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  1. urida

    Ok im sure som1 already called you out here but your post frustrated me to such a degree i felt i had to respond anyway.
    1. HA should be all about the team aspect. I dont know how you can say HA has no team aspect when the "team" most often is a compilation of HA and their support aka medic and engi
    2. The "nerfed everyone" comment is just plain stupid. this is a list of nerfs that affected the LA regardless of if they affected other class equaly as much.
    2a:Almost all the "nerfed everyone" comments you make are inaccurate. You have to think about who those changes hurt the most.
    • Windows were LA secret entrances in many cases, the lower down windows that everyone could get to were few and far btw in addition, imo, to not being that surprising.
    • C4 despawning and radius drop is bad for LA specificly bc a: LA can use c4 more effectivly than any other class. b: the way LA' use C4 is almost always a high risk scenario in which they may drop the c4 but not get the chance to blow it, more so than other classes.
    • Pump actions making carbines obsolete is almost exclusively LA. Other classes already had better than carbines and engi's dont fight close quartes nearly as often as LA. (that being said i disagree with the statement that pump actions make carbines obsolete, they are different)
    • Spawn beacons are most effective when placed high up aka using a LA. removing the ability for any LA in the squad to place the beacon removed one of LA purposes in squads
    • Spawn room changes to prevent spawn camping hurt LA th most because they were best able to spawn camp in the way these changes prevented (aka sitting on top of the doorway etc)
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  2. Unclematos7

    And now they removed the "walkway" at the top of towers. Probably due to the complaints of mental detectives that were just incapable of looking up.
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  3. K2k4

    I am not sure what soe was planning with the light assault class but we were perfect in gu03-gu05 before the dam windows were removed and all of our weapons were turned into inaccurate pieces of sheet. I used to scoff when I saw the light assault update but more and more I can't wait until we get our balance fix.
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  4. RogueComet

    Adding this to the list. Haven't been in game yet so I didn't know about it.
  5. simmi1717

    The new link structure on Indar is another indirect nerf for LA. It promotes zerg gameplay where huge numbers of troops are moving together and fighting for a place. In such a place you can't get to good positions without getting torn to pieces in split seconds or getting spotted 2 seconds after you get to a place and having no time to move cz you die right away. The game has become more and more about staying indoors or behind covers with the rest of the team and shooting. They are making the game more and more team oriented which is really really bad for LA cz they don't have any team abilities and the places they die is where they can't be revived. This last patch was a boon for max for not only did they get newer abilities, but the zerg gameplay increased their kills by 10 more per hour. I am digusted by how easy it is to play a max and how hard it is to play LA and yet ******* keep crying about them all the time. I'm just going to retire my LA and play with the rest of the mindless zombie Maxes camping the points indoors and shooting everyone that moves in.
  6. paradroid

    Anyone notice that the Line of sight for CONCUSSION grenades for HA was fixed, not the LA's Flash grenades.
    Glad to see the Boom on activating JJ's gone.
  7. simon11russell

    Yea I got excited when I read the notes about concussion grenades thinking flash would have been fixed in the same way. But no we just get a straight nerf to the effectiveness of our grenades. I would really like to know how/why SOE decided that concussion grenades should be LOS but not flash it just doesn't make sense to me.
  8. Aegie

    I pretty much stopped playing for about a month in part due to some of the negatives that came down the barrel for LAs- trying to find a reason to come back and play but everything I see just makes me cringe.

    Is this really a thing now? LAs cannot place beacons? Is that because it is too difficult for enemy LAs to find and shoot them?

    I'm assuming we still have the ludicrious COF (instead of recoil) multiplier when we are airborn too- just laughable and brought me to the point where the game just feels silly playing as a LA and watching bullets pop out of the barrel at random directions.
  9. urida

    LA's can still place beacon's if they are the squad leaders
    The change that was made is that before hand any player in the squad could be the one that placed the squad beacon. Usualy the leader would pick one of the LA's to do it because LA's could place them in harder to reach spots. Not anymore though so if you are a LA in a squad you can no longer offer that service to your team.
  10. ulceroso


    I don't know, every time I come to the forum, it looks like playing LA makes you somewhat invincible and almighty. Then I play for a while as LA and I keep crushing my mouse in frustration dozens of times. It must be me then...
  11. Epic High Five

    It's not for everybody. I am only good at it and I've put hundreds of hours into it. It's pretty much simple as "never touch the ground while shotgunning fools in the face." If you're doing that or even TRYING for that, you're doing it right and if you aren't enjoying it, no worries. Play something else.

    Heavy assault is also highly recommended. I have 3 LA guns auraxed but only one HA gun, the Gauss SAW. I have more kills with my SAW than all three of those guns combined and then a couple more thrown in. I love the SAW and really started thriving in this game when I went HA.
  12. ulceroso

    Oh, I try to never been in the middle of a fight, always try to get an alternative path, fly to some place where I shouldn't bee seen, blah blah blah. ********, my überlet LA is always seen by somebody who happens to be in the wrong place, the lolpod always shots a full load when I'm under a platform where people shouldn't be, etc.

    I wasn't trying to point that I can't play LA, (which could be the case, as it has never been my playstile to go stealth or rambo). I tried to point that playing a LA by no means it's like it sounds if you read this forums according to people who usually doesn't play LA.

    And about being HA, nevah! I'be been always a support class in every FPS I've played. Being LA in Planetside is just an exception.
  13. Ixidron

    Wait a minute, you can edit post past the 30min margin? tell me your secret.
  14. RogueComet

    Added the C4 damage nerf to Liberators and ESF's with GU09.
  15. RogueComet

    GU 10 and there is yet another to game mechanics that hurt LA more than other classes. It isn't a direct LA nerf, but it DOES effect the Light Assault more than the other classes.
    • Tracers are now more visible during the daytime.
    Appears to be a smaller nerf than some of the other things we've been hit with, but still... I do believe this will hurt LA more than the other classes (well maybe not Infiltrator?) simply because we will have a harder time shooting and staying hidden in our vantage spots. If you disagree, please say so but also please explain why you think the other classes will be hit by this nerf more than LA. We rely on our stealth so much that this WILL effect us.
  16. Naelyan

    add also :
    "Enemy Health Bar Change
    Enemies farther than ten meters away will no longer display health bars when spotted; this applies to both infantry and vehicles."

    enjoy blindly wasting those 100 infantry res C4 without having any idea what it will do to vehicles unless they are already crushing your skull under their wheels.
    I'm probably done with this game until LA revamp, this class isn't worth it with direct and indirect nerfs happening at every GU, GL & HF to those staying on HeavyMaxSide 2.
  17. RogueComet

    Since we are CQC for infantry and it shouldn't matter for them anywhere near as much, would you mind if I just made this for vehicles? You are correct though, it does effect us since our vehicle smashing power is close quarter too. Thanks.
  18. Naelyan

    I don't really have an issue for this when it comes to infantry and CQC (even for Max units) but when it comes to anti vehicle play this just adds a totally unknown factor in an already quite random equation and planning. We already had to go close to vehicles to do anything now we have no idea if it's worth trying unless we always use both C4 or if there is already some pretty nasty smoke coming out of the target.
    So yeah i don't mind this being listed only for anti vehicle purpose.
  19. LegoFarmer

    They removed the light post above room entrances so we can no longer stand on top of the entrance and spray enemies
  20. RogueComet

    Added the HS/NV nerf and the C4 red light. Yes I know the red light is super minor, but still adding it to the list.

    Those who debate that the HS/NV nerf effects all classes equally certainly don't realize that probably 95% of the LA out there run it simply because it is the most steady with aiming while jet packing through the air (doesn't do repeated jump animations.) A delay time, for us who don't necessarily kill quickly, while it powers up can be deadly for us in those situations. Sway also makes us even more close quarter fighters by necessity, thus a straight up nerf that effects LA.