[Suggestion] LA Tool-Radar Jammer

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Nintyuk, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Nintyuk

    After Reading a bit of this thread: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/motion-spotter-getting-out-of-hand.227932/

    I felt there was a opportunity to give the LA a real tool.
    The idea is a Radar Jammer:
    The radar jammer would be a device dropped like a mine that would prevent all hostile radar from working within it's field. The RJ would create a undulating cloud on the mini-map obscuring everything except terrain within it's field.
    This would show up as a cloud of light dust that while not obscuring visibility would be fairly visible to where the field was affecting.
    The device would last for a pre-set time or until it was destroyed.

    This ties in well with the Smoke grenades and the hit and run play style of the LA
  2. stalkish

    LA is a bad choice, the jammer would be sat somewhere only a LA could get to it, much better imo to put it on infil so they have to choose between providing radar or jamming radar.

    TBH tho if they did this they might aswel just remove radar, youd never get to use it in any battle, i know for a fact id run infil 100% of the time to spam these around fights, the NC high alpha damage + shotgun maxs favours not knowing whats around that corner.
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  3. Nintyuk

    That's why,
    A. It would be a physics object so it would slide off any odd spots
    B. It would be on a short timer so if it was in a weird spot it would't last for ages
    C. EMP's have a huge range that goes through wall's for some stuff
    D. It's on LA because both Infiltrator and Engineer have a large selection of tools on hand while LA has squat all
    E. If I didn't want too make it a tool slot item exclusive to the LA I would of made it so the LA Smoke grenades and the IR smoke from vehicles had this affect as standard.
  4. stalkish

    I dont think 'LA having no tools' is a good reason to ever give it anything tbh.
    I still think the places LA could deploy eg top of a tower, would be extremely annoying, even with EMPs its often hard to locate and kill the enemy motion sensor because its 3 floors above you and the radar doesnt give indication.
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  5. Thundastorm

    That one awesome Idea!
    I don't mind on which class it would appear, but I like all the new defensive / counter items we will get (Cloak Sundi, Deployment Inhibitor Sundi). A device to block Radar by any source (vehicles, darts, spotters) except manual spotting ('q' key) would be great, because the current way to counter spotters and darts is to destroy them. And doing so might lead to death...
  6. Iridar51

    The idea is nothing new, but I'm not sure if it's a good one. Currently, Motion Spotter is pretty much the only reliable direct counter to Light Assaults. With jammer we'd just run rampant.
    Your entire argument is based on "it's a pain to deal with for non-LAs". But this is the same for LA in general, and many other things, like ESFs, snipers, tanks, etc.

    And there are balancing measures that can be taken so it's not an issue. For example, make the jammer autospot itself both on the minimap - you can see it as the center of the disturbance - and provide a visual icon on the HUD that shows where it's located.
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  7. Nintyuk

    Possibly have the device spot/highlight be activated by actual radar tools, So if it's actively blocking something it shows up but if its placed down in prep it's not removed before being useful.
  8. stalkish

    still dont think allowing a LA to wield such a powerful device would be fair to the other classes.

    Nothing said so far convinces me otherwise.

    And also i argued this:
    ''TBH tho if they did this they might aswel just remove radar, youd never get to use it in any battle, i know for a fact id run infil 100% of the time to spam these around fights, the NC high alpha damage + shotgun maxs favours not knowing whats around that corner.''
    It was in the first response to the OP tho so i can forgive you not reading it.
    Infil, LA, engi, max, whoever gets this device i would spam it non stop.
  9. Nintyuk

    Well Something I wanted to avoid because of griefing potential is making the Smoke version affect both friendly and hostile units while in the field but radar systems would allow you to pinpoint friendly's but not hostiles(This would apply both ways)
  10. Iridar51

    Well, the same can be said about anything. Examples of similar overblown arguments:
    "With Liberators having an anti tank belly gun, they might just as well remove tanks, you'd never get to use them in any battle. I know for a fact I'd run lib 100% of the time to kill tanks"
    "With Infiltrators having an OHK sniper rifle, they might might just as well remove infantry, you'd never get to use it in any battle. I know for a fact I'd run sniper 100% of the time to get easy kills around the fights"

    We won't know how powerful it is until we see it in game. After all, minimap is just a part of detecting enemies. There are also tracers, sounds, the player model itself.
  11. stalkish

    Overblown?? I see theres no conversation to be had here.

    Not sure why you seem to take it as a personal attack anytime anyone mentions Light Assaults.
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  12. Iridar51

    Neither of this is true. My point is - balancing can always be done. Literally anything can be introduced without causing gamebreaking imbalance.

    Your argument is indeed overblown and from the same category as "Dual wield would obviously be OP on Light Assault. Just imagine dual Repeater / Commissioner LA!" failing to imagine that it is not necessary to dual wield existing pistols with existing stats.

    Not sure what "personal insult" you think I managed to find here :confused: I don't even particularly care for this old jammer idea or dual wielding that I just used as an example. I'm merely stating my opinion.
  13. McMan

    The problem with light assult is that it has no cool gadgets (jet packs dont count). LA special grenades are weak, we have no tool slot. All other classes have both of this to spice up the gameplay. So please give LA a little tool like med eng and infi have and buff grenades (just replace flash grenade with concusion grenade.
  14. Goretzu

    That example is a good one, LAs can go on serious streaks as it is on towers with or without squad deploy becon (which itself demonstrates the extra viablity LAs bring to placement), and this is when there is a radar highlighting they are there.

    With LAs being able to mask themselves and others (more than they already can with sensor shield) it would be a nightmare.

    Certainly the way the OP is suggesting it would be implimented would reduce this a bit, but I think that it would still cause issue in specific circumstances like towers. I also wonder about the server strain if it suddenly has to start calculating what is and isn't jammed.

    On the other hand I guess it would have to go in the C4 slot, so that would also limit it, or at least the LA, when using it.

    Personally I'd say the basic rule with balance is never let a class directly buff itself (or one of its main roles).

    Which is one of the issues with LAs, whilst they could do with some lateral expansion (and tools are a good way to do this) equally their unique ability means it is very hard to actually give them much without it being potential overpowered in some situations.

    I'd be more inclined to give LAs something that had direct effect (so it wouldn't be particularly viable if hidden on a roof) like (as a probably terrible example idea) sticky mines that slowed anyone that crossed an area etc., or in fact long lasting smoke mines or smoke type C4.
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  15. Kirppu1