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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RogueComet, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. bourne

    most of these things effect all classes so theyre not la nerfs.
  2. Iridar51

  3. RogueComet

    Well Deggy, I can tell you didn't real all of the posts carefully in the past. You aren't worth the effort to respond to because you won't take the effort to actually read what others have written. You are officially added to my ignore list and I suggest others do the same.
  4. Iridar51

    So many people come here to say "well that nerf affects everyone, so it's not a LA nerf"
    Think from this perspective: you have a cow, a sheep, a cat, a dog, a bull and a horse.
    Where LA is, let's say, cat. Then you chop off one leg from each animal. Then a person comes in and says "You chopped off a leg from a cat". Is his statement wrong in any way? No, and the fact that all animals now have three legs doesn't change it.
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  5. Steveru

    I suppose but almost everything on here affects every class. Maybe reserve the top of your list for "exclusive" nerfs? Or maybe, highlight them at least?

    So I take it you're going to repost this every couple of weeks then?
  6. Van Dax

    I'd argue the team play thing, while they don't have a team play item they most certainly have team play abilities. If it helps think of them like skirmish troops in a napoleonic battle, they help by screening the main army and can be moved quickly to deal with threats that the main body of the army could not deal with.

    I'll give you an example from the Titans infantry division of DIGT
    we break our group into two squads: Atlas and hunters, Atlas has 1 infil, 3 medics, 2 engies, 1 max, and 5 heavies, hunters has 12 light assaults. We use the atlas squad to storm in on points and buildings and hold them while the hunters spread in a circle around our position. They can see enemies coming early and report that to us as well as taking care of zergs quickly and efficiently so atlas doesn't have to over extend. They also are our first line of defense vs enemy tanks and sunderers.

    If your platoon leads can't come up with team play options for the light assault it is not because there isn't any.
  7. Dignity

    This is the way the light assault troopers are supposed to be used "my" Hunters are shock troopers, laying their lives on the line in order to quickly and efficiently dispose of enemy threats, such as sundies that the regular infantry can't reach due to being camped down. Also during stalemates LA's can be incredibly usefull by flying over enemy lines and causing chaos in their middle.

    The point I'm trying to make here is that the LA trooper has taken many hits with the nerfbat, but continues to be as useful as ever, you just have to look for ways to incorporate them into teamplay.
  8. LegoFarmer

    In GU13, Two bricks of C-4 will no longer take out a tank
  9. RogueComet

    LOL Yeah I've seen the threads which has me rather ticked off. I try to not add things to the list though until they actually go live. I have hopes, be them small, that this won't actually occur because it will make LA the least played class which also gets the least score per hour for all the classes too. I can't imagine SOE would do something like that, though they have been known to do some pretty stupid things before too.
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  10. RogueComet

    Added the downward speed boost nerf that came with GU 13. Anyone able to confirm or deny that they nerfed the extra speed we get from using strafe and forward at the same time over non-downward directions?

    SOE has officially, with this nerf, pissed me off enough that I will no longer give them any more money. They are making changes for no reason now to Light Assault, negative ones, that are going to leave us the most broken class in the game. I'm sick of this and how they treat us.
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  11. NaySayer

    I was hoping it was just me when I felt the jj is alot slower...
    Why did they take the one thing LAs had (and are supposed to have) away?
  12. NaySayer

    Devs should know this is a complete game killer for those who like playing LA.
  13. Lyomenos

    You know I took some time off playing this game because I felt the LA was unfinished. I come back to find out its worse than when I stopped. This really blows :(
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  14. HeadshotVictim

    well... a lot of people say that they will quit playing PS2 if nothing happens to XYZ.
    I have to say, that leaving PS2 came kind of natural to me o_O
    There was a SummerSale for CS:GO... strangely more interesting.
    There was a SummerSale for Borderlands2 -> more fun

    I am off to games where every class and weapon has its value... perhaps I will dig up Quake3 again.

    I played LA mostly exclusive and it was fun for some time, but there is no motivation playing PS2 (capture a base? it will be retaken in 30mins anyway; kill 100 enemies -> so what they will respawn and respawn and respawn, killing guys just for killing guys isn't really interesting anymore; and then there is the imbalance between Air/Tank/Infantry). And then the nerfing of LA began and never really stopped, LA revamp pushed back to 2025 (or something), every patch ruining anything else ("Hey we fixed X, now Y, Z, T and walking forward is bugged!"), C4 nerf because people should pull a tank to detroy a Sunderer or lose a base instead of just blowing the sh!tty thing up with C4, DrifterJets were buffed and then nerfed again (e.g. the ability of climbing walls disappeared) etc. etc.
    It is always fun to JetPack around, but other things are far more motivating to play
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