LA Faction Preferences

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Xalcar, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Xalcar

    Well, let's hear it. What faction do you think produces the best LA, and why?

    I've decided LA is clearly the class for me, but still can't figure out which faction I prefer even among just the stock LAs. Gets a lot harder when I start to consider all the possibilities once I start earning some certs.
  2. DrTeeth

    There's really nothing in it. Each Carbine and Shotgun as a rough equivalent on each side. I suppose if you were never going to buy a new weapon then you might like TR (arguably the best default Carbine, nice TR burst pistol). Plus, black and red, and orchestral music. Yeah!
  3. Ghoest

    In general the NC carbines(amd all weapons) have nasty bloom.

    People who are good at doing heads shot bursts dont have any issue - but it turns out that most players do better with VS or TR weapons.
  4. FieserMoep

    The NC Carbines CAN be realy nice on distance and in CQB when you learn how to play them. The VS ones are great for shooting people out of nasty cover only a LA can reach and the TRs are in the right heands destroying in close combat.
  5. Gramalian

    CoF on NC guns is a little on the crazy side. So much movement means you are forced to burst/single shot far more then VS/TR need too. With all the topics about it in general I would think something will be done sometime to balance that out a bit since large CoF/slow RoF and lots of recoil both vertical and horizontal makes them harder to use. Higher per shot dmg only matters when you hit them, which is easier to do with more bullets/smaller CoF and better accuracy.
  6. anaverageguy

    After reading posts complaining about NC weapons I started playing as NC last night. I personally favor the NC LA right now.

    Hipfire is the worst thing you could do with the stock gun, but as long as you aim down the sight (and aim at their chest in case you let recoil get out of control), it's very effective. Even when far away from targets, each shot I land counts for slightly more than as TR so it seems to be more effective when I spot someone about to duck behind cover, but land a bullet or two on him anyway to finish him off a bit later before shields regen. Headshots work wonders.

    I also know people seem to complain a lot about recoil.. tbh the recoil's negligible. NC's stock rifle goes straight up while TR's has a lean so I find NC's to be easier to adjust for. That and I seem to be able to kill more per clip.
  7. ackerx

    If you want best range and damage wise. Pick up TR. TRAC-5/Lync + SMG Pistol is really good for newbies
    If you want best damage wise. Go ahead for NC. GD7F with hipfire or Gauss Compact Burst is king of carbine.
    if you want range and be able to snipe people. Take VS. Also Nova is too op that will wipe room just in sec.