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  1. ZeroErrorz

    ok i must admit my lag is bad compared to anyone else at 350ms average, but just a question, did my internet got worse or did ps2 or emerald server just having some problem, ive been getting 1000-2000ms lag out of no where all the time now, which really makes it really unplayable for me now, can someone explain whats happening ?
  2. Sir Bacon

    Same thing happened to me an hour ago, I had to quit. Was getting a steady ping of 28000; not kidding. Indar was full but my ping on a full continent before the merge was a maximum of 180.

    This is on Cobalt anyways.
  3. Diewoe

    Same issue on connery, game is Wigging out big time. Plays fine then POW i can't respawn, i can't move or i shoot a tank and never get a hit marker ... i think their servers are exploding. interacting with consoles or anything just leaves you there pressing E E E E E E E E E E E E
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  4. ZeroErrorz

    like this if u lag all time,btw struglez is real struglez is life...
  5. Yuukikun

    i reach over 130ms from a normal ping of 60ms. But i heard it was double ping weekend, idk why it continues during week too.
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  6. NoctD

    The load on the game's servers continues to increase over time, plus the servers have to write back date to the central "hive" as well. I'm sure new stuffs like directives and so on just increased the number of transactions and things that need to be tracked by the servers. All of this is increasing the workload on the server side processing that has to happen.

    We may have reduced overall populations, but the growth of the game in with feature creep and server consolidation has actually increased the server-side loads. Also having that centralized DB for being able to have global scoreboards and so on is sub-optimal from a pure performance standpoint.
  7. BoomBoom4You

    I have wayyy higher ping during peak hours on Emerald, around 4x normal ping. I was really hopeful the new Director guy was legit, instead ping spikes and FPS goes to $h1t. More of the same, just passing the buck onto the next clueless bloke.
  8. -Synapse-

    Same here, been happening to me fairly frequently for the past few months. It used to only happen when my own network was being bogged down by something else, but lately it's been acting up without any external help.

    I think my record was upwards of 500,000ms, but that was a month or two ago.