L2P! My K/D is higher than yours!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Meeka, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Meeka

    .... as I'm told by several people who, apparently, rock a score per hour which is less than half of mine. :p

    Beat the dead horse, because it's bones need to be grinded into a fine, elegant powder that you blow into the face of people who think K/D matters. :p
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  2. Shatteredstar

    All of the stats are relative to what role you're playing. I've had horrible k/d because all I was doing was playing revive bot as a medic before and I probably did more to help take a base than people who had 2+ k/d

    I've got abysmal accuracy in many cases since I will totally take a lasher or chaingun with extended mags and unload at doorways to keep people from running out too. Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story of participation.
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  3. xMaxdamage

    lol same, I'm so addicted to bullet spraying that I've just returned to main the chaingun since it doesn't require you to release the trigger untill you bumped the mag. Lasher can fire for so long indeed, but if you just keep firing you will lose accuracy :V also the sound of the MCG is just adorable <3

    I've got 17% accuracy with mcg and over 1'200'000 bullets fired, papa terran should be proud of me \m/
  4. Shatteredstar

    That and the lasher seems to call out to teammates to run in front of you whereas I think the chaingun'a sound wards off the idiots more.

    I can only play with a lasher for about an hour before I feel like I'm near weapons lock from people running in front of it or trying to jump into the doorway to throw down a mine.

    Chaingun just has the sound of death to warn idiots to stay back.
  5. Iridar51

    "One of my stats is higher than one of your stats so every other stat you have is irrelevant" argument. How old.
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  6. Liewec123

    KDR is a horrible stat for people to use against you :)
    on my main i have a KDR of...1.
    i'm one of the guys who die repeatedly trying to push to the enemy sundy but eventually gets there and ends the enemy assault.

    i've never met someone with high KDR who doesn't play like a coward,
    camping in the spawn room,
    cowering on a hill 300m away from the fight,
    playing exclusively in tanks/max suits,
    logging off if someone looks your direction.

    i see high KDR as a negative thing.
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  7. TheShrapnelKing

    SPM isn't representative either.

    If you aren't constantly redeploying to high-intensity fights, your SPM will be lower than someone who does.

    Every minute you spend tweaking classes, looking at menus, etc, decreases your SPM, even though you aren't actually trying at that point, to get any points.

    Many people's will still be inflated from boosts, which until very recently counted towards your score stat.

    And lastly, a personal example, I hate redeploying. It breaks battle flow, it breaks the flow of the map and the sense of continuity between fights, so I never do it, I always drive (can't fly for ****) to the frontline or wherever else I want to go. This, again, decreases SPM, because I'm not fighting, but I'm still logged in.

    All in all, since the game doesn't care if you're in combat to calculate SPM, it simply calculates it as long as you're logged into the game, it cannot be representative of how many points you actually score in an engagement.
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  8. Shatteredstar

    Hey not all people who use max suits are in it for scores! I love running a max because I can threaten things 10x better. Comets and pounders for life or bursters. Kill the armor or air and the infantry can move more freely! Maxes do is better!
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  9. DirArtillerySupport

    Wow...this describes my gameplay so completely and with so few words.
  10. Liewec123

    oh i know! i wasn't accusing all max users of being KDR cowards! i use max quite a lot too :)
    but you'll find people who care more about KDR than fun won't dare leave the spawn room unless they're hoping straight in to a tank or a max (or planning on staying safe and sniping) :p
  11. CorporationUSA

    KDR is such a useless number for judging how good someone is. If I roll in an ESF with rocketpods and do little else but farm infantry, my KDR will be significantly better than if I roll with just a nosegun and only hunt other ESFs and libs. The latter requires significantly more skill, yet isn't nearly as well rewarded when it comes to KDR.
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  12. BlueSkies

    Only stat that matters is EPS (Enjoyment Per Session)
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  13. freeAmerish

    You only talk about the negative. K/D can be a good indicator for some play styles, when you spent 80%
    of your playing time in a MAX suit and your K/D is maybe 0.63 you do something wrong.

    The K/D showed on official Player Stats is a cleaned one including revives. So when a Player often plays in
    a Platoon full of medics he´s maybe not that epic Pro the viewer thinks.
  14. Ghosty11

    The only stat that really matters to me is my fun ratio. When my fun ratio drops below 1 I log off and go do something else.
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  15. Meeka

    Technically, all stats are irrelevant. :p Everyone does something better than every other person in some way, shape, or form.
  16. Meeka

    Some people got the point of my post... that stats don't really matter, because people will always have some stats which are higher than others and lower than others.

    Other people thought it to mean a specific stat is more important... and context of the message was entirely lost. :p
  17. Iridar51

    Objectively, everything is irrelevant. But since there's no objective PoV, and people use stats subjectively to judge who's a better player, the point is kinda moot.

    The eternal argument is "which stats actually matter in determining who's a better player". Like you said, different people will have different high stat values. And since few can admit to being worse than others, they push for their specific stat to be the more important one. Case in point - OP here.
  18. nehylen

    «Damn right it's higher than yours, i can teach you, but i have to charge»
  19. Call-Me-Kenneth

    Kd is mainly a reflection of a playstyle. a low or high kd usually means you always play the same SMG infil/LA or the same Engi shelling from a distance or farming with ESFs, respectively. if you are having fun that's fine, but you are missing out on all the different playstiles.

    players who play different roles trend to have more stable KDs, usually near 2.

    personally i don't care much for my own KD or others, but i trend to look down on people with KDs under 1, regardless of how much fun they claim to be having. there's a reality here, and that's if your KD is under 1 you are spending more time dead than alive. you are not helping the faction at all, because you are not taking a sunderer with you every time you die.

    same goes for people with KDs over 3... unless you are some maniac pro player, you are spending more time avoiding death than risking your life to accomplish objectives.

    I don't like playing along with cowards, but suicidal soldiers are useless too, and the gameplay they create is **** btw.
  20. Unsp0kn

    I like KDR because it gives me a goal to improve. It lets me know I should change up strategy, you know, quit running out the same door that 3 Engies have turrets aimed at, stop trying to play peek a boo with an MBT...I strive to be more effective and less derp.