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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RogueComet, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Liberty

    Light assault is the best infantry vs. infantry unit in the game. And its pretty great at MAX killing and to an extent tank/sundy killing too. Once you realize that if you play smart you will always, 100% of the time have the upper hand at the start of an encounter (unless vs. another LA who might have it) you'll see the above list means absolutely nothing.

    I'd seriously put complaining about LA's being underpowered in the same league with saying "Rocket Pods are too!"
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  2. Metal Insomniac

    I noticed this after GU08, actually. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to blow up a sundy with blockade armor and full heath with two bricks of C4.
  3. MajiinBuu

    I'm just glad that the thing that makes light assaults light assaults hasn't been nerfed. The jump jets are awesome, if they didn't exist than light assault would be obsolete.
    With jump jets there is no tree I can't climb, no mountain I can't scale.
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  4. Swiffle

    GD7-F :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    still patching but scared. might have to grab a razor now
  5. ArcKnight

    NO sundy that you can KILL
    NO enemy you can quietly sneak upon
  6. ArcKnight

    its terrifying their nerfing every gun that has ever been popular
  7. MajiinBuu

    2 C4 Puts Sunderers in critical state, and they will eventually explode if not repaired. To make sure nobody repairs them I crawl under and blast enemies legs with my pump action :)
    And some people are oblivious to the sound of Jump Jets. If your in a quiet biolab you'll be heard very easily. If there is a massive battle at Crossroads Watchtower, over 200 troops total, it's hard to hear jump jets over the noise.
  8. Intruder313

    List of nerfs/negative things for LA so far:
    No tool slot item - what tool are you lacking? Some classes have a Tool that basically defines their class, you have Frickin' Jump Jets to define LA.
    Little team-play aspect - subjective and I disagree
    Push back of LA Revamp (moved to Unscheduled on 4/15/13) - not a nerf, the Infiltrator Revamp is simply needed more
    3D spotting changes to make hiding more difficult - applies to all players, not an LA nerf
    C4 Damage radius nerf - applies to most classes, not an LA nerf
    C4 despawning when you respawn - applies to most classes, not an LA nerf
    Change to cert prices for C4 from beta to make C4 more expensive to cert into - applies to most classes, not an LA nerf
    Taking Icarus JJ out of the game - no idea what this was, but as it was never Live it's not a nerf as such.
    Pump Actions pretty much make Carbines obsolete (not totally but close!) - at 0-5m only.
    Changes to spawn beacon so it is Squad Lead only (yeah that DID hurt LA) - applies to all classes, not an LA nerf
    Spotting nerf where we can't spam it to help friendlies anymore - applies to all classes, not an LA nerf
    Death Fields around Spawn rooms - applies to all classes, arguably more to LAs simply because as well as camping at the doors/walls you also camped the roof.
    Spawn Room Redesigns - you really are reaching here
    Window shutter changes - not all windows are narrowed but this was largely done to keep more tank rounds out, not LAs.
    JJ volume increased (GU07 4/18/13) - not a nerf, a fix to an obvious oversight. The LA was quieter than an Infiltrator's Cloak (still is).
    C4 nerf against Sunderers (GU08 5/02/13) - applies to most classes

    People can debate these as much as they want, I could care less"

    And surely you couldn't care less....
  9. vaxx

    You think PA's are only good at 0-5m? Have you ever used one?

    A fix? Please do show me where SOE said it was an oversight. Please show me one bit of information proving that it was a "fix" and not a nerf. No complaining about JJ noise (except from Infl of course) until PA's were introduced. So after 6months of Live they decide to "fix" it? LOL. Sure.

    And I will point out again, why does the Infl. cloak and JJ always have to be compared? They are different classes.
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  10. Hagestol

    I'd battle this but everything is mostly wrong so

  11. Strykar

    Translation: He's right and I refuse to admit that I'm wrong.

    Seriously. He's right.
  12. Ztiller

    Oh look, another whine-thread in the Infil/LA forum. How surprised i am.
  13. Hagestol

    Oh look, nerf herders in the LA forum after yet another nerf. How quaint.

    Nah man, he is just reusing all the idiotic responses being shouted out from herders the last weeks after nerf a b c etc.
    LA are the primary C4 users, so naturally it is a large nerf to us. We used to be sneaky since alpha, now we're not so thats a nerf. 845s are getting nerfed, we're the primary users (engis have turrets, utility and BRs). so thats another nerf aimed at us. Window shutter nerf vs tanks could easily be avoided with energy fields to prevent people shelling through, but they locked us out instead - nerf aimed at us.

    Little team play is not subjective, it can be presented objectively: Present the organised play LA does better than other classes. Destroy sunders? No. Kill? Not after the sound nerf, not against organised plays. Superior firepower? No. Cheesy OHK shotguns? Yeah, but no surprise anymore, not more than the HA which also has the shield.

    We have no battlefield job, no utility, no survivability and our superior flying skill is being lowered by sound and regen nerfs.

    Sure LA is fun to play and I still play it. That doesn't mean its practical or tactical to bring them. Just like snipers really.

    And again, he is mostly wrong. He has terrible counter arguments, the nerfs that hit LA the hardest are "affecting everyone" and those he subjectively disagrees with are simply wrong without any data to back them up. I'd never use a carb over a shotgun close range if I wanted a great KDR, which assaulting now apparently is all about. At least now that we can't take out strategical vehicles anymore.

    1/10 trolling, please show yourself out (to intruder, not to you)
  14. toxs

    LA is the most dominating force in the planetside 2 universe.
  15. Vastly

    The jetpack "boom" noise has been nerfed on the test server :eek:
  16. Strykar

    This over and over again.

    Seriously guys. Jump jets. Think about how awesome they are.
  17. Ronin Oni


    Using pump shotguns as a NERF to LA?!????!?

    They're the ONE CLASS that uses them the MOST

    Sqd Ldr spawn beacons were necessity. WAAY to many before. Besides, competed with C4 then too.

    and the reason LA update was pushed back?

    They STILL don't know what team-utility to add for them. I haven't seen many good ideas (and dual-wielding is idiotic)
  18. MajiinBuu

    Jetpacks only make the "loud" boom noise as soon as you activate it, then it goes away.
    When I'm using drifter jets it does the same thing, only making the boom noise when you first activate it. I'll drift a few hundred meters and C4 an MBT or Lightning, hopefully they won't look up ;)
  19. Ruar

    Honestly, your list just make it seems like you want to keep all of the buggy/crappy design advantages your class had which made it almost impossible for other classes to counter. As I stated I can make the argument LA is the best 1v1 infantry fighter due to the power of carbines, hit detection, and the speed at which LA can warp around.

    As for C4, we all know the main use is against sunderers behind cover. So a LA jumps up over the cover and lands on the sundy and if you are sitting in the sundy there's almost no chance you can stop the LA from planting his C4 due to hit detection. Which makes cover pretty much worthless.

    LA should have a definite role but it shouldn't be capable of being a great ground vehicle killer as well as the best infantry killer anytime you are around an objective. I think LA should be based around maneuverability and providing some added utility by getting his squad into good spots rather than using the maneuverability to enhance attack potential.

    When comparing LA to HA the balance point should be weaker armor/greater mobility vs stronger armor/ability to engage vehicles. Currently the balance is weaker armor/greater mobility/ability to engage vehicles/stronger CQC weapon vs slightly stronger armor/can shoot at planes.

    The balance is off and both LA and HA needs some work to bring them into harmony.
  20. Hosp

    That's dependent on the team and not the class. Hence, shouldn't be on your list.