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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ruin103, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. ruin103

    Basically very new to this game.

    No real clue about spending cert points.

    For suit slot what is best in general? I spent a few points in things thinking I could have them all before i realised I had to pick and equip just one. Im thinking adrenaline pump, advanced shield or nano armour. what is better overall nano or shield?
  2. FieserMoep

    Well, adrenaline pump is a nice and cheap advancement that improves your overal mobility/speed. Some people consider this as very usefull because the LA generally benefits from more mobility. On the other hand advanced shields allow you to get back to combat faster, though it is not that much of an improvement in my opinion. I go for nanoweave armor because this health-buff is kinda usefull for the damage threshold you gain and that lets you win some more firefights.
  3. Albatross039

    i think to help u survive a bit longer to practice shooting, jumping and grenade, level 2 nano is a good choice to start with... as u develop your skills, u may want extra speed/ammo/grenades instead of armor
  4. VKhaun

    I highly recommend the 1pt nano armor cert to start off. +10% hp is a fantastic value for one point, and as you play I garuantee you'll want your offensive stuff like weapons and attachments and a few blocks in jetpack performance before doing anything with the suit slot.
  5. ruin103

    for 1 point im happy to get something now, c4 is next then a shorty as soon as school holidays begin