LA might be the most fun had in a game in years!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Methaniel, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Methaniel

    I wrote a long post explaining my love for Light Assault but my ******* smartphone dumped it all into cyberspace Here is the short version I'm using the AMC right now with a 3.4x but I find it a bit too weak at range. Which carbine would you recomend for rooftop peekaboo sniping? I am TR.
    In other news SOE Forums + Android + Firefox = frustrated me.
  2. Methaniel

    At a proper computer now, so ill explain my playstyle abit. I mostly use the instant action feature and just roll with the masses. Being a father of five and university student leaves little to no time to play, id love to be in an organized outfit but the fact that i sometimes just ALT+F4 out of the game usually makes Outfits annoyed.

    What ive done so far is hit instant Action, sneak around a base using my jetpacks to stay high and out of sight, when i find a good spot ill use my 3.4x Scope AMC as a medium range sniper rifle. For example a MAX walks by, pop him a few times in the top of his head, jump down behind him, circle around while he lumbers about wondering WTF is happening, when he is dead and his friends appear to investigate im allready long gone, hiding on another rooftop waiting/scouting for any unexpecting passerby.

    What i feel is that my AMC is lacking in firepower, if i could find something with just a little more range and punch id be golden. I have a Haymaker for CQC (defending BioDomes etc..) and i love it, just need to find the Carbine for me.
  3. RedOak

    Had an outfit member yesterday saying the game stuff. He was so happy with it and thought we should do a 48 person LA raid soon. Just tell everyone its global agenda and go nuts. I'll be trying LA soon because of this.
  4. Zythep

    M8 of mine is using the Trac 5 burst, costs 100 certs/125 SC right now, and he loves it. Bought it myself, it is a dream to use, atleast at close/mid range
  5. Wallonthefloor

    Get a shotgun, get a 3.4x scope, get slugs. LA is now even better.
  6. BlackWolf

    I love my Trac 5 S, 2x Reflex and underbarrel grenade launcher. Nothing says hello like flying explosive death. I can't wait till I get enough points to get C4 once more. I loved chucking that stuff around in beta.

    I am debating on my backup rifle, however...need something good for sniping.

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