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  1. MaKiro2

    Today i created a new char to look at koltyr. First i spawned at the Biolab and i got the Mission to go to a terminal. But i couldnt because someone destroyed both terminal...
    Thats pretty bad, new players dont know anything and are lost no even more.
    Pls fix this, while u make the terminals indestructible
  2. Kristan

    I actually laughed at this. Nothing says "this is war, baby!" like destroyed terminals during your tutorial. :D
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  3. AlexR

    Also imagine how many experienced playrs will come there just to ruin everything for nubies. Really bad idea with this continent.
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  4. ThatDanGuy

    Yes and no. I did dink around yesterday with the intention of getting some target practice in, only to find to my chagrin others were doing this as well. But my 20 minutes there I invited newbs to my squad and realized, this is going to be a great recruiting area. I think the experienced players who come here to farm are going to leave it pretty quickly to recruiters and newbs. The Recruiters will go there and show the new kids how to do stuff and invite them to join their outfits.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    I subscribe (two years now) but I set up a free account specifically to start learning some much-needed LA combat tactics. Whilst I am not a complete noob I do play like one as an LA and I find Koltyr today has been much more rewarding as a live training ground without making me OP due to any situational awareness etc. Especially in small unit actions. I appreciate MaKiro's point but then there are engineers for repairing and all other classes in Koltyr as well so I'd say just hang around or go back there another day and you'll get the specific training. While you're waiting there is plenty more to learn in the meantime.
  6. Shiaari

    I think we need to implement the Mentor system. Restrict Mentorship to long-time, committed players, who were either beta testers, or long time and consistent PTS players. We don't want trolls on Koltyr.
  7. OldMaster80

    As far as I can remember the idea behind Koltyr when it was released for PS4 was that you could play this tutorial-island while the rest of the game was still downloading. Is this still the case?

    At any way I've never liked the Koltyr idea. What we need is a better tutorial explaining how to read the map, how to join a team, how to play in a team, and how to develop some kind of combat awareness (i.e. running in the face of a Battle Tank firing with a carbine is a bad idea).
    And we also need a better reward system, encouraging players to play together with their team mates instead of running around like lone Rambo-wannabe. Understanding why Planetside 2 is not Call of Duty would imho make the game much more enjoyable and less frustrating.

    Personally I think overhaul of the login screen and implementation of decent command tools could make great things for newbies, much more than Koltyr.
  8. Nregroepis

    *Slams fist on desk*
  9. WetPatch

    Sums up Koltyr