too.
  9. pmurgs

    More horrible lag on ceres. This double XP long weekend is going to make the lag even worse with more players logged in. SOE fix it!!! The EU servers are not happy.