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  1. SlugSniper

    Based on some old tech, modern tech, and oddball Vanu tech, these would be a very nice addition to the Light Assault class's arsenal.

    Tailored specifically for Light Assault troops' versatile needs, the NC's Light Marksman Carbine squeezes every last bit of velocity and accuracy from its pistol-caliber rounds. Despite its low damage and limitation to semi-auto fire, its fast fire rate, large magazine, and incredible ADS and hip accuracy as well as its virtually nonexistent recoil and spread make it a proper skill weapon in the hands of an airborne sharpshooter with a consistent aim and disciplined trigger finger.
    - Inspired by Mauser M1917 Pistol Carbine

    SPMR X-03
    With TR jetpack raiders demanding a more effective airborne weapon for longer ranges, the Special Purpose Marksman Rifle was put through trials. Using a one-of-a-kind recoilless cartridge and barrel design, this interesting weapon can fire off its full 10-round magazine with laser-like accuracy at 700rpm, even when firing from the hip.
    - Inspired by VSS Vintorez

    TOR Spica
    Taking an interest in the new NC and TR weapons for their jump-jet troops, the VS followed their example with the Thermal Overcharge Rifle. The unique system makes use of the excess heat buildup from prolonged bursts to overcharge the magnetic coils, preventing the typical spread of other plasma-based weapons. This also means that, during sustained fire, each consecutive shot has a higher damage output than the last. Due to the amount of heat, it is limited to a small battery capacity, but when used correctly, the Spica can be a very effective weapon at longer ranges despite its compact size.
  2. EinPixel

    While I love the idea of LA secific weapons, could you explain me some selling points, as well as their strengthen and downsides?

    Overall critic

    For now LA is limited to CqC and Med-ranged fights. There is a reason why they do not have an access to BRs. Give them a competative med-longrange weapon, add their Jetpack and regen/ammo imps to the deck and you get a campsite on every rock in this world.

    To the Weapons:

    NC concept:
    It goes against the whole doctrine of the faction, but thats ok. My problem are its flaws and its compitition.

    To the flows:

    low dmg paired with semiauto fire mode and high RoF makes this weapon to something easy to use, but hard to make itself usefull (you hit alot but kill nothing) at range and absolutely uncompetative for CqC for an avarage player.
    Ever played BF3/4 with an94? This is an pinpoint accurate weapon (recoil aside) with RoF of 1200 RpM. BURSTING two shots at ones. So max effectivness is reached at same point as with semiauto rifle with max RoF of 600 (!10 clicks! per second). Not reachable for 98% of the playerbase in an fight. This made the weapon nearly OP if the user was able to aim and click 9-10 times per second, but the rest of com was not able to utilize it (well lets pretend there are no autofire bots in our perfect planetside world). It was completly inferior to any full auto weapon for all those not godly blessed gamers making it realy realy hard to balance...

    To the competition:

    Why should I bother about low dmg semiauto rifle when I have access to AC-11x if the ranges are comparable? Its a hardhitter, can kinda stand its own in CqC if aimed for head and its is realy easy to use thanks to fullauto mode and easy recoil pattern.

    TR concept:
    Well, sounds kinda unique and funny, but a recoilless, pinpoint accurate, 700 RpM bullet spitting longrange weapon with the only downlide of 10 bullets per clip? Sounds kinda hard to balance right.
    Give it 143 dmg model and it will be OP as hell flanking/harrassing weapon. Give it worse dmg model, and it becomes a useless peashooter.

    VS concept:
    I have not much XP with VS weapons. But this sounds like long range canis. The user is rewarded for not having a trigger descipline and simply autofire.

    TLDNR: I think the NC concept is hard to balance, not user friedly and obsoleted by AC-11X if the range is not much higher.
    Love the TR concept, but still, it sounds hard to balance. OP or useless with nothing in between. VS: I do not like the whole "increase your power by spray and pray" principe. But it is my personal problem... so no real opinion to it.
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  3. SlugSniper

    The main idea behind these weapons is their hip-fire. Since LAs can't ADS while in flight, these weapons provide an airborne sharpshooting option. Their minimum damages would be their strengths.

    The NC-LMC, while being a bit of a peashooter, could maintain accurate and sustained fire while in mid-air. I'm getting most of the idea from Battlefield 1's introduction of the Mauser M1917 Trench Carbine.

    The TR's SPMR would lag behind in close-quarters engagements (at least compared to other options), but it would be best at range thanks to its relatively high minimum damage.

    Despite the damage increase, the Spica wouldn't reward a random spray due to its small magazine, similar to the TR's SPMR. If the initial low-damage shots miss their target, the finishing high-damage shots wouldn't deal enough damage to secure the kill.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    There is such a good range of primary weapons available to LA (for short or medium range use) that I think ammo capacity or sustained fire ability is more of an issue than anything else as they tend to operate further away from immediate resupply or find themselves in amongst several enemies. Having a bigger mag weapon or ability to carry additional ammo pack might just do the job.

    There seems to be good argument against giving them more long range "sniping" capability due to their ability to get into prime shooting locations. Even then, running the Blackhand has given me some useful longer range offensive capability.

    Overall, I find LA in a much better place now than when I started playing PS2 three years ago. The biggest weakness for me (as an average player at best) is survivability, given that LA tend to operate in more isolated roles. Some kind of "oh sh*t" escape and evasion tool would be welcome.
  5. SlugSniper

    I was thinking that these weapons would be more of a Drifter's dream as opposed to "sniper rifles." Again, the main idea is the hip-fire while using the jetpack.
  6. Doc Jim

    I would rather see additional "tools" for the LA instead of primary weapons. The "rocklet rifle" seems rather lackluster with only one model and two types of alternative ammunition. Empire specific would be nice, but I'd settle for NS. Anything to bring a change from the ubiquitous rocklet rifle.
    I don't see the need for additional class specific primary weapons...
  7. LordKrelas

    Isn't drifting limited, and incredibly risky to stay in the air for that long?
    In which case, NC's very odd choice, making it not worth the risk much?
    As unless you have a macro or similar, you aren't gonna get that fire-rate easily.

    While TR gets a full auto one, with 10 shots.
    VS gets a 'damaged-target' executor, to a rapid-fire laser - assuming they ever drift long enough to reach that level.

    While not drifting, which would be the majority of time considering, NC gets basically a bit shafted without tricks to their mice.
    IE doing the same tactic to the VS Beamer, which turns it into an SMG basically for fire-rate.
  8. Nehlis

    I think generally the LA was designed to have limited long range capabilities to make up for the fact that it has superior vertical movement. As much as I would love to have a dmr style weapon on my LA, I have to agree with pixel, sniper LA would be unfun to play against. Currently longer range carbines are still usable to fight at mid distances, without taking the same niche as true sniper rifles and battle rifles.
    Personally, for a LA specific carbine I would like to see something specifically designed to fire while jumpjetting. Carbines right now are definitely workable by bursting in shortish ranges, but something with a very small max CoF when airborne would be nice.