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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RogueComet, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. RogueComet

    I, for one, am tired of changes being made to the game that have a negative impact on the Light Assault class. Several times in other threads I've posted a list of changes that have effected the LA class in a negative light (nerfs) but I have finally decided to start a new post about this. This isn't, "stop nerfing us." This thread isn't, "the LA is OP compared to the INF." This thread is just a place (and I hope people treat it this way) to list all of the changes being made that negatively impact the class that some of us dearly love.

    If these things are changes to become obsolete, I'll strike-through the item. I'll also add to the list over time (and in the future add dates when changes were made.) Going to focus on changes that effect ALL EMPIRES too.

    List of nerfs/negative things for LA so far:
    No tool slot item
    Little team-play aspect
    Change to cert prices for C4 from beta to make C4 more expensive to cert into
    Taking Icarus JJ out of the game
    Pump Actions pretty much make Carbines obsolete (not totally but close!)
    Changes to spawn beacon so it is Squad Lead only (yeah that DID hurt LA)
    3D spotting changes to make hiding more difficult (happened around GU02, undocumented)
    Spotting nerf where we can't spam it to help friendlies anymore (GU02 2/2/13)
    Jump Pads work only for Facility Owners (GU02 2/2/13)
    Death Fields around Spawn rooms (GU03? 2/21/13)
    Spawn Room Redesigns (GU03? 2/21/13)
    Window shutter changes (GU03? 2/21/13)
    C4 Damage radius nerf (GU04 3/13/13)
    C4 despawning when you respawn (GU04 3/13/13)
    Push back of LA Revamp (moved to Unscheduled on 4/15/13)
    JJ volume increased (GU07 4/18/13)
    C4 nerf against Sunderers (GU08 5/02/13)
    Flash Grenade Radius reduced (GU09 5/22/13)
    Walkway at top of tower (above doors) removed (GU09 5/22/13)
    C4 damage nerf against Liberators and possibly ESFs (GU09 5/22/13)
    Tracers are now more visible during the daytime. (GU10 6/5/13)
    Vehicle Health doesn't display more than 10m away (GU10 6/5/13)
    HS/NV Scope Nerf (GU11 6/20/13)
    C4 gains a Red Light (very minor thankfully, GU11 6/20/13)
    Shotgun Nerf (GU11 6/20/13)
    Infantry Movement Fix increased fall damage (GU11 6/20/13)
    Downward Speed boost on JJ nerfed (GU13 7/24/13)

    People can debate these as much as they want, I could care less. I simply want to have a good place to document the changes we feel are negatively impacting our class. I WILL be updating this on a regular basis. Also, as you can see from the list, I will be focusing on game changes that aren't directly tied to LA but do effect them, as well as the ones that are direct straight up nerfs to LA.
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  2. RogueComet

    Oh, if something isn't directly tied to LA, but does effect them, does everyone want an explanation why it negatively effects LA?
  3. Malcmodnar

    I applaud you, good sir.

    It helps to have a reminder of just how much has already been done to us, whether one believes it has been too much or too little. I, personally, hope that this will remind people how limited Light Assault really is before demanding that we be constrained even further.
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  4. Stargazer86

    Yup. That all sounds about right.
  5. vaxx

    Cue the Infiltrators posts about how bad they have it, and how much LA needs more nerfs......
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  6. RobotNinja

    You're complaining about the changes (fixes) to 3D spotting and spot spam prevention? So you don't think they should have taken away the ability to spot entire platoons by spamming q repeatedly? That was a LA nerf? Uh...okay.
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  7. Frosty The Pyro

    dont these directly cancel each other?

    And PA was a fairly large buff to LA as they can be used much more easily while flying (effected less by the acuracy going to ****e like carbines are)
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  8. RogueComet

    Actually they are totally different things. 3d spotting changes make it so you are easier to see up in trees, on the side of buildings, and such. We can't hide as easily! The spotting nerf was simply the inability to press Q as often as some were, which makes our scouting abilities work much poorer. I used to be able to get into an advantageous spot and light up enemy brigades for my outfit. Now with there being a cooldown if you don't spot "exactly" an enemy, you can't do this anywhere near as easily. Sorry, they don't cancel.

    I will agree that PA was a huge buff. I actually think PA are so over powered that I refuse to buy them and use them. I totally feel that LA shouldn't have PA. My list isn't about buffs though it is about listing the constant nerfs.
  9. Oakwalker

    So far, the only thing i read that was negative for my LA was the C4 being a tad less usefull.
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  10. Wolfwood82

    Actually the cool down only hits if you spot nothing repeatedly and rapidly 3 or 4 times. Otherwise you can spot to your hearts content as long as you are actually spotting someone and not spamming places you think someone might be. The corrections made spotting more precise and less exploitable. The spotting was also made more reliable and I think the distance was increased considerably.

    And I'm sorry but we've always been spottable in trees and alcoves. Unless you are digging back to pre-beta we've always had the dorritos telling people where we are IF they can see us in order to spot us.

    Your list also fails to put up all the positive changes that were made to the class. I'm guessing that list will be a lot harder to slap together given that few people remember such changes so easily.

    Finally the C4 radius was returned to it's original (or close to original) blast radius when they stopped it from being a suicide bomber's wet dream.
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  11. RogueComet

    Adding the change to the roadmap for Light Assault to this list. Fracking BS is what this is. FINISH THE DAMN CLASS.
  12. LonelyTerran

    O hey angry guy that sent me a threatening message. @Rogue
    Don't get glad, Just stay mad.
  13. Mythicrose12

    I'm surprised the shot gun nerfs and slug nerfs aren't included. True that all class but the infiltrator can use them, but the LA can make the most use of it. HA with adrenaline shield is freaking scary in tower fights and biolabs, though.
  14. Chemicalnurd

    Sound nerf is fine - the jets sound pretty damn cool with the new sounds and it helps stop us being the best at infiltrating, which clearly, the infiltrator should be. I feel that our strength should be in mobility, not stealth.
    Personally, I think it'd be pretty cool if we had recon devices instead of the infiltrator having them in our tool slot (Make the damned things useful first though.) This could help with the teamplay aspect.
    Some bases could be tweaked to provide more flow to battles at them along with positions only Light Assaults can get to, which are strong places to assist your team from. However, unless we get more flow at facilities, getting above the enemy can't be done to assist your team - you're just another guy getting kills, albeit from a slightly better position.
    An alternate item for the tool slot would be some sort of suppression weapon, which would also add to team play. Something similar to the lasher in that it wont get many kills but by using your mobility to get to a good position you can use it to flush enemies out of cover, to control crowds, and to soften shields for your friends. Maybe it could be some kind of light rapid fire grenade launcher - fairly limited range, very low damage but fair splash distance, and perhaps the small size means the grenades suffer greatly from projectile drop, meaning getting up high allows it to be much more effective (To keep a valid role out there for the lasher).

    I would also love to see automatic scout rifles allowed for light assaults (albeit made useful first, but obviously still much less effective than a carbine at close range) - they'd be much more viable for use from the positions we can get to using the jetpack. Semi automatic ones would obviously still be infiltrator only to avoid light assaults becoming the sniper class.

    To go along with this sound nerf for the jetpack, I feel the standard jetpack should maneuver better and accelerate faster when taking off from the ground (after all, the new sound makes it sound like it should have more punch), and the drifter jetpack could fall even slower than it does now.

    Spawn room changes are fine, because spawn camping is bad.

    If bases could have more detail higher up - properly planned catwalks, platforms.. things where there's actually been thought put in to how firefights could work up above, how fighting between light assaults could work and how the advantages/disadvantages of different jetpack types could really come into play... That'd be awesome. An example of where I feel this could be better is at tech labs - now, these are already great bases for light assaults; lots of hiding spots and cubbyholes you can worm your way into and shoot from. Now what if we ran risk of having firefights with other light assaults up here with more complex places for these to happen in? As it is, if a light assault were to catch you up there, one of you would probably be dead within 5 seconds. I think it'd be pretty great if instead this could lead to awesome ninja jetpack fights where you fly up and down inside the legs of the plant or along the struts and cables underneath the 'belly' of the thing. In short, I feel the jetpack could easily have potential for a whole new style of play - and, although I sort of oppose the class system (Never played PS1 but that system there looks awesome - as a Deus Ex 1 fan I love grids xD), if they must insist on using it some bigger differences between class gameplay would be great.

    Sorry for text wall, I get carried away when I have ideas :p
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  15. Rogueghost

    Only things that bother me off is pain fields stretch out a good 2-3 feet past their spawn, and the new JJ audio on the test server.
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  16. ChaosRender

    So every one has been nerfed and LA and HA are the worst we need this fixed now!!
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  17. RogueComet

    LOL too true Chaos. Unfortunately I feel those things listed there hit LA a bit more than the other classes. I used to know tons of LA who'd toss a spawn beacon for their squad on weird things, no so much anymore. I used to see tons of LA on top of spawn rooms, not so much with other classes. I used to see a bunch of LA go in/out of windows, but fewer of the other classes. Still... SOE does seem to be showing a trend with "nerf after nerf." We've seen it before in other games, unfortunately continuing in this one as well.
  18. ChaosRender

    As some one who has been on both sides of a lot of nerfs, I am all for anything that makes this game more fun and fairer to every one, and most of those nerfs did just that.
  19. RogueComet

    Added the C4 Nerf for damage against Sunderers. Anyone else see any other nerfs in GU08 to LA yet? I'm sure they snuck a few more in.......
  20. Get2dachoppa

    We infiltrators have it sooooo bad, you have no idea! Moar LA nerfs pl0x!

    psssssst....i'm being sarcastic