LA tool - Rocket Rifle

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  1. Money

    Thumper! Yes please! or make it like the rocket launcher from TF2 and be able to rocket jump with it. That with the jetpacks could be fun!
  2. Kristan

    Umm... gais...Thumper was grenade launcher, not rocket rifle.
  3. TeknoBug

    It was the grenade launcher but had option of rocket rounds too.
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  4. Stormsinger

    While I would love this as well, Wrel mentioned (on reddit) that there would be no ES components to this, as NS sells better, so anything ES would be triple the work for less gain. I still say this could be corrected by DBC purchases unlocking all factions' equivalent gear, but that doesn't get around the extra development time issues...
  5. Kristan

    Umm... no it didn't. It had 3 types of grenades. But for rockets you used Rocket Rifle aka Rocklet.
  6. Pondera

    I'm not exactly sure that this game needed an additional deterrent against armor. It's already getting to be less and less cost-effective to be a tank driver, given that everyone and their dog has something to fire at you, be it AV MANA turrets, rockets of every flavor of the rainbow, particle beams, laser guided missiles, or even just that ONE GUY you never saw throwing a tank mine on your hood.

    Then again, LAs receiving literal Imperium of Man Godwyn pattern bolters. This should be interesting.
  7. OldMaster80

    But isn't the Rocklet in the tool slot? LA with that won't have C4.
  8. Pelojian

    C4 is from the utility slot so LAs can carry C4 and the rocket rifle at the same time.
  9. Haquim

    I don't remember measurements, but if memory serves a bolter round is basically a diamond tipped rocket propelled high explosive round that will explode inside your body after it penetrated your armor. With about 2 cm diameter at least.
    Dunno about you, but that sounds like a onehit kill on anything that ain't a MAX to me, so I hope its not a LITERAL bolter.

    But it would be awesome if it had a unique sound like warhammer books describe it about bolters. The games never really delivered on that part, bolters just sound like standard_gun_25.
  10. Kristan

    Here's Joshino covered some info about Rocklet and ESF balancing currently on PTS.

  11. ArcKnight

    when you look at it sideways it looks like a max weapon
  12. OldMaster80

    Mmmm.... this should be evaluated very well...