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  1. Pat22

    Icarus + safe fall was always my go-to for tower stomping. Fast ascension and decent.
    However, I find I quite enjoy the mobility of Skirmisher jets + catlike + safe fall + adrenaline pump.

    Catlike, on top of allowing you to crouch walk faster and also evade detection, gives you a pretty big jump height increase, making it faster to gain altitude and climb things. Safe fall obviously allows you to not waste your fuel slowing your descent from things and also allows you to silently drop right behind enemies from high above.
    Adrenaline pump is really just there to go maximum mobility. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

    Next I hope to get the Aerial combatant implant and combine it with Flight Suit, and I'm not sure if I should go with Safe Fall again or Assimilate because it does also regenerate ability energy on headshot kills.
  2. CapEnTrade

    Like seriously, I think this was probably an oversight, because it's just so stupid we have a slot we can dump a fair amount of certs in but get pretty much nothing out of it. I like that everyone can recharge their shields faster now, but the point of ASC is to get an edge in how fast you recover, and 1 second is just not worth it.

    It should reduce the delay 2 seconds and the recharge time the 2 seconds for a total of a 4 second reduction were you both start to recharge and finish recharging faster. At the moment you finished just about the same time anyone else would mostly done too and that's unacceptable.

    Slots are supposed to give you slight advantages in areas you feel best suite your play style. The current ASC does no such thing and my position would solve this.
  3. Kristan

    3 seconds. Default recharge speed is 6 seconds. Default ASC reduces it to 4 seconds. Max rank to 3 seconds. 3 seconds with ASC against 6 seconds without ASC.
  4. Corezer

    They gave ASC to everyone. it was annoying when the engineer class got an LA themed buff, and now that 2 seconds is worth a lot more (33% reduction, up from 20%)

    regardless, it's also annoying because they could have given everyone NANOWEAVE, LIKE I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS, AND END THE MONOPOLY ON SUIT SLOT OPTIONS BY REMOVING IT!

    they just further de-legitimized one of Nanoweave's illegitimate siblings... all I can do is facepalm...
  5. Pat22

    While that WOULD make it a more appealing option, at this point I'm just worried about heavies getting their shields back that fast.
    I'd rather they just remove it entirely and refund everyone.
    Maybe roll it into the LA class like they did the engineer.
  6. CapEnTrade

    I am not opposed to a refund.
  7. stalkish

    Whenever they give cert refunds they should also calculate how many certs were earned with said piece of equipment and deduct those from the refund, or if necessary from the players bank of certs, going negative if needed.

    Im guessing youd be fine with that?

    Or they could just say; earned certs = spent certs..............and be done with it...
  8. Zagareth

    sorry, I got to ignore you only because of your nervy signature - not the content of it, but its a nervy gif flashing
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  9. CapEnTrade

    It's cool, I really don't mind.
  10. Nintyuk

    I just used ad block plus to block the images
  11. Rendezvous

    Why equip ASC now when you have it by default? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Time to switch out of it and into Flak Armor on Heavy Assault. If anything, giving the old effect of ASC to every class by default and adjusting the new ASC to be near useless, buffed the Heavy Assault. Now Heavy Assaults, which seems to be 50% of infantry, have more versatility.
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