[Suggestion] LA-Specific Integrally-Suppressed Shotgun

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by SlugSniper, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. SlugSniper

    A random idea for a unique Light Assault weapon. The NS-TISS (Tactical Integrally-Suppressed Shotgun) would allow the Light Assault class to perform a stealthier close-quarters role. It would have all of the same options as a regular shotgun (including slugs ;)). It would be semi-auto with a smaller magazine capacity than other semi-auto shotguns as well as bad hip-fire due to the increased weight from the integrated suppressor.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    I like the idea of a unique shotgun type for LA and sugegsted as much a while back. But I'd prefer something with ability to change ammo type on the go (by hitting B or something). Even just changing between slug and pellet would give the LA a chance to manage targets at different ranges.

    Maybe even a choke attachement would be a possibility, or a smaller gauge (less damage, but more ammo)? Not sure about the idea of a suppressor for a shotgun though. They are low velocity weapons and a suppressor lowers that still further. In game terms, I can't help thinking that a suppressed shotty would be OP as well.

    I welcome more ideas but I think the response I got when I raised it was that shotguns just needed to be improved generally before getting into anything more specific.
  3. NubCannon

    I agree that suppressed shotguns shouldn't be a thing. mostly because shotguns are already hard for many cqc weapons to compare with anyway. giving the highest cqc weapon type a suppressor would really ruin infiltrators.

    I think some shotguns need improvements, however the pump action shotguns are quite OP in my opinion, especially in biolabs, and most definitely on HA (especially those that use max rank adrenaline shield cause 1 hit kills with 41% shield regen per kill...) i feel like the shotguns need more variety, it seems that you really have 2 options for shotgun, default or pump action and all the other changes are minor. maybe LA should have a double barrel shotgun with a long reload and no ADS (instead one mouse button shoot one barrel and the other shoot the other barrel), so LA would have a high damage cqc weapon capable of firing the equivalent of 2 pump action rounds instantly (fire both barrels (or one at a time)) which would be more of a 1 man assassin weapon, requiring patience to use. would help suppress those pesky HA shotgun users (oh they're so awful, ive seen a jackhammer user with a darklight on the jackhammer) yet would limit the LA double barrel users to cqc 1 on 1 duels. keeping them from becoming OP
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  4. Dualice

    Been watching No Country For Old Men recently? :D

    Give us all a faction-specific one rather than NS and I'd be on board. :)
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