[Suggestion] LA long range support

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tfuhlf22, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Tfuhlf22

    I asked myself if it was possible to give the light assault a battle rifle or something else to give fire support from above.
    Any opinions?
  2. Iridar51

    I don't think Battle Rifles or even Scout Rifles would make LA overpowered, but, unfortunately, the devs decided that Light Assault is close range only.
  3. Daigons

    Have you tried out the Blackhand pistol with the 4x scope. Double tap sniping from extreme distance guaranteed. (O_O)
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  4. Daigons

    Also wanted to add as a VS LA, I've had some incredible medium-long range shots when I switched to a Solstice Burst with the 1x dot scope. Just this afternoon while on a Valking C4 team, I found myself in a bad situation after we took out an opposing Ant & crew at a new base. Just as everyone redeployed, I noted an opposing spawn beacon set away from the base. I cancelled the redeploy to take out the beacon. Just as I cancelled, two spawn pods dropped and a pair of angry Engineers started to shoot me at long range. I managed to take both players while I survived with 20% life left. I was lucky enough to get to their spawn beacon in time to destroy it before they can respawn.

    But it's situations like this where the accuracy of the dedicated burst weapon really shines. Personally I find it to be a headshot machine at medium-long range. However I do experience some trouble with it at short-CQC ranges though or when I switch to any 2x scope by mistake. Ammo capacity can be troubling too especially when you find a nice lofty sniping spot at a base. It's those times that I wish that the VS LA had access to some type of Phaseshift variant.
  5. Tfuhlf22

    I admit that scout rifles woud maybe a bit too strong on an LA but never a battle rifle. They aren't good on Engi, Medic or Heavy.Maybe a light assault could profit from that.
  6. MrMinistry30

    LA does have some options for long range support: - long range carbines (which are actually pretty good) - Burst weapons, NS11-C, Long range carbines (AC-X11, Pulsar C, T5 AMC...) - Blackhand/Crossbow - (eventually) slug shotguns Personally, i don't like the idea of battle/scout rifles on LA because i think such campers could really cause problems.
  7. Tfuhlf22

    Imo NS 11C is crap on long range. I've tsted it with Comp. Grip and HVA and outside of 100m there is no chance of killing someone. Blackhand doesn't work for me because I cannot see where the bullet travels because of the scope kick. Crossbow has to strong bullet drop and to low velocity.
    Shotgun with slugs are half viable but not usable on longdistance for me.
    Long range Carbines are good but for me they miss out on this one little bit more Damage on rage. I'm NC btw and ACX kicks very much and Razor has a bit to less damage for the accuracy.

    I honestly wanted to go out on VERY long range.
  8. Iridar51

    Duude... No automatic weapon has 100m effective range. That's a territory only for long range bolt action rifles. What you expect from just a carbine?

    On a close range oriented mobile skirmisher. You want to snipe, use a sniper class =\
  9. Tfuhlf22

    Thats why I asked for a Battle Rifle :|
  10. Tfuhlf22

    Btw what does the two Exclamation marks mean on the post?
  11. Eternaloptimist

    Gauss Compact Burst......................you know it makes sense :). Seriously, this is a great long range option (as are all the burst carbines and ARs). Works in CQC too if you remember to spam the trigger a bit.
  12. Iridar51

    At 100m, Battle Rifle wouldn't do much either, to be honest. Unless we're talking a perfectly stationary target.
  13. Targanwolf

    I would love a long range capability for an LA. It would induce me to actually try the class. I'm not a twitch player...so always looking for options where reflexes and internet connection don't determine outcomes.
  14. Targanwolf

    Blackhand unfortunately has no suppressor...and I would think 40-50 m might be max effective range.
  15. Iridar51

    Nah, not really. You can headshot + bodyshot double tap within 59m, and that's VERY quick. And two headshot kill outside that range. It's totally possible to land headshots within 120m or so, especially if you stop moving and crouch, which boosts the accuracy.
  16. Corezer

    With enough latency, 2 headshots is easily done before they can react.

    Unfortunately, I have good interwebs, so I need my opponent to be poor or have poor reaction speed.