[Suggestion] LA new suit slot

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    It would be nice if devs add new suit slot like 'shock absorbing soles' what will have efficiency of safe fall rank 1.
    It feel really annoying what you must waste 1 implant slot to safe fall if you decide to use ikarus or ambusher jump jets. I think it was not provided initially only because these jetpacks appeared much later than the standard and drifter. At practice we can see what even safe fall rank 1 is enough to stop taking fall damage with ikarus and rank 3 with ambusher, so at least we can make room for the second implant with icarus loadouts.
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  2. Liewec123

    agreed something needs to happen,
    the whole theme of the class it to be blasting into the air, making safefall pretty much mandatory.
    personally i think they should just add something equivalent to rank 1 of safefall as default to LA.
    kinda like how engies get rank 1 auto repair when they're flying an ESF.

    thats even better
  4. YellowJacketXV

    Problem is, who would actually use Safe Fall if not for LA's? I mean, I put one on my Infil because I enjoy the ability to disengage from any situation and remain stealthy (no fall damage, no shield shimmer) but still it's mostly designed with LA in mind.

    LA tool slot ideas are kind of difficult in all honesty. The only thing I can generally think of that they truly benefit as a tool is the squad beacon as they can set it literally anywhere. As such, one has to ponder what makes a good utility for a class designed around mobility and speed?

    Why not stim packs? Inject a stim (like a skillstick) and be able to move quicker, jump higher, and have reduced weapon sway/recoil for a while? Of course the drawback might be something like after use you become sluggish for a while or maybe some form of damage increase while the effect is in play. Let it all stack with the adrenaline pump armor and implants like catlike and sidwinder and you have an incredibly fast shock trooper ready to storm a point.