[Suggestion] LA tool slots, make LAs team players

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ALN_Isolator, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. ALN_Isolator

    So I leave this thread up to you guys, heres the question:

    What tool could a LA have (that doesn't steal another class ability) that could make them team players?
  2. WarmasterRaptor

    A "grav gun" to pull/push teammates vertically and gain something similar to "deploy XP" for a period of time.

    An "embark" feature to carry their buddies.

    Some stuff that shares a portion of their mobility to their ground-bound mates.
  3. Iridar51

    Define "team player". Is Heavy Assault a team player because he can kill infantry and vehicles extremely well?
    Regardless of the answer, that's how an ASSAULT class is, and that's how we should be, just in a different way.
    Where HA brings brute force, we bring agility. Where HA brings longevity, we bring elusiveness. Where HA brings thug life, we bring street smarts.

    There was an idea to just give us a light rocket launcher, to deal with MAXes and Vehicles. While I don't mind the idea, that would be just kinda boring.

    What I would love is a buff to smoke grenades, so they highlight enemies inside the smoke cloud, and maybe stop shield / health regeneration. That would help both the LA and his team, because currently it's too easy to blind your own troops with the smoke, and the HS/NV scope - the main way to look through smoke - doesn't work with hip fire, which is a trademark of ALL LA weapons.

    I'm against specialized smoke launcher instead of smoke grenades in our tool slot, because that would mean too much smoke spam.

    Another department where LA sorely lack is a way to engage enemies while using his ability. No LA weapon can fire accurately while flying. I wish we had a special LA-only weapon with the main property of accurate mid-air fire. This is where they can once again bring the idea of dual wielding - just for flavor.

    Flying and shooting LA would be the same as a Heavy Assault shooting while his shield is engaged, just using mobility to dodge the fire instead of just tanking through damage.

    Another cool idea for an actual tool slot - and people are gonna scream OP here - is heat vision goggles, that can see enemies through walls. The ability has long recharge, short duration, leaves the LA vulnerable while he's using the goggles (can't shoot), and has a short range where it sees through walls.

    The main purpose is to let LA scout the situation before rushing in. With all the balancing measures in place, I don't think this ability would be OP, considering that motion spotter is in the game, and every player can spot enemies to put them on minimap.

    The teamplay aspect can come in the form of LA being able to Q spot enemies through walls.
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  4. reap200

    how about a deployable (like the engineer mana turrets) that works like a jump pad or elevator, but haas a short height, enough to get over the base walls that are so frequent on esamir, or the defensive towers that are everywhere on indar?
  5. Forger

    They have a tool in their tool slot. It's called Jetpack. They are light, agile and all suggested tool would make the light agile engies or "heavies". LA even has C4 as an option for Anti-Vehicle. They have smoke grenades as support for their team, which needs, similar to other tools, a certain cooperation. If applied and timed right, it can provide cover for attacks and retreats. What LAs usually lack though seems to be something called Teamplay in their brain slots.

    I for example would like a smoker LA that covers the landing of an airborne assault squad from the Valkyrie. Yet I dont have one in my team and no pubbie ever though of it. Most have enough problems to leave the Val while I hover over ground.
  6. Iridar51

    It's the same bad idea as allowing LA to carry other players. This just gives away our utility to other classes, and makes us glorified elevator servants.

    What I wouldn't mind is a PERSONAL Jimp Pad or Gravity Lift, that only LA himself can use. That would solve the Drifter Jets' main issue, and would solve one of LA main problems - lack of a way to reinsert us into the fight if we die in a place where a medic can't reach us.
  7. Iridar51

    WRONG. Jet Pack is an ability in the ability slot.
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  8. Forger

    Dang right! Looks like I don't play that class enough. Yet I'd like to suggest something as a target painting laser that vehicles could lock on in their Squad and shoot from the distance. In the hands of infiltrators it would be too strong. Yet a LA has to lift it somwhere and then keep the tag alive.
  9. Iridar51

    What is this, "let's repeat every old idea about LA tool" thread? Here you go then:
    Net gun, grappling hook, climbing gear, clinging to walls, wall running, deployable jump pad or grav lift or climbing rope, stimpacks (adrenaline shots), carrying a second primary in addition to / instead of a sidearm, switching between drifters and jump jets by pressing a button, dash-like burst jet packs, adrenaline pump being a passive system, carrying other players (facepalm), grenade launcher tool (both lethal and non-lethal), personal spawn beacons, wingsuits, laser painting vehicles, scout rifles - assault rifles - battle rifles for LA, dual wielding, revive ability for LA, LA being revivable by other LAs, creating portals to teleport through walls, thermal vision (see through walls), C4 being remodeled into AV weapon with high damage and small splash, better flying accuracy / more speed / faster reloads / 75% ADS for all carbines.

    All of that has already been discussed to death by LA community many, many times over. You wanna bring something, at least bring something new.
  10. Theaylon haz lazorz

    Goggles of some kind, that modify your hud, like hsnv that can be active at all regular times. Or goggles which give you sone level of information as to the travel direction of opposing forces. A tool that makes you more useful as a recon player overall would , imo, be the most useful thing for LA.
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  11. Forger

    Sounds like a nice idea. Yet not on all the time, but with a battery like the Infi-Cloak.
  12. Liewec123

    Smoke Emitter
    thrown like a grenade, sticks to a surface like an engi sticky nade, periodically emits smoke (maybe every 15/20 secs?)
    low health, destroyable like a turret or ammo pack, only one at a time.

    Sonic Pacification Device
    same as above but instead of smoke it emits a loud high pitch noise that impairs vision and turning (kinda like concussion nades) every 20 seconds.
    small area, blocked by walls.
  13. Corezer

    you ever thought the reason other LA don't do it might be the same reason YOU don't do it. (Hint: cause it's a ****ing stupid idea)
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