LA+NSX Tanto?

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  1. Rydenan

    This argument doesn't work.
    If you're trying to assert that the entire player base got better during the period between the release of the 11c and the Tanto, the KDR/KPH/etc. numbers would not go up, because the entire player base has gotten better.
    Ir you're trying to assert that only some players got better during that gap, you'd also have to assert that that group disproportionately use the Tanto. There's no way to prove that, and no evidence to suggest that that would be the case. But even if it were, it would be surprising that the more skilled players disproportionately choose to use the Tanto, if it were such a bad gun.
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  2. Silkensmooth

    Haha owned by math, i love it.

    I love the tanto, clearly the best long range gun for light assault, although the ns11 is a close second.

    I would highly recommend a 1x scope. Red dot preferably. Recoil is exaggerated with any kind of magnification it seems to me and anything higher than 2x is a huge disadvantage at close range.

    The only guns that benefit from a higher than 1x imo are sniper rifles. You should be able to easily hit anything you see with a 1x.
  3. Prudentia

    if the NS11C was used during a LONG time by a LOT more people it will have lower stats as it will be distributed over a wider range.
    if the tanto was used during a short time by only a few people with only the most auraxium farming dedicated people it will have higher stats.
    learn to understand the playerbase.
    the more approiate gun to look at for tanto stats is the NSXP Tanto as that is free with the code so a lot more people own it.
  4. Rydenan

    Re-read my previous response. You're asserting that Tanto is disproportionately used by "better" ("most auraxium farming dedicated") players. I've already explained why this line of logic does not work.
    That gun also has better average user stats across the board than the 11c, including the same 30% better BR100 KDR as the regular Tanto.
  5. Demigan

    The point that was made was this:
    In the "old" days, everyone was bad and the NS11 scored X.
    As people got better the NS11's stats didnt improve to Y, as both the users and the victims got better.
    Therefore when the Tanto was introduced there was no long history of bad performance that dragged the NS11 down as during the bad performance of the players their victims were also bad performers and it evened out the actual statistics.
  6. Prudentia

    the NSX-P also has across the board worse stats than the normal tanto. and again, as the NS11c was used by a wider range of people it's stats get dragged down hard. so yes, i am asserting that the tanto is used by "better" players because it's a horrendously terrible gun that only very dedicated players whos performance doesn't depend on the gun they are using.
  7. Rydenan

    According to, there are a whopping 7% more Platinum Tanto users than there are normal Tanto users. To claim this margin as causation for any differences you may see is not statistically sound.

    Besides, NS-11c was never given away for free, AFAIK, so the idea that it's best compared to a gun that was given away for free makes little sense. A brand new player has the ability to start with the NSX-P, whereas this is not the case with the NS-11c. They must earn at least 1,000 certs before using the 11c for the first time. Just like the normal Tanto, which is also 1,000 certs.

    Regardless, both guns still have 30% better A. KDR among BR100+ than the 11c has among BR100+.

    Well that's just terrible logic. I see no evidence to suggest that veteran players have an inclination to use bad guns over good guns.
    The sheer magnitude of VS players who have tens of thousands of kills with the Betelgeuse, and almost no other weapons, should attest to the fact that players will, on average, always use the best option they have.

    And besides, the BR100+ KDR stat accounts for player experience. Any player that reaches BR100 and beyond is, as you said, "dedicated".

    Also, your logic is circular. "Tanto is a bad gun, because it has better stats, because only the most experienced players use it, because it's such a bad gun."
  8. Prudentia

    yes and the NC population supports that too. but still people play vanu. instead of the game being 100% NC.
    and the tanto is an OBJECTIVELY terrible gun, because it's a straight downgrade to the mercenary
  9. Rydenan


    just.. lol.
  10. Prudentia

    Nc pop, you know, the one that is always close to 40% due to balance?

    same rof, same recoil, same magsize, same long reload.
    just lower damage and slower short reload
  11. DarkStarAnubis

    "I am excellent at guessing!"
    "Hmm.. OK, how do you know?"
    "I guess it."

    You can hardly beat such a logic :)

    Jokes aside, I am alternatively using the Tanto and the 11C and can't decide which one is best, but the more I use them, the more I am inclined to think ES alternatives (Pulsar C, Cougar, AC-X11) are more.effective at the end if you aren't an MLG pro/HS machine.
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  12. Rydenan

    You must be new to this game.
    Otherwise you'd remember the months and months when TR constantly had 40%+ pop.
    Or the years prior to that where VS constantly had 40%+ pop.
    Welcome to Planetside.

    Completely different handling.
    Tanto is a literal sustained-fire laser pointer compared to the Mercenary.
    If you'd used the Mercenary at all, you'd know that.

    But if you're interested in the figures:
    Tanto has better horizontal recoil, and better horizontal tolerance. It has a better First Shot Recoil Multiplier, which is very important, especially in combination with the Tanto's 0-degree starting CoF. Which is better than the Mercenary's 0.3 stand-move ADS starting CoF.
    Tanto has 0.75x ADS, versus the Merc's 0.5x.
    Tanto has slightly better bullet velocity, and the ability to extend the magazine to 36 rounds.
    Tanto has the ability to equip SPA, extending its maximum damage range to 15m.
    It also has the unique sprint-CoF value of 0, meaning you can come out of a sprint and your CoF will IMMEDIATELY be 0. Mercenary has a sprint-CoF of 5, meaning if you go straight from sprinting, to ADSing and firing, your CoF will be massive.
    Tanto also has far better airborne CoF than Merc. If you fire while airborne, your CoF will bloom much faster with the Tanto, but if you ADS-fire after flying or jumping, your starting CoF will be better.
  13. Prudentia

    yes it's almost as if VS had 40% pop while ZOE was OP or when the canis released... and TR had 40% pop during the gatekeeper... and then NC has 40% pop now... thank you for supporting my point.

    and the 0cof of the tanto is never important, it simply doesn't have the bullet velocity or damage to properly use it, the 0.3 and 0.03 cofs of the merc are more than enough for any range it can actually reach, which is again longer than the tanto thanks to increased damage.
    0.75x definitely is a nice thing to not make you die so quickly against other guns that ALL haave superior damage output to you. SPA puts your velocity below that of the merc, tho you could argue that that basically means free SPA.
    AND NEVER EVER GO AIRBORNE FIGHTING WITH THE TANTO. it's 0CoF is the only thing that even allows it to be able to be CAPABLE of killing people with hipfire and the 0.5(?) cof of flying just means that you will start missing the majority of your shots after the 3rd one.
    The only thing the tanto really has going for it is it's incredibly high ammo reserve. aside from that you are better off using ANY other weapon which will your enemies 17% to 40% faster while still having the accuracy for their intended task. even my Solstice burst is superior in every regard.
  14. YellowJacketXV

    For some reason, as part of an event I was given a Tanto. It's "okay". The most redeeming feature is the very, very quick ADS due to the 1x reflex being almost instant. Other than that it really doesn't feel very useful save for the first few shots being almost laser accurate. I prefer faction S-class weapons.
  15. Rydenan

    Nope. VS overpop lasted years after the ZoE nerf. In fact, I don't even think I had started playing the game when ZoE was OP.
    TR overpop started before the Gatekeeper was released. It's why I'm still traumatized by the sound of the Vulcan.
    Nice try, though.

    You don't seem to understand why 0-degree starting CoF matters. Which is why you somehow are capable of thinking that the Mercenary is comparable to the Tanto in terms of accuracy and sustained fire capability. That's laughable, but at this point, it seems you're intent on willfully staying in the dark, so, so be it.

    Here, you're assuming the 100% shots-on-target. But most players miss ~70% of their shots. The Tanto is more accurate, and requires less bursting, making more shots-on-target likely. So the Tanto will often have a better TTK than the higher DPS weapons, assuming identical aim ability, because a lower proportion of its bullets will miss due to CoF.

    The fact that you say "even", as if the solstice burst is some bottom-tier weapon, is absolutely hilarious.
    The burst-variant Carbines and ARs are among, if not the, most deadly infantry guns in the game.
  16. Prudentia

    yes you clearly haven't started playing the game at any time before the current NC overpop.
    and ofcourse faction overpops weren't exclusive to the few items i mentioned. there were A LOT more flavor of the month items over the lifetime of planetside, like the old PPA, Phoenix for one day, etc.

    You have absolutely no understanding of what accuracy is tho.
    like seriously, if a person is missing 70% of their shots, and you give them a 0 COF weapon they will still miss 70% of their shots, they will just miss 100% of the shots that are on target and 0% of the shots that are not on target. like seriously, how dense do you have to be to think that a 0 CoF makes you HIT the target when your aim is off?

    oh yes, the burst carbines are the best in the game, it's my go to weapon, but you also think that the tanto is a great gun so i didn't want to confuse you.
  17. Rydenan



    Your infantry accuracy is 27%. On average, you miss 73% of your shots. Congrats, that's pretty normal.
    Now, your accuracy with the NS-11c is 29%, while your accuracy with the Tanto is 31%. That means you're hitting nearly 10% more bullets while using the Tanto. And if you look at the overall playerbase stats for the two, the story is the same. I think that alone invalidates your hypothesis.

    Well, one of us here is certainly confused.
  18. Prudentia

    i've used and auraxed the NS11C years ago. i've auraxed the tanto 2 months ago. my K/D with the tanto is 0.3 worse than any gun i have used since i auraxed it, the accuracy is 1% better, the headshot rate is 1% better. the KPH are also worse by 1 to 10, even worse than the tengu and that is a godawful gun. also the landed per kill is higher by 2 compared to other recent guns.
  19. Rydenan

    Accuracy is 7% better (29% vs 31%), HSR is 75% better (20% vs 35%). Please learn to math.
    You asked about CoF and its impact on accuracy. Why are you quoting KPH, KDR, etc, other than to skirt the argument?

    Besides, I only used you as an example, since you seemed so dumbfounded that someone could miss 70% of their shots. Overall, on average, players have 11% better accuracy and 34% better HSR with the Tanto than with the 11c.

    The simple fact of the matter is that having a smaller CoF allows you to land more shots. I'm not sure why that's so hard to grasp.