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  1. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Since it has a flak mode, it is pretty much a poor man's* Striker.**

    * A striker would kill a lightning in a lot less than 30 shots to rear, plus you're presumably losing ADS since it's a tool with alternate fire modes.
    ** Yeah, I know technically a Striker isn't flak, but in practice it's much the same.
  2. thebigbortishbort

    with the flak ammo yes , which is kind of spooky to think about , but the heat rounds are slower and drop like the explosive crossbow rounds .
  3. Turekson

    Well this is nice. Have been experimenting with LA recently and have certs in bank, will definitely be waiting for this.
  4. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Let's face it, if you compare an HA without a RL to a current LA you wouldn't really say the HA is underpowered, so I don't see anything game breaking about giving LAs something as powerful as a RL. More projectile drop than the Striker is okay but it should get something in return like more damage per shot. So it makes me a sad panda to hear it will have even less damage per shot.
  5. thebigbortishbort

    i always considered the jetpack to be the LA's tool , c4 is effective enough with it to be its tool , Giving LA an av weapon as effective as the striker seems a bit broken considering class roles , especially then your giving them whats essentially an ES RL to everyone and an LA , it should stay a gimped weapon.

    speaking of which i can't actually test the effectiveness of the flak since the guns splash doesn't work at all yet.
    the weapon is a good utility though , does a bit of a few things but not brilliantly though it supplements C4 really well.

    only test , the weapon can change a tonne.
  6. Psykmoe

    I guess you're pretty optimistic about future balance passes for this thing? Current implementation:

    You get 6 shots, 24 reserve, ammo belt doesn't affect it at the time.

    Primary fire: Projectile drops like explosive crossbow bolts, takes 25 shots to destroy a Harasser, 24 to kill a MAX without suit slot (no idea if this will be affected by flak or kinetic, VR dummies have nothing) and like 30 to the rear armor of a Lightning. Takes 7 direct hits to kill an infantry soldier, and if a MAX lets you stand there and reload 3 times to kill him, you could have just mag-dumped on him a few times with a real gun.

    Secondary fire: Flies a lot straighter, but currently does no damage to air (not even ESFs), cannot kill a MAX in 30 shots, 30 shots leaves a Harasser at half health, doesn't damage heavier vehicles, but only takes 6 direct hits to kill a regular infantry soldier. On a 240 rpm weapon you can only hipfire. Why does this fire mode exist at all? Just use your gun on infantry.

    Neither projectile has splash.

    Weapon has no ADS, but experiences no hipfire bloom while jetpacking. Despite this, it is currently good at nothing. I suspect it was patched in prematurely. Incomplete model, does practically nothing to anything, no patch notes.

    I have doubts they'll make this be anything but a slightly improved platform for explosive crossbow bolts, anything more and they'll drown in a sea of tears.
  7. Catch23

    given the current damage numbers it is going to have its uses for finishing off damaged vehicles and it might be a halfway usable option midair vs. infantry as well but so far I see smoke as its main use.

    If you watch his videos throughout the years, it is obvious that Wrel really likes NV scopes. Most players don't (anymore), mainly because of the delay to equip and their limited vision.
    Moreover, you can disable smoke in your game files which (free)-smoke spammers will be doing.
    So even if you changed NV scopes (NV but no Thermal, no delay and no sway) some players would still have a 1x/ 2x equipped and rather disable smoke itself.

    Unless DEVs can keep players from disabling smoke on their screens, smoke isn't doing anything good for the game at all. Actually most players find smoke to be annoying.

    Personally I would prefer a radar jammer projectile with a large effetive splash radius. Given the arc of the rocklets it should ohk dildars within 2 meters.You can make it zero damage, no problem. Can even make it anti-dildar only. Darts are ok really.
  8. Ryme_Intrinseca

    No, I'm not optimistic about future balance passes. Was just saying I thought RL-level power wouldn't be OP, not that it is realistically going to happen. I am happy to some kind of AV/AA capability even if it is weaker than I think it should be.

    Presumably secondary fire is AA mode and flak just hasn't been implemented yet. Slugs may also have a niche as a more ranged option than a carbine.
  9. Ryme_Intrinseca

    On Wrel's older videos he uses the NV scope because it used to be the only one that had crosshairs aligned with where the bullets actually go. That's been long since fixed but I guess he is used to NV so still pulls it a lot.

    On PS4 we (hopefully) don't have people turning smoke off but I still consider it an annoyance. Usually you are pushing an objective when someone comes up, drops smoke, charges in and dies immediately while the rest of your team run in the opposite direction from the objective. It mostly seems to slow battles down as everyone just waits at the periphery for it to clear.

    As for the anti-dildar projectile, I'm all in favour. I've often thought I'd like to get EMPs on my HA or LA, or even a version that just kills dildars (no shield damage or crosshair effect) in exchange for carrying two nades, so it would be nice to have that capability on the rocket rifle. Maybe the radius should be bigger than 2m though if it's doing nothing but anti-dildar.
  10. TheMightyGomora

    Rocket rifle? So we are talking about gyrojet kind of stuff? Or miniature rocket launchers? Either way I approve of this.
  11. Kristan

    Old NS model for those who haven't seen. Is it the same as on PTS?

  12. Neo3602

    yes, but it's missing it's clip.

    Miniature Rocket Launchers
  13. JobiWan

    I just had a play with it on PTS. It hardly kills anything. Slugs take about 3 or 4 shots to kill infantry at point blank range and beyond about 15m it's wildly inaccurate.

    I don't play LA much but as it is it's not very much use to anyone. No flak ammo in PTS yet though.
  14. JobiWan

    Oh, my bad, flak is there by default.
  15. Pat22

    AoE damage isn't working so it's not even worth speculating on damage values just yet, except maybe for Slug ammo.

    In any case, at the very least, this weapon will guarantee that every Light Assault can carry 10 long-range smoke grenades with him, which is neat.

    Now they only need to fix the bug where if you stop looking at distant smoke clouds, they stop rendering.

    What about extra ammo types though? There are so many possibilities with this.

    First that comes to mind is mine ammo. Deploy limit is your mag size, each is about 1/6th as strong as a regular mine. You get both AV and AI, allows the LA to set up small traps on the go.

    Perhaps also remote mines, primary fire launches a sticky mine ( sticks to walls, vehicles and players ) and alt fire detonates them.

    Pretty sure HE and AP rounds aren't happening.

    Mini-EMP rounds, just to make infiltrators salty.

    Marker rounds? Visible on minimap so you can mark enemy vehicles or infantry and keep track of their movements.

    Use the code from the Skywall pain field and create incendiary grenades? Wait no that's a terrible idea. Way too spammable, massive area denial. I can imagine them being spammed en mass in point rooms. Unless the AoE doesn't stack? That could work.

    Coyote-type rounds, just to make the TR even saltier about everyone basically having a pocket Striker.

    Flare rounds to illuminate areas? Not the super powerful kind you fire off into the sky and illuminate the country side but but rather small-scale ones that stick to surfaces and shine up a like 3-5m radius. Again, deploy limit is your mag size. Bonus, the flares reveal cloaked things in their radius.

    Thermal rounds that blind thermal sights and HS/NV? ( why isn't there an implant to reduce the range vehicle thermals pick you up at anyways? )

    Kinetic rounds that do little damage but push people around. Mostly I want this to fire at my own feet to give myself speed boosts.
  16. Pat22

    Ok so after running in circles in VR firing the rocket rifle at everything for an hour or two, I have thought up some very interesting ways the rocket rifle will improve LA play.

    1- Icarus jets become more useful in general combat for the ability to quickly clear the ground and get above your target for HEAT round spam.

    2- HEAT / Flak LA Valkyrie with drifter jets, frag bando and C4 on top. The valk becomes a more versatile platform capable of dealing with Infantry, Vehicles and Aircraft far better than it could before. The ability for drifter LAs to drop out and fire flak rounds at enemy ESF going after the Valk is interesting, on top of the standard drifter C4 to go blow up ground vehicles.
    Have one of the 4 rumble seat LAs carrying HEAT/Smoke combination for added utility to protect the valkyrie or other friendlies.

    3- If the combat zone gets too hot for a Valk, it can literally just act as a Carrier, launching drifter LAs after targets ( as you can already do with C4 but now you have more options )

    4- Just generally having a weapon that doesn't suffer massive penalties while flying is neat. HEAT and Slug rounds could offer some good close range anti-infantry options while flying, at the very least landing some damage and keeping your primary weapon mag full for when you land.

    5- If you want to blot out the sun on half a continent you can go full smoke loadout with underbarrel smoke, smoke nade bando and Smoke rounds.

    6- Similar though with frags, full explosive loadout.
  17. Azawarau

    Thats one of my biggest worries as a max sub

    LA can get into too many safe spots and max suits really are getting to not being worth using if 3 of the 5 classes have a hard counter like that
  18. Pat22

    Dunno about after they add the splash damage to the HEAT rounds but currently, it's worse versus a MAX than your standard carbine.

    Pretty sure it's intentional considering it that, also without splash damage, it already does decent damage on Harassers and significant damage on Liberators.
  19. S7ntheR

    it better have an auraxium variant to fit my armor and C4. if it did, it'd be swagtastic. goin' in full purple shiny spandex.
  20. TeknoBug

    The Thumper from Planetside 1, yes!!!