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  1. DocteurVK

    IMO, that was needed, BECAUSE LAs used it to be more steady when shooting during jetpack flight.

    At a short range it will not affect that much, but at a certain distance it was a bit OP.

    And just because a silly mechanic was just fixed, it doesn't mean it was a "NERF" to a specific class.
  2. IceSword

    It'd be cool if they had some deployables for LA. Like a deploy-able proximity radar (similar to the placement of the spawn beacon) or something. Right now, most of what LAs have going for them is counter-infiltrator movements. *sigh* A lot of times infiltrators can just do that themselves, though.
  3. Daibar

    the sweay i didn't notice that much, but i did notice that turning around in mid air is now harder for me, i don't know why that is, but flitch movement for me has been harder since it came in.

    a couple of times i've fallen out of trees when jumpjetting to the branches eventhough i've done those moves hundreds of times, i'm starting to think that the anti-ADAD is affecting our jumpjets.

    i think they should remake the trailer they made with the ligth assault guy, just watch him fall off the air-crafts, rock cropping, no flitching, he would never make it to place the beacon, he would have been killed before because of the impact with one of the aircrafts because he would not be able to shift direction fast enough.

    last night before i logged off, i had to eject from my ESF in high speed, as a result, my jumpjet could not break the momentum like it has ealier and i slammed into a rock and died, that made me pissed so i logged out.

    the fast moment we used to have to indicate survival for the LA got slapped hard imo.
    i have a highend computer(i7, 16GB ram and everything to match) and 10 Mbit connection.
  4. RogueComet

    I'll have to look into this. Definitely would be another change (the ADAD smoothing) that causes LA to take another nerf. Hope that isn't the case but I could see it happening.
  5. RogueComet

    I disagree 100% with your assessment. If you take away the ability to be able to shoot while in the air, you have a class that has less killing power than any other class (cept INF, debatable) that only has the ability to jump over and on top of things. Sorry but NO. Light assault is ONLY about killing. We don't heal. We don't repair. We have absolutely no real concrete team mechanic. We have no tool slot item. Go ahead, continue to call for nerfs to a class that is only about killing and see where that leaves us. You are 100% wrong.

    This was a nerf to many classes but those who actually take the time to read my posts will know that things I put into this thread are bigger nerfs to LA than any other class. It is rare that SOE has gone and done a direct nerf to LA, but it is extremely common (every single GU) that they change a game mechanic that has a negative effect on LA more than any other class. Please read before you post and comment.

    Calling these things a fix is also 100% incorrect. There is absolutely no way to call it that and not a nerf. It is a pure negative enhancement to the game, which qualifies as a nerf pure and simple.
  6. Hypest

    Yeah movement got less responsive. Compared to pre-GU11 it feels like there is a small lag between any direction change. It's affect every class tho, maybe the snipers are the only one happy, besides the terribad ADAD crybabies. Strafe nerf in an FPS game. WHAT THE ****!?
  7. DocteurVK

    The "tool slot" is filled by the jets...

    Seriously, just wait a minute before screaming in my face, and analyse what the LAs have :

    LAs can use jump/drifter jets to move around in the air, giving them easy access to positions other infantry units can't go as easily. Their mobility allow them to use hit and run tactics effectively, in many different ways.

    They have access to C4, which combined to jets allow them to litteraly scare off vehicles or efficiently sneak past them and blow them.

    Now, you say LAs are meant for killing. I agree, they are an assault class. What I don't understand, is that you want the LAs being able to kill people while flying with the same accuracy as if they were on the ground.

    THAT is irrelevant. How could you get the same steady aim in the air, being pushed by a pair of flares, as a crouching soldier ?

    I agree that the other scopes playing the jump animation while in the air is a bit too much, but being able to effectively shoot PPL in the head 30 m away with an aim as steady as on the ground, while being in the air, is silly.
  8. RogueComet

    OMG another person with idiotic ideas who thinks the tool slot is the jets.
    Lets see:
    HA: Shield AND Rockets
    INF: Cloak AND Dart Gun
    Medic: AE heal and Heal Gun
    Engineer: ACE tool and Repair gun
    Light Assault: Jet Pack. That's it.

    THE JET PACK IS NOT THE TOOL SLOT ITEM. Get a freaking clue.
    Medics have C4. HA have C4. Engineer has C4. Sorry but C4 is NOT just for Light Assault, plus you have to cert into it, it isn't given freely like the rest of the items listed on that list I made above. C4 is not the tool slot item. Anyone who actually knows anything about Light Assault would know this.

    Claiming that LA shouldn't be able to shoot people in the air as being "silly" in a freaking science fiction game is bad form. Isn't a shield that gets rid of damage silly? How about one that makes you invisible to visible wavelengths of light? How about nanites in general? OMG are you really pulling the argument that "it is silly to be able to shoot people in the air" argument? ROFLMAO You lose on that one.

    Finally claiming that LA can shoot with the same accuracy in the air as on the ground is also 100% false. We already have HUGE penalties to our cones of fire when we are in the air. Seriously huge penalties, yet you seem to think they are equal to being on the ground? Just another aspect that shows you are 100% clueless.

    Do some research before you try to actually make blanket statements about a class, because right now you seem to know almost nothing. You are now put on my ignore list since you aren't worth the time for me to read or respond to.

    Give LA :

    - A teamwork ability (idea quote from another topic -> give them a tool to nulify medic ability on ennemi troop , ability to carry another player at the price of half range with jet pack, ability to spot multiple target )

    - Bring back the rocket jetpack who was in beta (icarus or something)

    - Make the drift jet pack as someting not useless like it is actually, drift should give LA a very hight hover mobility to allow them tank hunting, or to rush fast in open field (cf tribes ascent)
  10. Yosarian

    *underbarrel fuse timer
    *shotgun nerf in GU11

    forgot these
  11. RogueComet

  12. Booticus

    Love my LA, but we definitely need a tool slot of some sort
  13. Iridar51

    Headshot! Critical Damage! "ForumSide2 auraxium medal" awarded!
    Dude, you should give lessons on how to shut down people :)
    Don't get me wrong, I approve of your approach.
  14. S0LAR15

    The IRNV nerf doesn't change that it still has practically no CoF on ADS, whilst jetpacking. It's still abusable for that but I've always preferred hipfire.
  15. illgot

    along with changes from Beta. Beta is beta for a reason, to test features and balance them. Anything changed from beta to release can not be counted as a nerf.
  16. RogueComet

    LOL part of me wants to call the Sunderer No-Deploy zones a nerf that effects LA more than the other classes. Having sunderers right on the points often left them by buildings, which helps us use C4. Not by the point, not as often by buildings, thus less chance of C4 being useful.

    I'm not going to call this a nerf though, just hope nobody else can find anything that is considered a nerf to LA. This might be the first GU (GU12) in a long time that didn't nerf us!
  17. deggy

    What I'm seeing here is you taking things that affect everyone and calling them LA nerfs. C4? Everyone has it. It's not just LA. Same with a lot of the stuff you mention. Next you'll call the Nanoweave health bonus a nerf to Light Assault because you can't kill as quickly.

    As for the Sunderer bit... Really? That's your complaint? People have to deploy their Sunderers in better places now?

    6 of your points are directly related to C4, which is common to every class except MAX and Infil.

    5 of them are base design. Are LA the only ones that fight in the bases now?

    Meanwhile, only 5 of them are LA-specific. They are:
    Icarus JJ removed (beta)
    No tool slot item (not a nerf)
    Little teamplay (also not a nerf)
    Pushed back LA revamp (still not a nerf)
    JJ volume increased (was undone a few weeks later)
    Flashbang nerf (THIS is a nerf)

    The only lasting "nerfs" in this list are the Icarus, and that was in beta, and the flashbang, which I haven't noticed anyway. I have literally NEVER had a flashbang used on me. Before or after the nerf.

    All the others are complaints, not nerfs. LA has never had a tool slot item, it's not like they took it away. Same with teamplay and the LA revamp. They're not taking something away.

    All the others affect EVERYONE. Not just you. From what you're saying, every change that has been made in the last six months has been a direct nerf to the LA class. That's simply not true.

    Edit: Missed the Flash Grenade change
  18. Xae

    Quit yer ********, Light Assaults are still fantastic.
  19. blessedpatrick

    Anyone else fully convinced that the jump jets seem to change every few patches? I swear back in the day I could fly a whole lot more than I can now.
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  20. Daibar

    BlessedPatrick i got the same issue, its like 1-2 seconds are suddenly gone