Lag, teleporting, desync.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Khuden, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Khuden

    Ever since GU07 I've had a problem where I either lag out entirely OR I desync from the game. When it happens I see people teleport around (Friendly and enemy) like crazy. I cannot shoot anyone because they're in one place, then in another. I also can occasionally clip into solid objects when this happens, which makes it absurdly easy to get around when I can run through walls.

    I am almost invincible when it happens, and have been known to run through massive concentrations of enemies without even being scratched.

    I made a video showing this issue.

    If this is what i can expect from future game updates, I can't say I'll be renewing my subscription after this.
  2. TGxVodka

    This, as far as I remember, what a really huge bug some weeks ago. Are you on a newer Intel Core i5/i7 setup? Even one of the older Intel CPU's? Those are the ones that caused me trouble previously.

    If this is indeed your issue, fixing it is fairly simple, but then again not. You need to make sure that your CPU is manually clocked at a set speed and doesn't let the clock jump up and down, that should resolve the issue. Then again, if this is the problem, it is still a client side issue that needs fixing, I just provided a temporary workaround.
  3. Khuden

    I am using a core i7, but i'm not familiar with setting the clock speed to a specific manual setting. Moreover that seems like it could affect a heck of a lot more than just planetside 2.
  4. TGxVodka

    Setting your clock speed to a set amount won't really affect anything but power consumption. Remember, you are not looking to overclock the CPU, just make sure it stays at the clock it's supposed to (for instance 3.5Ghz) instead of clocking down to save power (1.6Ghz). This is what my i7 3770K does, but I've had no problems ingame.
  5. Fenrys

    This is still happening at every Platoon v. Platoon fight since GU8.
  6. ObsidianSoul

    My gameplay has taken a nosedive in the last few weeks because of it. I'm not overclocking anything nor did I really change anything at all. It started specifically in GU7. People warping around, delayed damage, flickering screen, aircraft and tanks waggling making it very hard to aim at them, mines not arming until a full minute after you placed them, delayed chat, delayed everything. And it happens almost all the damn time now that the game is quite unplayable. Add spawn crash to it, which itself started in GU6, and I'm raging too much to enjoy this anymore.
  7. KnowFear

    I'm having the same problems since the GU8 patch. There are major lag spikes (everything freezes, planes spin around, tanks fly through the air, lots of warping). System and connectivity are the same as before where this wasn't a problem.

    Also the flickering screen bug that went away with the past few patches (at least for me) is back, particularly in large fights.
  8. Talon97

    Same exact issues here. Issue was bad previously and went away over the last couple patches. Now with GU8 the game is playing like **** all over again.
  9. Darkraver

    since GU8 i have lag and low FPS in towers and Bio labs . ( 20 Fps and sometime dropping to 10 FPS )

    When i go out of the towers / bio labs it climbs to 40 / 50 FPS again .