LA80 vs. SR7 vs. V10

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Thanatar, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Thanatar

    According to the spreadsheet from the game data which can be found here at the forums, the nc la80 has 50 more bullet velocity than its counterparts from tr / vs. seriously sony? i thought at least the infiltrator weapons were balanced, but not only nc gets the best sidearm (might be personal preference, i find 4 hits to kill better than burst fire) they also have the superior rifle at their arsenal. fix this...
  2. SJ_Wolf

    Can't say I am surprised, but I can say that I wouldn't mind that extra 50 added to the V10. Would make dropping Flash riders a tiny bit easier.
  3. Thanatar

    i just dont find it justified, since the rifles are exactly equal in any other stats, as well as the scout rifles are. maybe the difference is marginal, but it is still there.
  4. SJ_Wolf

    Could just be an oversight and not intended.
  5. Ghostfox

    Are those the first BD or the 1000 cert versions for TR and VS?

    I know this is attribute is needed on the LA-80 to make it different from the NC-14. If TR and VS dont get access to an equivelent, they should..
  6. Togashi

    Can you link me this spreadsheet, haven't run across this yet and it could have saved me a whole lot of SC
  7. Hurz

  8. VKhaun

    You guys are tunnel visioning on one stat instead of both. It's a balance of bullet speed vs drop. They are not the same thing. YES - I KNOW - In real life a faster bullet means it goes farther with the same distanced dropped (less drop at any given distance) but not all bullets are the same in Planetside2. You end up with a dynamic of drop compensation vs lead compensation.

    Some are slow (long lead time), but have no drop (no drop compensation)
    Some are fast so you don't need to lead as much, but they have lots of drop to compensate for.
    Some are in the middle.

    Since most of you pansies just look for people standing still and go for the headshot, VS would be the 'overpowered' one. Speed of the projectile is irrelevant on a target that's not moving, and it's the easiest to plink heads with since there isn't any drop compensation.
  9. Trysaeder

    You've never used a sniper rifle in this game. It's either that or you're high.

    All sniper rifles in a given category are exactly the same, except for the Nyx BR and the starter semi-auto one. The bolt action ones have the same bullet drop, velocity, damage, reload time, recoil, etc, EXCEPT for this one category where the LA80 is better than the other two.
  10. VKhaun

    Sorry, I'm completely lost. My personal experience and state of 'high' aside, you guys keep saying there's a discrepancy on that page and I'm not seeing it... all three factions have a 1250 refire 600 speed bolt action with five a round capacity on that list. The LA80, SR7, and V10. What am I missing?

    Are you just saying you disagree with the stats and the LA80 is really faster?
  11. Hurz

    The stats proof you wrong.
  12. Trysaeder

    LA80NCSNIPER, BOLT ACTION 0 0 750 3.75s/5s5251.25 ↑ , ← 0.1 , 0.1 →0/0.55/20/0.25/6/6/74.5/5 ADS: 1, HIP: 146 rpm 650 7.5
    ..V10VSSNIPER, BOLT ACTION 0 0 750 3.75s/5s5251.25 ↑ , ← 0.1 , 0.1 →0/0.55/20/0.25/6/6/74.5/5 ADS: 1, HIP: 146 rpm 600 7.5
    .SR-7TRSNIPER, BOLT ACTION 0 0 750 3.75s/5s5251.25 ↑ , ← 0.1 , 0.1 →0/0.55/20/0.25/6/6/74.5/5 ADS: 1, HIP: 146 rpm 600 7.5

    From the released version's game files.

    Spot the difference.

    New ones.
  13. VKhaun

    Needs context. To me that looks like rounds per minute firing rate, not projectile speed, and firing rate would be irrelevant on it's own because we would need animation time for pulling the bolt factored in. The animation for the others could just be '500' longer.

    Can you link me where you're getting this from and why they believe it represents projectile speed?
    Googling sections of data gives no results.
  14. Thanatar This thread. This is the sheet.

    I don't know which of the sheets is correct, if the bullet speed differs, it needs to be adjusted. As for the pistol, I said it might be preference - I like the rebel better.
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  15. Togashi

    Thanks guys!

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