[Suggestion] LA TOOL - Utility shotgun - refined.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. TomDRV

    This weapon would give LA a greater ability to assault positions and provide cover/distractions to support friendly troops, can be used as a normal shotgun, but it would be quite crap at it.

    Cert cost: 1000

    Aesthetics - A shorter barrelled NS - Baron G5?
    - Sights - All that other shotguns have available.
    - Rail - Extended magazine - Laser range finder
    - Ammo - Smoke - Explosive - Flash-bang - Tear gas - Slug - Standard/pellets - HEAT
    - Magazine Size: 4
    - Very little ammo should be in reserve, (8 rounds perhaps) to help minimize spamming.
    Ammo types breakdown
    Smoke - Fires a smoke slug which starts releasing a small smoke cloud in a similar manor to the smoke grenade upon impact.

    Explosive - Fires an explosive slug, take 2-3 direct hits/near misses to kill an infantryman. Explodes upon impact.

    Flash-bang/stun - Fires a flash-bang slug, explodes as a mini flash-bang upon impact.

    Tear gas - Slug releases a small, harmless but annoying, gas cloud upon impact. Maybe?? :S

    Slug - Your standard slug round.

    Standard/pellets - Buckshot pellets.

    Anti-MAX HEAT - HEAT slugs specifically for dealing with MAX units?

    Flare shot - Fires a bright flare, lights up a large area, effective if fired straight up, can also blind enemies using Night vision equipment

    Extended magazine - increases mag size from 4 to 6.

    Laser range finder - ADS at a wall/object and hit T, this locks in the distance between you and the wall/object (e.g 10m) but adds 2-3 metres to it (e.g 12m). Then all slug rounds fired from the weapon will explode at this distance (12m) This mechanic can be used to stun, smoke, and injure enemy troops behind cover. XM25!! (but not as powerful)
    Not useful with standard slugs and pellets

    This weapon sounds a little similar to the Xbow, but it is very different, intended for fire support and breaching, not for stealthy assassination.

    Here are some differences:
    1. Higher damage.
    2. Higher velocity, greater effective range.
    3. Option for air bursting.
    4. Doesn't consume your side arm.
    5. Different ammunition types which can aid your team mates.
    6. This weapon would be anything BUT stealthy.

    This weapon would help give Light assault a serious assaulting capability, the supportive ammo types would help light assault negate disadvantages of not possessing any heavy weapons such as assault rifles by confusing and disorientating the enemy. And the ability to damage troops behind cover helps break up stalemates in corridors and choke points making fights more dynamic and mobile. It steers Light Assault further towards the anti-infantry specialist role they were originally intended to fill. (As heavy is AT)

    Light Assaults play best when assaulting in any way BUT Head-on. Asymmetrical warfare.

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