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  1. anaverageguy

    The previous post was deleted.. but this mostly applies to LA so I'll put it here.

    First off.. if you do not use your jetpack, you are much less useful than the engineer (who can carry your weapons in addition to other things). However, the jetpack gives a number of positioning advantages, the obvious being to fly UP. Not that it's bad, it works very effectively on people that are focused only on what's in front.

    The less obvious, and completely situational, option is to fly DOWN. Under bridges, there are two additional levels onto which you can land. The first providing enough cover to cover half the body though you are open to sniper fire from the opposite end, and the second which is incredibly thin and relatively difficult to land on, offers little cover, but is essentially a bypass for the first level below the bridge. So why would you fly down?

    Because you can navigate freely forwards and backwards AND fly back up onto the first level whenever you please. For large bridge fights, this is a huge advantage as groups tend to get stay behind cover, trying to stay alive as long as possible. The LA can completely destroy individual groups by going under the bridge, flying up behind them, dropping C4 or a grenade (I recommend the C4 since there's a warning for grenades), then flying right back down to safety and blowing them up. Note that running out of fuel because of careless use can and often will result in death.

    High risk high reward. Gg gl hf
  2. FA_Q2

    Good idea. I always fly to the top of the bridges and while that works really well, I can see this having more potential (not the least of which is due to the fact that even less people do this). Honestly, my LA with a nova equipped was just awesome sauce :D
  3. Erendil

    I've had some good LA-on-LA action (tee-hee) a number of times against the TR underneath the bridge between TI Alloys and The Crown.

    Sadly the NC don't seem to use LA troops all that much outside of base walls and the occasional lone-wolf tower camper. Although they're starting to warm up to them more.
  4. Shadestrike

    Why are you telling people our secrets? SHAME ON YOU!
  5. anaverageguy

    Thought I'd just add that yesterday when playing, I did do this (which is usual for me.. but anyway) at the J908 bridge in a smaller skirmish. I won't exaggerate, but it would be an understatement to say less than that the enemies were pushed back very quickly as I popped up at locations where I saw blinking red dots to down one or two enemies. I was on a killing spree of about 8 people when I died.. by jumping back down too early and my jetpack failed me. It's very fun. I highly recommend it.

    I suppose I'll also say that I had no upgrades for LA at the time aside from adrenaline pump for sprint speed.
  6. Doublefrost

    There are also fly down tactics for retaking control points inside tower outposts. Run to the platform near the control point's end. Jump off. Turn around while falling, jet upward and crouch into the window ledges. Instant assault on the room, almost never covered because doing so leaves them wide open to assault from the doorways.

    It's especially good if the spawn room is camped below but not above, since you can circumvent the lockdown and do some damage. Maybe even pull the attackers back far enough to push back out.
  7. anaverageguy

    I've personally found that it's better to just throw a grenade in on the way down, land on on the.. what do you call them.. the things that stick out.. so you don't land at ground level, but aren't sticking your head in the window. Then fly back up. I always get shot down trying to get in through that thing. Unless you were talking about a situation where nobody's in there lol in which case my suggestion is useless.
  8. disky00

    Haha, I love how some people seem to think their faction knows something everyone else doesn't, or that they play differently, or that they're somehow just better in one way or another.

    Each faction has its share of organized people, disorganized people, new players and veterans, strategists and tacticians, intelligence and idiocy. As far as people are concerned, we are balanced. I do know that some NC outfits ban LA in group operations, which, as a LA player, I find a bit silly, but I would imagine that it's a common practice in all factions.
  9. Doublefrost

    @anaverageguy If you're quick, you can shoot them the instant you land and get the jump on them. It's important to make sure there isn't obvious line of sight to attack you when you're making the landing approach. Try going in from the side, tight to the wall. Most people don't think they're under attack until they see it. I'll land in occupied, defended windows this way and manage to bust into the room doing this.

    @disky00 I had problems with that in Vanu. It's a game-wide issue with outfits banning LA and talking trash about them. I stopped playing with my PS1 outfit because I got sick of them telling me to stop being 'useless' and get out of Light Assault. Mind you, I was in the Special Ops/Commando unit and was working on developing tactics for the sub-unit. But, enough people should have known better where I couldn't stand it and said screw that, I'm going back to TR. I'm giving it a few months, maybe I'll join another outfit then once everyone knows better.
  10. anaverageguy

    Well, I think it's true to some extent that people play differently. The different factions do provide different stock weapons that perform better under different conditions. I personally think the TR or Vanu LA stock weapon is easiest to use. TR because there's extra ammo and fire rate, Vanu because there's no bullet drop and it's rather accurate all around. NC definitely hit hard though..

    But yeah, is that what outfits do? Because I always did wonder why the other LAs I see [in the strange places that I go] are usually alone like I am. Figured some of them would be in outfits.
  11. disky00

    They say that LA has nothing to offer a group. I would argue that positioning a player in a way that distracts and/or forces other players to seek you out can be pretty powerful. LA can spot from vantage points that no non-LA player can detect. We have C4 which is an incredibly powerful and multipurpose tool. If players work together tactically, each class has its strengths in a group situation.