[Suggestion] LA jets got nerfed, please roll back

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by BlizardX, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. BlizardX

    the LA jets sucks after the recent changes I don't see how this update suppose to encourage me to play LA.
  2. Kanelbullen300

    they got NERFED?
  3. BlizardX

    I can feel the difference between before the LA got changed and now. my skirmisher jet could reach the roof in ease but now I can't even do that.
  4. CrimsonEclipse5

    There were no changes to any of the LA jets in the most recent patch. Read the patch notes before you go and spew nonsense.
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  5. Diilicious

    **** ....I almost praised Allah.... almost....
  6. entity009

    The only change was that some time ago they changed the way ranking the jets up gives to % capacity and regen. You still get the same +%s from maxing it. From the 9/7/16 update notes:

    oJump Jets (Light Assault)
    §Renamed Skirmisher Jump Jets
    §Ability scaling has been adjusted; lower-ranks of this ability will now be more effective.
    §Cert line now increases fuel and recharge rates by 8/11/14/17/20%, max rank benefits unchanged.
    oDrifter Jump Jets (Light Assault)
    §Recharge rate standardized for all ranks.
    §Rank 1 flight time from 7 sec. to 15 sec.
    §Now increases total flight time by 0/4/7/11/15 seconds.
    §Slightly reduced sink caused by lateral movement.
  7. SupaFlea

    Ok so let me get this straight, you FELT that there were changes and posted this without even seeing if their was any and you expect ppl to take a post like this seriously? hmmmmmmm
  8. Dusk117

    >hurr durr stealth patch pls roll back

    Please just... Stop.