LA questions,plane doubts.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ximi, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Ximi

    Im planning to play Infiltrator or LA,but depend on which one,i will take different loadout.

    Since shotguns are good choice for LA,im thinking to buy the Phobos shotgun (all is talking on Vanu side on Ps4 version)

    So,this shotgun is same system as PC???? I mean if u loss the first hit to the target,u are sold????

    Btw,i have the idea of put C4 as utility,since i see the signature of Liewec123 and see how funny are the C4 kills.

    As for first 1400 certs,i will upgrade the default propulsor bag and put adrenaline boost for skill,C4 as utlity as i said,since the first 1400 certs doesnt give for anything more (tested on PC version,my PC account name is Ximaster)

    Additionally,if i play LA i can have access to pilot a plane,which i want to play it,since on PC version i never pilot anyone.

    So,the thing is:

    Phobos with x2 scope (one never know) and extended magazine. Darklight for the default pistol. Adrenaline boost as skill. Propulsor bag (the default one) to maximum certs and C4s.

    Im planning to learn upgrades for the plane after learn those LA things. In PC version i make a mess with the controls of a plane and i always finish exploding on the ground,so maybe controls on Ps4 are more intuitive.

    Btw my another question was to know the name of the one passenger plane,i think is Scythe,im wrong??? This is the one im planning to upgrade after learn those things on LA.

    So as far as i know,the Scythe can fly to sides and stay at midair without move a lot,charasteristics of Vanu side,im right?????

    And the default weapon for the plane is good???? U know that spending 1400 certs on LA class makes 0 to learn for plane,so i must go to the default weapons and loadouts that have the plane.

    Well,sorry for this megapost,i tryed to put spaces for more confortable reading.
  2. Ximi

    Noone can tell me if this is a good mix????
  3. RedArmy

    id honestly go Engi as ur starting class - its the jack of all trades, master of most.
    the jetpack can be a hindrance if ur not good with it
  4. Ximi

    Well engie makes to not play a plane,but tank instead. Btw i posted to the engie section,i had the idea of play engie too.
  5. RedArmy

    who the fk told u engi cant fly a plane? anyone can fly but a max
  6. Ximi

    Sorry,but i think that if a plane is destroyed in midair and u have time to get out,u must hit on the ground and die if u are not LA.
  7. RedArmy

    1. Ejector Seat - 500 certs
    2. fly better
    3. dodge low to ground, they crash u dont, have option to bail
  8. Ximi

    Oh didnt remember the ejector seat,my fault.

    Btw the PPA weapon for Scythe is good for kill infantry???? And versus other planes???? Im planning to purchase this weapon,im talking about the plane version of Lasher.
  9. K2k4

    Both LA and Infil are predominantly for infantry killing. ESFs (one manned planes) can be loaded for practically any type of killing. You would probably benefit from just playing whatever you feel like. There are benefits from playing LA, piloting, and escaping death just as there are benefits from running engineer and being able to repair your esf when you get out of combat.
  10. Akashar

    Extremely good against infantry as long as NO ONE looks at you, the second you're targeted you'd better leave. Against air, it sucks big time, can't do anything.
  11. TheFlamingLemon

    As far as VS goes, my favorite loud out for light assault inside of bases, for anti-infantry is the VX6-7 with advanced laser sight, 1x sight, and soft point ammo, Commisioner or underboss with 1x sight and dark light, fully upgraded nano weave, Icarus jump jets, and C4 or medkits (situational, but medkits are generally pretty useful for longevity.) The reason I like Icarus jump jets the best is that in combat from 1-10 ft away, you can fly directly upwards and shoot down at your target, who will have trouble tracking you. People expect you to go side to side, but almost never to fly.

    If you want to use a shotgun, the default one works best unless you have pretty good aim. It's much less punishing and only slightly less effective. Since you'll be in close range I would again recommend Icarus for the same reason as before. All of the rest of the loud out would be the same.

    If you want to kill vehicles or just bomb with c4, I recommend drifter jets. If fully upgraded, you can fly practically horizontally for a full 28 seconds and that's if you never stop jetting. This makes it exceptional for anti-vehicle, particularly when there's a launch pad from which to slingshot.

    I'll be honest, I haven't tried the default jump jets much, but with Icarus you can climb to roofs and not have nearly as high a chance of being killed while flying.

    For the scythe, if you're going air-ground, you should get photon pods with a thermal sight. If you want to do air-air, you're going to want a nice funeral director cause you're going to die a whole lot.

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