LA video requests/ideas?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Iridar51

    I ran out of good ideas, so I'm open to community suggestions. What kind of video would you like me to do next?

    It can be anything LA related, and focus on specific things like a certain implant or a playstyle or a loadout. Obviously, it should be something I hadn't make a video about before.

    I ask only one thing - no Drifter requests, I don't use them and consider them an inferior choice. I probably would learn a thing or two if I ever got around to actually using them, but they contradict my playstyle so much that I'm reluctant to do so.
  2. McMan

    Make a video about tower stomping, what is the best / safest / fastest way up, where are all the hiding places, how to use paths to go around the tower killing people. Tips and tricks on how to move around, when to hide, where to hide, when to engage, how to throw c4 on maxes below, should I use c4 on maxes or base turrents?What if enemy light assult comes to hunt for you? Do I hide and wait? Do I surprize him? How? How to use enemy ammo packs if I run out of ammo? What weapon to bring to a tower, a long range to sit on top and shoot down or a CQC/shotgun and go into the crowd below?.... Make a bible for LAs about tower stomping

    Make the same for wall towers that are around large bases.

    Make the same for biolabs

    Make the same for tech plants

    Make the same for AMP stations

    Show us how to use our jets in these places PLEASE!!!! :)
  3. Iridar51

    Wrel has an extensive video that covers tower stomping. Video is a tad old, but still very relevant. I doubt I can do a better job than he did.

    Additionally, I kind of despise tower stomping. I do all in my power to find and hunt those doing the tower stomping. Most of the time, tower stomping doesn't really help your faction, and just a way for a Light Assault to farm easy kills.

    But I get the gist of your idea: a compilation of videos about fighting at specific base layouts. I'll get it under consideration.
  4. McMan

    yeah i wached wrel's video. I was thinking you would show it more trough gameplay with annotations or voice and not as "charts" like wrel did. And like I said maybe rather do it for tech plants, biolabs or AMP stations.

    As far as helping your faction goes, when you kill ten guys and another ten are looking for you and when you occasionally cap the point inside the tower, you are helping your faction a lot just by distracting lots of enemies. Not to mention c4ing buster maxes or AV maxes who are picking at your ally vehicles.
  5. Iridar51

    It heavily depends on the context. Obviously there are ways of being useful. But conventional "tower stomping" sets getting kills as first goal. It's usually done when there are no allied forces in the tower itself, and you can't take the tower all by yourself.

    Killing enemies that are not actively fighting on front lines doesn't do anything useful either.

    Maybe I should make a video that would focus more on when to apply tower stomping rather than how :)
  6. Corezer

    I was going to suggest something in that direction, how to impact battles as light assault.
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  7. quickbeam2

    I'd like to see a video on how best to break through heavily defended choke points as I see the light assault as the shock trooper class.
  8. Takoita

    Eh, sidearm only LA montage? I'm not sure if it was done already or not.
  9. Iridar51

    Well, it would make sense only with Blackhand, and I was thinking about making a video about it, but I haven't figured out how to make it fun, as the process itself is pretty much this:
    take potshots at enemy -> reload -> repeat.

    Right now I have a biolab video in the works, and I'll be probably making an AC-X11 tribute video after that. The gun is too good to ignore.
  10. Takoita

    I was thinking more along the lines of AMP or the shotgun pistol (sorry, forgot its name). So, something like the knife-only challenge run, but with dakka.
  11. Dirge

    Please include a section on how to break through pad chokepoints in your biolab video (so like smoke, the gaps in between the wall and the weird barrel things, utilizing the pad substructure, where enemies always camp, etc.)
  12. Iridar51

    I plan to make the video as comprehensive as possible, but I'm gonna say right away that trying to break through the camped entrance with LA is a lost cause, and so is attacking a biolab without overwhelming numbers.

    Advanced tactics and coordination can capture the biolab without numerical advantage, but then it's not a really about what an individual LA can do, and more about squad/platoon leading and tactics.

    For an individual LA supporting an uncoordinated attack on a biolab, it's better to try to get through teleporters or flank around and use another exit, if it's not camped.
  13. Dirge

    I can break through at least 30% of the time, no matter the pop. Success rate might seem low, but consider the time difference between a grand flank and running twenty feet to the camped zone. If defending, I try to C4 their sundy (usually useless). If attacking, I go for the objective that is farthest from the camp (usually useless as well, but oh well, I draw 5-10 people for a few minutes).

    Depending on your team, 4 smokes and a proxy yell of leeroy jenkins can be pretty useful xD, although that is not class specific.

    I will agree with you that one is usually are pretty useless, but that is true in most medium/large fights.
  14. Iridar51

    "C4 their sundy" - you mean break through from the inside, when you're defending? There are better ways of getting on the biolab exterior, the easiest being just spawning at nearby base and using a jump pad to slingshot yourself to the biolab, wherever you need.
    That's not gonna particularly longer than running from biolab spawn, and success rate will be near 100%.

    As for taking out Sunderers, that's better done with the help of a vehicle, either by pulling a tank or using a Flash to deliver extra 2x C4. Engi with tank mines is more reliable, tho.
  15. IronMouse

    I got one:

    you assault a NC/VS controlled base. You rush in, make a huge killstreak. No one is your match. But then you see another LA with his back turned to you. Confident, you rush towards him with your knife pulled, hoping for a quick dispatch. But instead, that seemingly unsuspecting LA waits until you swing your knife at him, grabbing your arm, breaking it in two, and then finishes you off with a swift Commissioner shot to the head. Before your die, you manage to see his face. Well it's just a generic PS2 face, actually. :/ Your INTUITION tells you it's me, though. :)

    You respawn at your friendly Sunderer, and try coming at me a little more seriously. You die again, and again. You do your best, give 110%, but it's no good. Superior LA is superior. You ask for reinforcements, entire friends list, but you all die in misery. Squads, platoons, all gone. To a single LA unit.

    Then you FDsdfwq34t53w46#$@Rqu*. Still die.

    You rage-quit.
  16. Iridar51

    Not sure if I'm supposed to treat this as a joke or actual lunge in my direction. If it's a joke, it doesn't seem very funny.
    If you wanna have a go at who's superior LA, I'm willing to accept any challenge.
  17. IronMouse


    A challenge: whomever scores the most 3pts (basketball) within the 30s time limit takes the "Best LA" title home. It's on.
  18. Iridar51

    I'm calling your bluff. Challenge accepted. We must exchange submissions within 7 days from this moment. Failure to provide a submission will count as automatic loss.
    Submissions have form of 30+ second video where you prove your identity and perform basketball throws.
  19. IronMouse

    Hahah, alright. I'm actually gonna do it.
  20. K2k4

    We've seen infil squad videos in the past. I want to see one with all LA troopers doing mobility and coordinating their attacks to ridiculous effect.