LACO 3.4x vs. LX TACTI-EYE 3.4x

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by TheClosetGeek, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. TheClosetGeek

    So I need a scope with a little more range for my LM6 and I was going to try a 3.4x next. To my surprise, there are 2 of them. I checked the forums and there no information or reviews on either. I know they're only 30 certs each, but there are oh-so-many things that I want to buy lol.

    So anybody have either/both of them and care to share a review?

  2. TheClosetGeek

    Ok, so a few things.

    1. The search function on this forum sucks. There are plenty of threads on 3.4x scopes, yet they didn't show up when I searched for them.

    2. My Google-fu has yeilded the following results:

    Since beta, the scope names have changed. The LX TACTI-EYE is the former 3.4x Laser Scope. The difference between the 2 scopes is that the LACO 3.4x scope has a thin complete crosshair in it. The TACTI-EYE has a thicker incomplete crosshair with the middle of the crosshair missing. Now I am making a stretch here, but the TACTI-EYE, used in conjunction with a red dot laser, would likely show you that you are on target with the red dot.

    3. During my search I found this cool video showing all the different NC scopes. The video is not mine, and some of the names of the scopes have changed since then.

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  3. Ghoest

    This is wrong.

    The 3.4 LACO has 1 dot in the center - no cross hairs.
    Im rather fond of it and use it on all my guns. But some people dont like the dot.

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