LA Faction Specific Weapon Ideas!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by 86Rowdy, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. 86Rowdy

    Would anyone like to see some new and unique weapons available to the Light Assault class? Something that might make the class stand out on the battlefield aside from just the jetpack?

    Got any ideas?

    Dont worry about stats, just looking for how it would work in the game!


    Belt-fed Carbine, Attached to a miniature nanite ammo factory.
    Infinite ammo with heat mechanic (similar to the Vanu Betelgeuse)

    Sustained beam weapon. Limited range, no reloads, large ammo pool.

    Grenade Launcher. Can fire timed or explode-on-impact grenades (ammo types?)
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  2. AlterEgo

    I would like the beam weapon, please!
  3. Plastikfrosch

    1. compare it to the eclipse, its already a carbine with heat mechanism. and yes, i like the idea. could also be an implant that regenarates ammo instead of health over time.

    3. there are already the s-type carbines with access to different under barrel attachments. but some new attachments would be cool:
    - sticky nade launcher
    - flash bang
    - and your named timed nades (but i want to be able to see the count down)
    - and i want a bouncing nade launcher --> so nades that can be shot around the corner like the fragnades can be thrown (perfect english by the way)

    and i want 0,75ads for more carbines since its a light weight weapon class. only the extreme fast ones should not have access to it (gd7f, serpent, vx6-7, lynx)
  4. Eternaloptimist

    I'd prefer a spawn beacon as part of LA kit. It's a bummer to flank and get into a base while the battle rages at the FEBA and then find nothing much to do except pick off a few unsuspecting turret monkeys and snipers. It could be OP but then I guess there could be restrictions like the nodeploy areas that Sundies have to take account of. Or maybe only have a limited life so only a few allies could pop through. Now that would be a unique LA contribution that could change the battle dynamic.
  5. 86Rowdy

    I totally missed the eclipse, (i dont main VS) thank you. I can see TR having something belt fed, seems to fit the flavor of their guns to me.

    As for the grenade launcher suggestion, i was thinking of a dedicated grenade launcher, not just an under barrel attachment.
    Also i had meant the timed grenades to be the bouncing grenades lol, similar to the ones that are thrown in the game like you said.

    I like the sticky grenade idea, perhaps have them remote detonate? Set up traps around doors and corners?

    What about something that requires some coordination from another class? Like a laser targeter for field artillery, provided Engineers get a deployable mortar or something? perhaps another thread on the engineer page ;P
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  6. VonStalin

    I would like a grenade launcher, but there is already too much of grenade spamm ..
  7. Shiaari

    Beam weapon please.

    And by beam weapon I mean light saber. Yes, it's a short range beam. I'll take it.

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