Lagging like crazy, and it's getting worse!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by NotziMad, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

    I've been hovering between 250 and 350 ms for the past hour or two ! (server latency).

    My network ping hovers around 200, sometimes 175 sometimes up to 260.

    It's been laging like this for a while now, and it gets better outside of prime time.

    But I mean, there are times when it's a lot worse, and it's literally unplayable...

    I did check my connection, I also made a ticket several weeks ago, they replied with the usual advice, but I followed that advice anyway just in case (except I didn't re-install the game).

    Like I said, early in the morning, or late at night, the ping is good..

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  2. Stopper

    Same here (on Miller). Totally unplayable today : flying people and vehicles, commands that take seconds to have an effect...

    Please fix this, this is ruining all.
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  3. Twerllewr

    I have been encountering lag switchers on all us servers ps4 and pc idk but this is cheating all the lag is coming from lag switch and I been encountering ping about 800 ping per second and it's making my game unplayable please fix and add a detect a lag switcher
  4. NotziMad

    A few times in the game, we noticed some hacker killing everyone from under ground, including people inside the spawn room. Every time that happened, we also noticed a very big increase in lag.

    I know literally nothing about hacks and cheating so I can't explain it, and I'm not saying what you said is true, but what I do know is when there's an active "blatant" hacker (or more), it lags.

    PS, If I had to guess though, I would say it's to do with DBG / Rogue Games, as this started happening to me not simply after the Escalation patch and the big increase in population, but only a few weeks ago, immediatly after a patch. (I actually made a report right here, it's still there). But today it really was a lot worse..
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  5. NotziMad

    1am on Coblat and its STILL lagging like crazy.??..

    Wtf Rogue Games?
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  6. SikVvVidiT

    Having the same issue for almost a week or more now.. Server latency jumps all over the place. Get hit markers a 1/2 second after I'm dead.. Sometimes when I spawn it still sounds like someone is still shooting me....wth?

    But let me address this for you guys. THEY DON'T CARE, just give them your money and shut the f up. They have other better things to do tf!? Like create content for their other games with your Planetside money. They gave you shinny sills spawn camping ships and you guys are still now happy? WTH?!...
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  7. NotziMad

    Nah, they care, I think, I mean I've seen members of Rogue Games make a lot effort to help this issue.

    And I don't think they care because they are kind hearted (not saying they aren't kind hearted), they care because the more lag there is, the less people play. And that means less peopel spending day break cash...

    I mean it's that simple.

    Basically, I think that they don't know what to do lol.

    There's maybe also an issue with Corona Virus and all the people staying home using the internet, including professionals working from home, where I live, I read an article that said that the whole network was really under strain because of this.

    So it might not even be their fault.. Still .. a little communication miught appease people, I mean personally, I'm pretty pissed off.
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  8. Grandizer

    Nah, it's not internet overload. This has been happening since the feature update and server patch on 4/1 to emerald also and my personal game ping is low to high 40's. I get spawns not available anywhere on the map and have to wait for it to populate. My squad spawns to a PW and I just sit there with a 12-24 on both sides and no sundee's or base spawn is there until I hoof it and see plenty of them there from our platoon.

    Hit markers don't reflect hits and after I kill an enemy, I still get the thump hit sound after the kill banner comes up on bottom of screen. Players are killing me while THEY are around a corner. Kill cam shows them ducking around a building or inside but they kill me as I'm 5 yards away completely out of view from them because there's a dozen other enemies right in front that aren't hitting me

    Gun rpms fluctuate from log in to log in depending on the time and continent pop. my NC11a will fire respectively and get kills, then it fires slower like a slower Tanto, then of course the LA typhoon rocket auto reload and fire animation at warp speed starts and stops based on log in and time.
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  9. 2142

    It was definitely introduced with the Escalation Update, as i had no problems in the past 2-3 years.

    Had it several times myself now, since the update. I mean flying vehicles and players floating through the air, and network ping and server latency goes nuts. It is a software problem i was told. As a very professional engine coder myself i can agree, however … on one occasion only making the DSL-Router powerless and disconnect from the provider fixed it.

    Let me tell you the story. It was around 2 week ago, when i encountered that "everything goes nuts and movable objects flying through the air" thing for the first time. I was like wtf is going on with my ping and server latency. I restarted the PC and the problem was gone. So far so good, definitely seemed like a software issue. Now, … on the next day i encountered the same problem, and this time restarting the PC changed nothing, still everyone was floating through the air. Restarted PC several times, no change, everyone floating around and server latency was 30k and ping was over 9000. I even waited the 10 minutes between every PC/game restart, because of how daybreak treats hives you know ( 10 minutes after log out, everything player based disappears ) So i was like mmhhkay daybreak, what the h… ?
    Then i did the typical DSL-Router reset, by unplugging it from the wall, and wait at least 30 seconds ( like it says in most manuals ) before i plugged it in again. Since such a disconnect from your provider gives you a new routing through the world wide web, i assumed it to work. And guess what, … it worked. Not only was the problem gone, ping and latency super fine, it stayed that way at least 1-2 weeks before i encountered the problem again.

    So, yes it is a software problem. But not only on the client side, but the server side aswell, namely in how the server code treats the client connections. In most cases restarting the game or PC works, but if it doesnt, then only unplugging the router works.

    Hope it helps some of you getting back into a playable state.
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  10. NotziMad

    You're little story is very similar to mine (I actually have a post in this forum section where I report lag, and then update the thread to say that after a PC reboot, it was fixed).

    But then, like you, the next day, rebooting the PC changed nothing.

    And like you, I tried lots of stuff, including turning my router off for a bit, but over the past week or so (and this is why I made this new thread), not only is the problem still there, but it's been getting worse !

    On the other hand, I haven't played since the downtime yet, and we might find that the network is a lot better once the servers go up again.

    (I'll be sure to update this thread if I experience anything "notable".
  11. NotziMad

    well ...

    It's still lagging like crazy.

    The patch hasn't seemed to change anything. In fact, I'd say it's worse...


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  12. BARBAK

    Same problem here, since Escalation
    never happened since open beta
    Miller, France, playing via steam install

    -kill ping vpn
    -restart server box
    Next and last test I will try to reinstal outside steam
    then I will leave waiting for a patch
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  13. NotziMad

    I am in France too, I was wondering why there weren't more people like you reporting this lag... Maybe it's a regional problem?
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  14. shlimon bakous

    I live in northern Germany and for me Müller and Kobold became unplayable because of the delay, I played on Emerald yesterday and that was perfect to play.
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  15. BARBAK

    Validate asset on ps2 launcher
    everything looked fine -> still lag

    Validate asset on steam
    17 missing-> running nice now
  16. NotziMad

    I'm not using steam, maybe that has something to do with it ..

    by the way, this is today :

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  17. Stopper

    I'm not usingSteam either. I have validate assets on game launcher and nothing is missing.

    But it's totally unplayable. And I get killed...

    More than 6000 in server latency...
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  18. NotziMad

    MAYBE A QUICK FIX ! (to be continued)

    So watching others play, and it looked like they weren't lagging. Also, as mentioned before in this thread, seeing how little people were reporting lag, but at the same time, having checked my connection a million times (and it's fine), I had an idea.

    I used a VPN and routed my connection to the Netherlands (where the data centers are).

    And guess what?

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  19. SpaceCheddar

    I'm in the US and play on Emerald and Connery. Both are unplayable and have been since the patch a few days ago. Having all that same issues people are posting above. I just installed again and no luck.
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  20. NotziMad

    well, I can confirm that it for sure improves the ping. I'm not a technician but I think to the ping the game gives (bottom right of screen), if I wanted to be realistic, I should add the ping before my VPN connects to Amsterdam.

    So if my in game ping says like 50ms, it might in reality be something like 75ms or something.

    Still, it's a lot better than otherwise.

    (if you don't know what a VPN is, what it does, or how to get one or which to pick, there's TONS of information if you google it. Personally though, I wouldn't really trust websites with this kind of name : vpnpro / / I suggest checking trusted websites such as IGN, PC Gamer or whatever, they all have VPN reviews and "best ofs".

    PS. There's lots of free ones, or paying ones with free options, but if you're gona be using it in the long run, you're probably gona have to get a payed one, which usually is around 10 bucks a month or something like that.

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